The White House by Surbhi Gite reflects a moodboard of all things white and wonderful

DEC 9, 2021 | By Anushua Aich
The living space and dining area seamlessly flow into each other to create one large family room; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Decked up in light but fresh tones, the living and the dining area brings forth tranquillity; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
The work corner in this first bedroom which entails a pop mustard chair and movable storage unit serves as a perfect set up to read and relax; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
This first bedroom is a picture of calmness, a place to escape from the chaos of life; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Elements like patterned fabric headboard, textured curtain upholstery and black profiles create a more playful experience in the space; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
The massive yet simplistic mirror asserts the finesse of this first bedroom; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
A tiny secret shelved cabinet behind the door further adds to the functionality aspect of this first bedroom; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
The soft and subtle fluted wall behind the bed in this primary bedroom is finished with glorious white PU paint; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
The bed in this primary bedroom boasts a velvet finish, pastel peach headboard framed in perfect rectangles with gold finished metal highlights; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
An effect of white tiles in black edges is created in this second bedroom, and then seamlessly mirrored in the bed linen; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Reflected in the crimson wardrobe is the picture of a bay window that exudes autumnal theme; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
A small kitchen space, decorated in tiles of teal colour that are arranged in an interesting pattern and enhanced with white grouting; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Living Room showcasing custom made accent wall and brass inlay in marble floor; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Fluted wall panels in this living room which add rhythm to the space are finished with matte white PU paint; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Featured in this dining space is an edgy, gold wall clock from The Golden Triangle and lighting from Artemis Lighting Studio; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Featuring pastel peach paint from Asian Paints, this primary bedroom personifies a fine lady who is proud of her hearth and home; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

Unfolding like a children’s graphic novel, The White House by Surbhi Gite, founder and principal architect of Surbhi rg Architects, is full of magical surprises that come by effortlessly, leaving a mark on heart and soul.

Located in Thane, outside Mumbai, this 3BHK, 1000 sq ft abode primarily entails a white colour palette. As, at the time of discussion with the owners, Gite felt that to depict the true nature of the inhabitants, the colour white would be best—allowing other elements to stand out without taking away it’s own power to make the space look elevated, bright and seamless.

Keeping the idea of clarity and clutter-free concept as the core of her design philosophy, Surbhi Gite goes at lengths to bring forth an experimentation that oscillates between diverse colour codes, decor accents and extraordinary textures.

Pure white Italian marble floor from Aakash Italian Marble renders every other colour in this living space a sharp relief; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

Starting with the living and dining space, the entire area seems to tie knots with every other element in the room, creating a sense of balance and composure in the space. To achieve this stability, Gite says, “The living and dining space runs into each other quite seamlessly. One entire wall of this space is a royal blue to add a burst of colour. The rest of this space is done up in light but fresh tones.” 

Shining like new pennies is the metal casing of the chairs, upholstered in fabric both benign and popping; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

Facing the matte blue-hued wall that Gite also refers to as the largest accent wall in the house, lies the rest of the decor pieces that engage with it passionately. From the stylish L-shaped sofa in the corner of the living area to the quirky swing in the middle, or the vibrant upholstery of the dining chairs, each piece adds value, strengthening the character of the space.

Accessories like crockery from Nestasia, Viola Shop cutlery and stoneware vase from Westelm adorn the table top with grace; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


Opposite to the dining table, hangs black and white photos of family members encased in black frames that adds depth to the dining space; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

One of the interesting characteristics that constantly gets amplified through Gite’s thought-process is her smart choice of colours. Although she has actively pursued the art of experimenting with different shades, she has made sure that nothing should disrupt the leading theme of the house which is contemporary and breezy. The white palette shouldn’t lose it’s prominence. The three bedrooms of the residence exactly follows this line of thinking.

The concept of having a fluted wall in this living space, against which the TV is put up, adds to the aesthetic appeal of the room; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


Teal colour tiles artfully arranged in a grid and framed with curved edges make a cosy niche for a guest washbasin in the dining area; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


The kitchen cabinets are finished with a lighter shade of teal laminate to bring forth a flawless balance; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

Featuring a calming combination of teal and aquamarine shades, the first bedroom exudes an easy-breezy, feel-good aura. To define this, Gite adds, “Teal flows on the walls, ceiling and curtains of this bedroom to create a calming and refreshing experience, aquamarine is seen in the furniture. We wished to create a natural vista inspired by nature, namely horizons where an infinite sea meets an endless sky.”

Seen in this frame is an attractive splash of colours that elevates the beauty of the living room; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

The second bedroom instantly sparks a delight, as its dramatic red shade shines strongly. To bring forth a sharp contrast with regard to the previous cool-hued bedroom, this space leans on to spunky styles. With wooden flooring and a wall showcasing a fun, edgy grey world map, the room speaks volumes about the person that occupies this space. To further the beauty, Gite has incorporated a luscious crimson in the wardrobe fittings and a large mirror with curved edges on the opposite side of the bed that quickly makes the room appear more refined.

Wardrobe of this bedroom uses infused handles to create a pattern that engages with the geometry of the space; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

Meanwhile the colour palette of the third bedroom again shifts to soft hues, displaying pastel peach, mint green and white. Floor to ceiling sliding windows take up a corner of this room, flanked by curtains in spotless white. This invites the light in and adds freshness to the room that’s unrivalled. A planter here adds the joy of new leaves too.

Showcasing a wall grooved in grid pattern to create the experience of balance and symmetry in this second bedroom, with a fun element of world map layered over it; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


The piece de resistance in this second bedroom is the luscious crimson that takes up a whole wall in the form of wardrobe fittings, alongside Pergo wooden flooring; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

When it comes to conscious use of materials and elements, Gite has made sure that no compromises are made. So talking about the sustainable features, she details, “We’ve used high quality eco-friendly materials where possible—natural stone for flooring, Pergo laminate flooring which has energy efficient production and is made of 100% recycled wood or other byproducts from other industries. We have also used eco-friendly deco sheets and LED lights everywhere. We opted for lighter colours to reflect more light, while rooms with darker walls and furnishing need more artificial lighting.”

Enveloped in an ethereal white, The White House illustrates the diverse degrees of elegance. With a limited square footage, Gite brilliantly shows how colours can lend perfection alongside the use of minimalistic decor pieces and elements.

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