Chinmay Patel and Noopur Shah of Projects 3.14 create a breathtaking visual affair with The Blue House

FEB 3, 2021 | By Urvika Barua
The open-plan living and dining room features furniture from Techtona Grandis and an AnanTaya rug; Photographs by Photographix
A teak veneer and brass inlaid wall-to-wall storage unit also demarcates the kitchen from this living zone; Photographs by Photographix
Another view of the living and dining zones that are drenched in a cool blue hue; Photographs by Photographix
The entrance to the kitchen space; Photographs by Photographix
The master bedroom, an extension of the passageway, features artwork by Vaidehi Parikh and soft furnishings from Options; Photographs by Photographix
The guest room uses soft furnishings from Fabindia and Options; Photographs by Photographix

Partners Chinmay Patel and Noopur Shah of Projects 3.14 have curated this 1,300 sq ft home in Ahmedabad with a blend of minimal and dramatic themes. The three-bedroom home is designed such that it imbues a sense of comfort for the family.

Adhering to the modish trend of developing minimalist spaces or void canvases with pops of bespoke accessories, the design plan for this abode includes creating a familial narrative. “Colour-blocking is used extensively to balance the matte blue with glossy yellow,” shares Patel.

While the home is drenched in blue hues, accents of solid wood brass and subdued upholstery create a sense of harmony between spaces. Seamless, monochromatic artworks are placed along the edges of spaces to align the residence’s visual rhythm and develop an unrestricted flow of spatial interaction.

On the dominant blue hue, Free Birds by Studio Arisa share space with a monochromatic artwork from Etsy; Photographs by Photographix

A wooden fluted door greets visitors at the entrance, which unsurprisingly features an azure-tinted foyer and hints at what lies within the home.

View of the living room, which has a vintage chic vibe; Photographs by Photographix

A passage leads to the bedrooms—the children’s, guest and master in this order. While the kids’ room is cloaked in pastel hues, vibrant floor tiles add a pop of colour to the space.

A peek into the foyer reveals the use of warm teak, cool blue paint on the wall, a coated yellow storage unit and monochromatic artworks from Etsy; Photographs by Photographix

“One of the major structural changes we made was to eliminate the partition wall in the hallway. This created a free-flowing zone between the kitchen and living areas,” shares Shah.

Soft pastels reign in the kid’s bedroom. The dramatic patterned floor tiles are paired with celestial shapes on the wall; Photographs by Photographix

When talking about their design philosophy, the duo says, “We like to go above and beyond the conventional ways of exploring a site. Understanding the homeowners, their routine and lifestyle is what becomes the basis of identifying sketches that best personify spaces.”