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MAR 13, 2021 | By Anamika Butalia
A matter of perspective: Antonio Santin’s Gravitas collection displayed at Galerie Isa
+1 for Paul: Brass light fixtures from Paul Matter's Plus series
Ethereal realities: View of the mock studios at Beyond Dreams Experience Centre by Avani and Akshay Khurana

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Editor’s pick

Designer Harshita Jhamtani reveals the Earth series of stoneware, which includes five clay table lamps in organic, nature-inspired forms. The Mumbai-based creative has christened the quintet Rio, Flab, Shroom, Dino and Bloom after their respective muses. We love that each piece is made by hand and offered in a variety of sizes, colours and glazes. Website:

A matter of perspective

Is it a carpet? Is it fabric? Oh, wait, it’s a painting! We’re bowled over by Madrid-born Antonio Santin’s Gravitas exhibition held at Mumbai’s Galerie Isa until March 5, 2021. On display were works from the rug series, which showcase Santin’s incredible use of trompe l’oeil.

The Spaniard has taken his interest in the opacity of fabric as a device to obscure abstract patterns and textures, making these pieces highly covetable. With the help of light and shadow as well as the juxtaposition of flattened planes and contrasting forms, the artist has created an ingenious collection of tangible, seemingly crumpled pieces of floor coverings. Website:

Cushy comfort

The Lama Appliqué Chair by Art Age is an upholstered seater that uses high quality, hand-woven cotton fabric with hand appliqué techniques on its front and back. With this, the Jaipur-based manufacturing exporter of furniture and furnishings endeavours to revive traditional crafts, including Indian needlework. Website:


This intricate design from the Flatweave collection by Insigne Carpets has us stepping in style. Inspired from the Kashan province of erstwhile Persia, the Persian, knotted pure wool floor covering is given a herbal henna and tea leaf water wash for an antique finish. Website:

Garden variety

Dandelion by Studio Drift is an intriguing lamp that uses a real flower, which is picked during the spring season in the Netherlands, to truly and surely bring the outdoors in. The floral seeds are then placed by hand on a LED and covered with a glass dome to create an ethereal composition. Available at Studio Onedot6. Instagram: @studio.drift; @onedot6

+1 for Paul

Designer Paul Matter’s latest series is simply titled Plus for the resulting 3D shape of the light fixtures. The brass collection includes a range of appliqués in singular or repetitive arrangements and in varied finishes—burnt, aged, buffed brass and buffed steel—to emit soft beams of light. Website:

Quiet corner

Ruchika Ohri attracts a strong flow of Chi with a classic wing chair upholstered in eclectic textile, a contemporary table made using marble, metal and wood, and a lush indoor plant—together, these elements represent a tranquil yet nifty nook. Tel: 09811027277

Ethereal realities

Avani and Akshay Khurana present Beyond Dreams, a concept destination for bespoke furnishings in various decor styles! Envisaging design as a balance between form and function, this is a privé concept by Dreams Furnishings. It offers an exclusive collection of bespoke fabrics and furniture pieces in a wide array of decor styles—modern, contemporary and classical—to craft timeless spaces.

“Our aim is to help patrons visualise and realise their dream spaces, and we provide a plethora of options and services to assist and guide them every step of the way,” share the Khuranas, who believe in celebrating individual expressions of design and pushing the boundaries of creativity with tactile solutions. Tel: 09899818000

A series with a soul

Ayush Choudhary of Cocoon Fine Rugs seen with Falguni Shane Peacock

Ayush Choudhary of Cocoon Fine Rugs collaborates with designers Falguni Shane Peacock for the luxurious Meraki collection of floor coverings. “Meraki,” says Ayush Choudhary, “is Greek for leaving a piece of yourself—your soul, creativity or love—into your work. For us, it is the coalescence of two likeminded brands.”

An FSP monogrammed rug titled I’ll Meet You Where The Sun Meets The Moon from the Meraki collection

Incidentally, the eponymous duo behind Falguni Shane Peacock was looking to venture into home decor. “We’ve been working on soft furnishings such as wallpapers, cushions, etc, so we were excited about working with Ayush from the beginning.”

The resulting relationship with creatives Falguni Shane Peacock led to a young and bold series that’s dramatically different from the rug company’s aesthetics. “Each piece is handmade with high-quality wool and hand-spun silk at our Jaipur workshops. They are also discreetly monogrammed with the designer’s FSP logo,” shares Choudhary.

“After eight months of ideating and a year to finalise and make them, we have an array of edgy and high glam rugs that set a new benchmark for art and design,” add the designer duo. The series includes FSP leitmotifs such as chains, flowers juxtaposed against intricate designs, medallions, links and hearts that spell ‘I love you always,’ and is likely to leave viewers floored!