Contemporary Oasis by Rajesh Sheth drops the spotlight on sophistication through bold scales and a concise colour palette

DEC 6, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
Living area on the ground floor consists of throws from Drape Shoppe and curtains by Raiff; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio
The guest bedroom encompasses grey painted walls and wooden cladding; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio
Primary bathroom on the first floor paints a picture of intricacy; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio
Creating an image of minimal boldness, grey and brown allowed the designers to achieve this goal in the parent’s bedroom; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio
Lounge on the second floor is crafted with stone from Minerva Stone Studio. Faux vaulted wooden ceiling and lighting by Nirvana Light add panache; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio

Channelling the power of various tints and shades of grey, the Contemporary Oasis comes off as an ultra-modern and cosmopolitan home. Spread on a mammoth 13,190 sq ft, this Gujarat home involved constructing and designing an opulent house that focused on maximising access to natural sunlight. 

CEO, principal architect and interior designer of Designer’s Circle Rajesh Sheth took upon the task to induce a unique character and qualities that reflect the function of every space in this three-storeyed house. With five bedrooms and other semi private family spaces, the layout was segregated in such a way that all rooms connected to a passage on each floor. 

“The basic brief that we received from the clients in the initial phase of the design stage was that they wanted a luxurious home that could accommodate the needs and preferences of each member of the family,” elaborates Sheth. 

The service area on the ground floor comprises a marble staircase and is complemented with a wooden ceiling; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio

To relish the view of the entire house as well as the landscape surrounding it, a pathway is designed right at the entrance. The view from the entrance is a double height space extending into a long passage connecting rooms on both ends. The focal theme of this expansive abode is contemporary style. For certain areas inspiration was taken by amalgamating modern and rustic style, creating a striking equilibrium for each space. 

Surface treatment for fireplace wall by Precious Marble adds a luxurious drama to the ground floor drawing-room. Floor Lamp by Bedazzled dazzles against the grey backdrop; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio

Grey along with brown dominate the colour palette and blend well amidst the overall aesthetics of the space. “When working on interiors, we often use tints and shades of grey that help bring out the colours of natural materials. We wanted to create an image of minimal boldness, grey and brown like no other allowed us to achieve this goal,” divulges Sheth. 

Surface treatment for walls of the library lounge on the second floor is done with tiles. Quartz by Fiandre flooring and bronze mirror add oomph; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio

Moving right from the entrance leads to the drawing, the living area expanding into a verandah extended into the landscape and a bedroom for the grandparents. 

Towards the left entails a guest bedroom, service area including the staircase and a lift, a dining area with powder bathroom adjacent to kitchen and storage room. The end of the passage leads to an open to sky view.

Quartz by Kalinga Stone engraved vanity wall and basin unit with Kohler bathroom accessories and Nirvana Light shines through the powder bathroom on the ground floor; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio

Traversing the first floor, the service area being in the middle has a kids bedroom on one end and on the opposite end is an open lounge area beside an enclosed worship area. Right opposite the kid’s bedroom is the primary suite while opposite to the lounge is another guest bedroom with a spacious balcony. 

By using earthy materials in the bar—from a faux vaulted wooden ceiling to bringing together rustic stones for walls and flooring, the furniture designed along with other elements blend in harmoniously to create a state of natural warmth; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio

Second floor has both open and enclosed space with the lounge being utilised as a library space. South end comprises a bar lounge and a cosy home theatre with facilities of storage, pantry and bathroom. The north end dwells into an open terrace with deck seating.

Surface treatment stone work by CNC Designer, Naresh J adds elegance to the parent’s bedroom on the ground floor. Wall mounted lights by Bedazzled illuminate the room; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio

A noteworthy aspect of the Contemporary Oasis is definitely the boldness it incorporates with a primary colour palette. An artistic edge is brought about by using primary colours against a muted palette. 

Playing with texture and addition of drama fundamentally helped in achieving a perfectly balanced contemporary style home; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio

For instance, sculptures in blue such as the horse in the first floor passage and relaxing human in the drawing room is a quintessential way to bring colour into an existing neutral space. Coloured paintings and artefacts are carefully placed in each area to break the monotonous palette. 

Designer’s Circle focused on creating an oasis of wellbeing, a space the inhabitants can enjoy as a private retreat to de-stress and unwind; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio


All bedrooms have grand bathrooms consisting of a walk in closet. Bathrooms are much more than purely functional spaces; Photographs courtesy Inclined Studio

The Contemporary Oasis reveals the connection between humans and nature symbolising a dialogue between the human species and the world around us. Combined with contemporary modern style, this avant-garde symmetrical space houses an artistic narrative through each element.

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