Crafted in accordance with nature, Anandvan homestay by Komal Lunia is a bucolic haven

DEC 10, 2021 | By Anushua Aich
This second bedroom has two single beds that can be joined together when needed; Photographs by Kuber Shah
The wood toned cabinet and the wardrobe complements the muted elegance of the bedroom; Photographs by Kuber Shah
Seen in this frame is the cosy den which exists between the living and the dining area; Photographs by Kuber Shah
Sliding doors embellished with Toile Indienne Bandar Log fabric welcomes you to the den of the homestay; Photographs by Kuber Shah
In the evenings, as the internal lights are turned on, the homestay looks magnificently lit; Photographs by Kuber Shah
Built at 10 ft from the ground level, the house is safe from the crawlies and the bugs on the ground; Photographs by Kuber Shah
This simple yet charming washroom in the primary bedroom exudes peace and pleasure in equal proportions; Photographs by Kuber Shah
Filtered light through the trees floods in the mornings through this east facing glass façade in the living and dining area; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Towering Sal trees and quietude of nature surrounds the Anandvan homestay in Kanha, Madhya Pradesh. Designed and styled by Komal Lunia of Komal Lunia Design Studio, this homestay’s comforting aura will calm every fatigued vein and nerve of your body.

At a distance of about 10 minutes away from the Kanha Tiger Reserve Park gate, this 3000 sq ft homestay serves as a residence for a family and close friends who desire warmth and cosiness to rejuvenate themselves. 

To cater to the idea of being one with divine biodiversity, Lunia has crafted the spaces of common areas beautifully. Incorporating floor to ceiling glass windows in the living, dining and study areas, Lunia has made sure that these spaces get most of the sunlight and best views of the forest.

Seen in the frame is the outdoor deck which is clad with wooden ceiling and has wooden flooring in chevron pattern; Photographs by Kuber Shah

But nothing can beat the solace rendered by outdoor spaces! The large deck at the entrance of this homestay comes across as the climax of this nature-bonded narrative. As it entails an outdoor L-shaped seater, bar stools and a dining table setup which perfectly fits with the landscape, shaping leisurely hours with finesse.

The Study overlooks the Sal forest on two sides through the glass facade and is nestled in the corner niche of the house, alongside bookshelves from Aprodz, an IKEA rug and Gulmohar Lane hanging light; Photographs by Kuber Shah

The deck further paves the way to the rest of the abode. As one steps inside, the living and the dining area accompanied by the study, meets the eye. Between the dining and living, a cosy den welcomes you. The den has sliding folding doors, which when open can be used by the whole family. When in need of an additional bedroom, the doors can be shut and the sofa opens up to form a double bed.

The dining area has unobstructed views of the deck and the forest beyond; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Along both sides of the den are the bedrooms with attached washrooms. Each bedroom has a bed, wardrobe units and luggage rack for the guests.

The den that doubles up as a bedroom entails centre tables from Solid Bench and the sofa which also opens up as a bed is custom made from Raja Arts in Jaipur; Photographs by Kuber Shah

To encapsulate the natural setting into one theme, Lunia has made use of organic materials. She adds, “Upholstered furniture and soft furnishings adds the colour, texture and warmth in the space. Biophilic colours were chosen for the upholstery and soft furnishings with greens, browns and earthy rust and yellows dominating the space. The use of rattan and bamboo in accessories and lighting helps add texture to the space while still keeping it rooted.”

The dining area has a custom made dining table in Sheesham Wood in Jaipur and the chairs were custom made in Nagpur, alongside hanging lights from Ira Furniture and Lakkadhaara crockery unit; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Another aspect that is undoubtedly remarkable is the colour palette featured throughout the homestay which is earthy and minimalistic. The shades of the bedrooms have defined this characteristic with grace. As the first bedroom showcases pale pinks which flow from the bedroom curtains, to the artwork and the grouting of the subway tiles in the washroom.

Earthy materials and natural wood furniture sums up the essence of this first bedroom; Photographs by Kuber Shah

While the second bedroom amplies peace through tones of green and white. To maintain the balance of soft hues that this abode consistently reflects, these tones have been obtained through the furnishings placed in this area. To explain this, Lunia says, “The idea was to stick to one theme that flowed through the whole space. The overall look and feel connect back to a forested natural habitat but with the comforts and luxuries of a home.”

The bed in this primary bedroom is custom made with rattan finish and two bamboo hanging lamps and an artwork frame the wall behind; Photographs by Kuber Shah

One of the other interesting features about this homestay is that it was built with the intent that no existing tree had to be cut. In collaboration with Anand Chati, architect of Chati Associates, Lunia made sure that the square footage required to construct this homestay fit in the area of land that did not have any grown trees.

A corner study table and a wall hung mandir in this primary complete the space with grace; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Lunia’s ideation of this homestay also holds a sensitive truth which she refers to as one of the challenges faced by her. She recalls, “Working remotely on a project so close to the national park meant working under restrictions. This project was executed in three months from start to finish including the shell structure through COVID, a feat that is unbelievable.”

Mild hued dining chairs from Solid Bench adds value to the outdoor deck of the homestay; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Overcoming such challenges with determination, Lunia has built a homestay that offers true relief from all kinds of frenzy going across the world. With mild and mellow tones going hand in hand, this homestay is sure to be the reason for a long getaway.

Scroll down to see more glimpses of this serene space:

Showcased in this primary bedroom are rattan furniture which elevates the character of the space; Photographs by Kuber Shah


A corner study table and a wall hung worship area in this primary complete the space with grace; Photographs by Kuber Shah


Rustic elements enhance the beauty of this living and study area; Photographs by Kuber Shah


The living area faces a glass facade overlooking the deck and the greens beyond; Photographs by Kuber Shah

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