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SEP 7, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
Sparking a reminisce towards cave paintings, the rug from the Plural Series is based on rock cut forms witnessed at Ajanta and Lomas Rishi; Photograph courtesy MuseLAB, FAZO Project
Reminiscent of mountains, the sculptural base of Turri's Pinnacle rectangular table designed by Huang Quan is available in marble and natural wood; Photograph courtesy Turri

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Editor’s Pick

Bastar Collection by This and That; Photograph courtesy This and That

Teleporting you into the yesteryears, here is a sneak peek into the Bastar Collection by This and That. The bar cabinets are restored doors that were crafted in local sal wood. Carved by the men of the Muriya tribe in the remote Bastar region of central India, legend has it that some of these pieces are as old as 200 years.

Sight Smell Touch

Designed by GamFratesi, Plot is a series of folding room dividers featuring geometric patterns created using plaited premium leather; Photograph courtesy Poltrona Frau

Affording the luxury of taking all the time, the Take Your Time collection promises to tightly embrace the new routines and lifestyle endowed on us in recent times. It highlights the versatility of spaces and furnishings to meet new personal and professional needs. Multisensory pleasure as opposed to purely aesthetic pleasure and the desire to use time differently, in a more informed, hands-on way is the core theme of the new Poltrona Frau collection. Human beings are more receptive and open to appreciating, feeling and touching the details with hands. Keeping this in mind, the collection entails various elements that contribute to a richer and more sensory experience.

As good as gold 

The Sundarbans collection by Shobhna and Kunal Mehta of Kanchi; Photograph courtesy Kanchi

Covering a wide spectrum of home furnishings entailing wall coverings, upholsteries, cushion covers and lampshades, the Sundarbans collection, brainchild of Kanchi by Shobhna and Kunal Mehta, adds a modern twist to vintage textiles, patterns and prints. Evocative motifs: Rich, mysterious and glorious flora of the Sundarbans come to life on a luxurious canvas. Enriching its euphoric design are motifs of the jungle’s mangroves, vegetation and indigenous foliage. Glorious metallic sheen: Resembling sumptuous silk, the fabrics in splendid hues of gold, silver and bronze on a taupe base tease the
onlooker with their subtle sheen. While they say that all that glitters is not gold, the Sundarbans collection not only emanates a radiant golden glow but also impresses with its natural scape. Versatility: Encompassing a gamut of decor furnishings to a clothing line, the Sundarban collection bends boundaries exploring multiple possibilities with textiles.

Dolce Far Niente (The sweetness of doing nothing) 

The Rainshine collection by Freedom Tree; Photograph courtesy Freedom Tree

Freedom Tree’s new Rainshine collection of prints, cushions, curtains, upholstery and rugs adds a hint of monsoon nostalgia
and the lingering romance of rainy skies. As a scenic drama unfolds on the outside watch how the Damask Rose bed cover brings home the euphoria of an island retreat! Blossoming flowers, nesting birds, the cheerful design makes the bed into a beautiful focal point in the bedroom.

To the moon and back

The Tric Sunshine and Tric Moonlight tableware collection by Rosenthal; Photograph courtesy Rosenthal

The Tric Sunshine and Tric Moonlight tableware collections enrich the Rosenthal world by adding designer objects that go far beyond conventional table setting. Bringing glamour to the table, the platinum- titanised Tric Moonlight radiates heavenly brilliance. The most enriching aspect of this collection is its solemn shape that manages to conjure unique accents.

Italian craftsmanship meets Chinese conviction (see scroll above)

In an attempt to catapult Italian-Chinese history, Huang Quan—the celebrated Chinese designer has collaborated with Turri for the creation of his first furniture collection. Titled Pinnacle, the series of furnishing accessories effortlessly coalesce eastern ethics with western ideologies on a contemporary canvas. The Chinese expression Zheng Rong, which indicates height, is the driving force behind the collection. Comprising table, chairs, sideboard and vitrine, the collection illustrates deep rooted Chinese ethos. Mountains inspire the shapes with evident references in the sculptural base of the table or in the slender lines of the vitrine’s legs. Ever so often, steep and circular strokes envelop the back of the chairs and sideboard. Taking after the natural colour of rocks, the marble top along with austere grey walnut wood and soft leather beholds the equilibrium between grandeur and grace. Transpiring as a catalyst fusing different cultures—the east that is metaphysical and that of the Italian design of Turri—Pinnacle becomes the torchbearer of a famed manufacturing tradition.

A rugged collaboration (see scroll above)

What happens when an idea by a design practice and dexterity of a skilled artisan is poured onto a blank canvas by an artist? The result is a series of thought provoking and marvellous photographs reflecting the inherent artistic prowess of design studios MuseLAB, FAZO Project and artist Sameer Tawde. “Stone is the beginning of art and architecture for humans, our first canvas, our first home and the most primary element of the inspiration driving this collaboration”, mention Huzefa Rangwala and Jasem Pirani who are directors and co-founders of MuseLAB. Conceived in 2020 during the lockdown, MuseLAB collaborated with FAZO Project in Muzaffarnagar whose skilled artisans have hand knotted each rug in the series that are inspired by the rock cut temples of India. Bringing a fresh perspective to the forefront, Tawde has framed stunning visuals through his lens using a modern day quarry as the backdrop. Blending the location with the source of inspiration, it renders the rugs to multiple interpretations as the presence of the human silhouette in spiritual postures explores the mysticism of cave paintings and rock cut temples.

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