Classic Contours—Inside the contemporary and eclectic Bengaluru home designed by U and I Designs

NOV 22, 2022 | By Akshay Bipin Luthiya
The living room displays Evolvekart centre table on a carpet from Jaipur Rugs, cushion from Ajio, vase by Pure Home and Living and palm plant by Studio Palasa; Photography by Nayan Soni
Pendant light above the wooden dining table from Lakkadhaara Furniture are by Jalaram Lights; Photography by Nayan Soni
Wooden wardrobe and bedding by Altrove in the grandparents room complements the subtle theme; Photography by Nayan Soni

Not compromising on warmth and liveability, founder and principal designer of U and I Designs, Aniketh Bafna and Sonal R Mutha along with their lead designer Khusbu Murarka, have crafted this largely modern space sited in Meadow in the Sun society, Bengaluru.  Incorporating pops and patterns in a muted setting, the home is designed with hints of classicism and industrial accents.

Cladding organic and modernist interior styles, The Jade and Grey Home showcase different moods that blend harmoniously throughout the home.

The entrance hall accommodates table lamp by Fabindia on a pastel console alongside wall decor by BestofBharat and knobs and hinges from Razzle Hardware; Photography by Nayan Soni

The curious brief

Spanned across 2575 sq. ft, on the 6th and 7th floors of a luxury three bedroom apartment in Bengaluru, the owner’s love for neutral grey tone with splashes of deep jade was prime. Hence, the name! With large balconies and full length windows, every room arrests plenty of natural light. 

The living space integrates double heighted wall panel with pendant lights from Prism Lights; Photography by Nayan Soni

Tour every turn of the home

Blush pink cabinets with a black backdrop and accents of wood, cane and brass merges the contemporary foyer with an old-world charm. Breaking away from conventionality, the foyer opens into the dining room. A six-seater sheesham wood table and a traditional ceiling fan being the focus of the room.

The double-height living space to the right of the dining area brings the jade and grey character of the home. With a play of complementary and contrarian, the tufted edges of the arm chairs are mirrored in the striped ottoman cushions, the geometric print on the rug adds a dash of spice to the grey walls, and the jade green sofa contrasts deliciously with the entire ensemble.  

Backsplash tiles from Ranze Ceramico complements the black accents from Razzle Hardware in the kitchen; Photography by Nayan Soni

Designed with a simple layout is the kitchen. All the appliances are ranged along one side of the space, which also features storage units finished in a deep jade sited below ribbed glass elements on the upper cabinet doors. Elongated arrow tiles draw the eye straight down the length of the countertop, renewing the sense of light and space and are complemented by all-black hardware.

The grandparents bedroom holds a statement bed with striking wooden posts. The storage units in this space knits an interesting interplay between clutter and simplicity.

Moving upstairs, as we enter the master bedroom, we’re greeted with a study of contrasts. A blast of colour erupts from the jade headboard, while taupe wall panels run the width of the room. The wardrobes are designed to be a conversation starter, with different materials coming together to showcase two distinct looks—light gray and brass on the right side, while the left holds a beaded door in taupe, featuring a black steel handle. 

The scallop headboard with dual toned fabric and bedding from Altrove goes with the wallpaper by Curtains Avenue in the kid’s bedroom; Photography by Nayan Soni

The kid’s bedroom is a tasteful blend of pastels and clean whites. A set of monkey bars bisects the entire room, travelling upwards from the floor, across the ceiling and ending in a thick length of knotted rope for easy descent. Designers have added a study desk in the window corner of the room, with quirky bulb feet to enhance the child like equation of the room. 

Study chair and muted carpet from Ikea sets the tone right for the kid’s room; Photography by Nayan Soni

Ideas to bookmark- Colours and materials

This home speaks volumes about incorporating pops and patterns in a muted setting, giving the space a quirky edge. Elaborating on the same, the designers say, “We have tried to bring in varied materials- traditional and contemporary, harmoniously working together to build furniture pieces that are timeless. Classic wood and cane juxtaposed with trendy brass highlights, glass, metal details, this home has it all. What however the home breaks away from is the monotony of one style. Even though the design is rooted in modern sensibilities, we have blended in some classic elements and industrial style highlights, to make the home as eclectic as it can be.”

The pastel tones in the room creates for sophisticated setting the kid’s bedroom; Photography by Nayan Soni


Luxurious ambiance is set in the master bedroom. Bedding set and rug are from Altrove, lights from Jalaram Lights and end table used is from Ek Design; Photography by Nayan Soni

What the designer (or architect) fell in love with

Beautifully blending the pastels in the scheme of things, without making it overwhelming, the designers created a room that is fun with functional. “We thoroughly enjoyed working through a challenge that was posed to us. To achieve a range of functionalities- especially the monkey bar installation right in the middle of the room, keeping all aesthetics intact, was a feat. It was designing the kid’s room, working with strict inputs from their 10-year-old daughter. Incorporating all requirements, convincing her of our designs (while practicality often evades a 10-year-old) was all an experience to remember “says the designers.

The solid wood floor complements the wall art by BestofBharat. Fabrics for headboard, main and sheer curtain from Curtains Avenue sets a statement for the grandparent’s bedroom; Photography by Nayan Soni

Every part of this home exudes a relaxed sense of refinement, blending modernist interior styles with a dash of organic, as the designers have tried to work with materials like wood and wicker in quite a few furniture designs, conscious of minimising the use of toxic products that have a considerable environmental impact.

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