Dannis Leoni and Momenti founders Alexander and Matteo Bagnai collaborate to mirror a garden with Ca’ Leoni

JAN 31, 2021 | By Vedika Nair
The idea of a permanent garden is distinctly discernible, owing to the choice of colour and decor pieces; Photographs courtesy Momenti
Thoughtfully curated, delicate light fixtures add a warm glow to Ca' Leoni's interiors; Photographs courtesy Momenti
Natural wood and woven planters enhance the space's natural appeal; Photographs courtesy Momenti
The realistic imagery on the walls transforms the interiors into a surreal forested space; Photographs courtesy Momenti
A minimal colour palette mimics woodlands; Photographs courtesy Momenti
Green and eco-friendliness are at the heart of the restaurant's design; Photographs courtesy Momenti

We’re all dreaming of summer… filled with breathtaking views, scrumptious cuisine and endless glasses of wine. And we’d give anything to teleport to the Italian town of Forli, where the serene Ca’ Leoni restaurant offers lip smacking food and captivating interiors.

This restaurant is the brainchild of restaurateur Dannis Leoni, who collaborated with Alexander and Matteo Bagnai, the founders of Momenti to create an inspired, permanent indoor garden with rustic interiors.

For Ca’ Leoni, the designers have used evocative wall and product coverings from the Italian custom design brand, which offers tailor-made designs spaces and is also available in India at Ottimo.

Momenti’s Nature and Shapres collection artfully brings the outdoors in; Photographs courtesy Momenti

To emulate the vision of a garden, earthy browns and an array of green hues are used with tecno fibre, printed with graphics from the Nature and Shapres collection for the walls. The imagery on the walls transports you to the woods, while the tabletops are decorated with botanical elements. Natural wood and woven planters add character to the space.

“Greenery and eco-friendliness were at the heart of this project,” share the Bagnais, adding, “So, the idea of a permanent garden was an inevitable choice.”

With its philosophy of incorporating art into interiors through various elements like wallpaper and furniture, Momenti has artfully brought the outdoors in, at this quintessentially quaint Italian restaurant.