Calm in Ahmedabad’s clamour: 540xpartners craft a tranquil abode

JUL 1, 2024 | By Disha Kalyankar
Elegant whites, earthy greens and warm browns characterise this home; Photography by Dhrupad Shukla
Natural elements take centre stage in the living space and prayer room; Photography by Dhrupad Shukla
The home is awash with sunlight due to its open layout, brimming with warmth;Photography by Dhrupad Shukla

A minimalist manifestation of the homeowner’s spiritual inclinations, this Ahmedabad abode by 540xpartners integrates elements of spirituality, luminosity and understated elegance. The clutter of the external world indeed recedes this 6,081 sq ft expanse, leaving space for contemplation and serenity. Perhaps the walls themselves hold whispered mantras, their secrets echoing in the quietude. As you traverse the threshold, flanked by fragrant frangipani trees, stepping into this home, you walk the fine line between the tangible and the transcendent. 

A tranquil abode in Ahmedabad by 540xpartners; Photography by Dhrupad Shukla

Conversations with Homeowners

The quantum of light surrounding us manipulates how we experience a home. Famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright carefully integrated the play of sunlight throughout the designs of his homes to make them more architecturally interesting. At the heart of design conversations, the homeowners expressed their interest in inculcating abundant natural light indoors.  “They expressed,” Karmaraj Rana, Principal Architect, 540xpartners intones, “A fervent desire for abundant sunlight to permeate the very essence of their interiors.” Their words hung in the air, like the guiding rays of sunlight weaving through the architectural blueprint. Thus, this dwelling became an alchemy of light and longing — a sunlit sanctuary.

A snug nook in the living room touched with toasty sunlight and the warmth of the wooden accents, perfect for a light read and early morning chai; Photography by Dhrupad Shukla


Elegant whites, earthy greens and warm browns characterise this home; Photography by Dhrupad Shukla

And so, within those ivory walls, 540xpartners orchestrated a symphony of illumination. Sunbeams pirouetted across polished surfaces, casting intricate shadows — a chiaroscuro dance that whispered the secrets of serenity. “Designing spaces around the courtyard was a delight, as it allowed us to create dynamic and inviting areas that blend indoor and outdoor living. However, the staircase on the northern facade presented a unique challenge,” says Karmaraj. With a determination to optimise the natural light intake, his team carefully crafted a sleek teak wood floating staircase to maximise daylight penetration. Balancing functionality with the overall aesthetic of the space, the slender, vertical balusters contribute to an open and airy ambience. 

Sunlight infiltrates the staircase; Photography by Dhrupad Shukla


The richness of weak takes over the passage and staircase, adding textural depth to the muted colour palette; Photography by Dhrupad Shukla

Designed to unwind

Each design choice, deliberate and poised, echoes the ancient wisdom of Gandhian principles. The palette, characterised by soft, neutral tones, evokes a sense of humility and simplicity. The clutter of the external world retreats, leaving space for contemplation and repose. “The theme of the space revolves around creating a serene and tranquil ambience infused with spirituality and natural light,” elucidates Karmaraj Rana.

A glance at the prayer room lambent with sunlight. The neutral palette with beige, green and brown adds to the tranquil ambience infused with spirituality; Photography by Dhrupad Shukla

Verdure from the outdoors seamlessly infiltrates the interiors, where the warmth of wooden accents and the khaki-hued white walls envelop one from the city’s frenetic pace, grounding them in the embrace of natural elements. Serene and sacred, the prayer room creates an escapade from the noise of the fast-paced world, humming hymns of spiritual living. 

Sunlight streams into the living room; Photography by Dhrupad Shukla

Teak talk

A product of their commitment to responsible design practices, the teakwood gracing this home finds its origin in a once-wrecked church from a nearby town. A material that would have been reduced to waste now breathes a new life, adding warmth and character to its new abode. It’s natural grain and varied earthy hues add texture and depth to the space, balancing the cooler tones of the sleek white marble floors.

Frangipani trees at the entrance welcome one into a tranquil abode. The walls are painted with sublime hues of Asian Paints; Photography by Dhrupad Shukla

Like ruminants of mindful design, 540X partners have crafted a pensive abode. Within these walls, minimalist ethos reigns supreme—an ode to clarity of thought and purpose. Each design choice, deliberate and poised, echoes the ancient wisdom of Gandhian principles.

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