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Colour Trend of the Season: 2 ways to adopt Aqua Rustic shades

NOV 21, 2016 | By Nishita Fiji
It’s that time of the year again. There’s a certain nip in the air that we cannot help but notice.  Take inspiration from the early winter chill and dress your home in hues that evoke its breezy beauty. Reminiscent of hazy skies and dried leaves, shades of weathered blue interrupted with pops of aged brown are the only two hues that must dominate your interiors this season.
Pick your favourite corner and punctuate it with earthy tones. Place modern chairs and consoles with copper toned hardware and azure upholstery. You could even mix metal and wood, for a grunge effect.
Alternately, you could implement the trend in your boudoir with snug cushions, blankets and bed linen in teal and russet for an indoor picnic. Create a breakfast setting in the comfort of your bedroom by placing food in a wooden tray and ceramics in the same hues. Be sure to experiment with different patterns and textures for a wholesome look.
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