Colour Cure Abode by Houseof9Design unravels itself through visual and tactile storytelling

JUL 7, 2021 | By Urvika Barua
Set against a muted backdrop, furniture with wicker and teak veneer accents endow a natural and earthy aesthetic that is punctuated by the yellow chair from Freedom Tree; Photographs by Nayan Soni
“The space nods to impeccable craftsmanship and durability of materials from an era bygone whilst donning the cape of a modern aesthetic,” says Belliappa; Photographs by Nayan Soni
Teal, salmon pink and grey pastels dominate the open-plan kitchen with its L-shaped layout that ensures maximised space usage; Photographs by Nayan Soni
The couple's ensuite bedroom is a haven—dreamy yet practical and dripping with colour featuring a customised mirror designed by One Team; Photographs by Nayan Soni

Rightfully named Colour Cure Abode, the home for a young family in J.P Nagar Bengaluru fuses kaleidoscopic shades with earthy tones. Designed for a young family, Houseof9Design graces the home with global styles whilst respecting the family’s heritage that hails from Kerala.

Sprawling across 1,455 sq ft, the minimal abode reflects traditional, expansive and  light-filled Kerala country homes. “The brief focused on moulding a minimalist residence anchoring a rustic and earthy sentiment, coupled with enlarged open and light-filled spaces that were reminiscent of capacious Kerala country homes.” says Nain Belliappa, principal designer at Houseof9Design.

The entryway is anchored by a contemporary twist on the traditional telephone bench. Rustic wooden undertones and geometric-print upholstery define the foyer, which is accentuated by a brass wire lamp and a vintage wood frame mirror. 

Pristine walls endow a subtle backdrop that allows the furniture to become the focal point with a blue prayer desk by Be Vintage and a summery yellow sofa by Freedom Tree;  Photographs by Nayan Soni

The living room is a spectacle of rich colours, flawlessly blending with umber hues. An open-leg semi-circular console in cobalt blue designed by Be Vintage perches below a ceramic portrait in the prayer alcove. Mid-century inspired furniture features a spindled sofa and armchair with vermillion and ochre to harmonise the antique aesthetic of the wicker-shuttered cabinet.

Teak wood custom built spindle furniture with wicker and teak veneer accents dot the living room. Also seen are framed vintage prints nestled on a teak wood ledge;  Photographs by Nayan Soni

The open-plan kitchen is the hub of the home’s activities and is dominated by teal, salmon pink and grey pastels. Composed in a herringbone pattern, the candy-hued pastel tiles contrast beautifully against the precise geometry of stacked white subway tiles on the kitchen backsplash. The kitchen flows into a breakfast nook through an arched opening that overlooks a picturesque view of the outdoors.

An arched entrance allows the kitchen to meander into the breakfast nook that was once an utility area. The modular kitchen platform is topped with a quartz counter and is flushed in natural light owing to the series of openings overlooking the breakfast nook;  Photographs by Nayan Soni

Connecting the common areas to the private bedrooms, the hallway maintains serene antiquity with a restored rosewood and glass sliding door. At the threshold of the dining and passage portions, a tall dark-stained bar case customised by Be Vintage facilitates revelries and conversations amids guests and the home occupants.

Abstract wall art is mounted within a frame procured from The Purple Turtles. Rosewood chairs from Solid Bench and a customised teak wood round table create a sweet spot for all things dining as a half reeded wall adds dimension and textures;  Photographs by Nayan Soni

The toddler’s room wears a calm vibe that is filled with tonal play and a lively environment for the family’s youngest member. This area also serves as a work-from-home corner for the couple and has been quite useful during the lockdown. 

Crafted for the youngest member of the family, the space also accommodates a work from home nook for the adults! A wooden desk emanates from the room and concludes at the stacked cubby storage illustrating a blend of art, ergonomics and function that evolves with changing needs;  Photographs by Nayan Soni

Accents of sage green, wood, salmon, brass and blue engulf the main bedroom in serenity. The preowned low bed, around which the layout is designed, is the pièce de résistance in the bedroom. The couple’s ensuite bedroom is a sanctuary—dreamlike, functional and laced in colour.

Topped with brass sconces,  authentic mid-century nightstands make for a picturesque composition against the sage green wall panelling. Underlining the tranquil aesthetic is a Japanese watercolour print of flowering cherry blossoms that is framed on the wall;  Photographs by Nayan Soni

Surrounded by lush greenery, as framed by the extensive fenestrations as well as balconies, the home is a perpetual wellspring of creativity. Fresh greens and pleasant colours bathe the home, blurring boundaries between the indoors and outdoors. “Colour Cure Abode appeals to the specifications of a young family and mirrors their aspirations—it is contemporary in style yet impeccably wedded to the sense of heritage,” says Belliappa.

This home exudes warmth, gravity, and infectious joy of colour; it is a home that seems like a haven despite its metropolitan setting. Vibrant yet balanced experimentation of colour establishes a captivating and commanding presence, for each room is bursting with energy yet maintaining harmony with the residence’s overall essence!

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Fabindia barstools by the windows in the breakfast nook overlook a splendid view of the outdoors;  Photographs by Nayan Soni
The candy-hued pastel tiles contrast beautifully against the geometry of stacked white subway tiles on the kitchen backsplash, laid out in a herringbone pattern; Photographs by Nayan Soni
A gentle ivy green washes the elderly mother’s bedroom imparting a serene old-world charm;  Photographs by Nayan Soni
Accents of sage green, wood, salmon, brass, and blues dot the main bedroom with the pièce de résistance being a preowned low bed;  Photographs by Nayan Soni
“This home affirms warmth, gravitas, and a contagiously happy rendezvous with colour; a dwelling that feels like an escape despite its urban context,” says Belliappa; Photographs by Nayan Soni

If you liked Colour Cure Abode with its earthy palette punctuated by pops of colour, you’re bound to fall in love with this serene home that’s designed to imbibe the principles of wabi-sabi!