Delhi based Studio Lotus has planned RAAS Chhatrasagar along the linearity of a 150 year old dam in Rajasthan such that it offers sweeping vistas and a wildlife camp experience

MAY 14, 2021 | By Saloni Rege
The 20,000 sq ft hotel is located in Nimaj, a three hour drive from Jodhpur. It features a series of stilted tents built in precast pile foundations that enjoy panoramic views of Lake Chhatrasagar on one side and the forest on the other; Photograph by Avesh Gaur
View of the tented pods, their tensile fabric canopy and outdoor patios; Photograph by Avesh Gaur
The restaurant Baradari is inspired by 12 pillared Rajputana pavilions. It is supported on a grid of metal columns and features insulated chopar stone walls, capped by traditional stone slab roofs. Country style furniture made using locally sourced acacia wood offsets the pink stone surfaces in the verandah; Photograph by Noughts & Crosses
The buffet cum bar near the infinity pool displays hand carved relief work depicting a flock of flamingos by Dhvani Behl’s studio Flora For Fauna; Photograph by Noughts & Crosses
A retractable skylight illuminates the tent’s interiors, including the acoustic, fabric lined walls that feature Behl’s artsy motifs, Mangrove Collective’s bespoke teak furniture and furnishings from Build Kraft India; Photograph by Avesh Gaur
Alfresco dining with lake views at the Baradari restaurant; Photograph by Avesh Gaur

From the arrival point in a dense grove of trees, a shaded path flanked by orchards leads to RAAS Chhatrasagar designed by Delhi based Studio Lotus. An experience of discovery and an element of surprise is key to the identity of the hotel, which is perched atop a 150-year-old dam that forms a perennial rainwater lake, a surprising oasis less than three hours from Jodhpur.

“It reinvents an earlier accommodation of 11 seasonal tents. Now, guests have a year-round opportunity to observe the region’s abundant biodiversity amid 800 acres of pristine forestland,” says Ambrish Arora, principal at Studio Lotus, along with Sidhartha Talwar, Ankur Choksi, Pankhuri Goel and Asha Sairam.

The creative practice designed this property for Walled City Hotels in a linear fashion, ensuring that all 16 tented pods respond to their sensitive ecological context as well as offer unobstructed views of the water.

Even the restaurant Baradari makes the most of the serene vistas. “The build is in harmony with the site and establishes meaningful interrelated spaces,” adds Arora, ensuring that this becomes a must-visit destination for nature lovers.