Rustic bonhomie finds its corner in this Mumbai home crafted by Twila Design Studio

JUN 28, 2024 | By Tejal Pednekar
An amalgam of the living and dining area makes for an expansive space where the whole family can comfortably hangout. Showcasing furniture by Twila Design Studio; curtains and upholstery by Purple Patch Studio and Tints Furnishings; carpet by Jaipur Rugs; lights by Terra and planters from Plant People and Greenlands Plants; Styled by Salonee Thakre from Krei Studio; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi
With ample seating space, the living room is a perfect common area to unwind with family as well as for hosting social gatherings with artwork by Anshuma Khandelwal; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi
Melding different pastel tones, the bedroom of the owner’s daughter perspicuously emanates feminine energy with a princess bed, mint green bookshelf, and pair of bedside tables from Twila Design Studio and bedding from Rearrange Home; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

Simplistic design narratives of minimalism and sleekness no longer cut it for contemporary homeowners, especially for those with families who have to accommodate diverse propensities under one roof. Founder and principal designer of Twila Design Studio, Paayal Jain who recently designed a family home with an atypical rustic theme can attest to this belief.

The Mumbai-based dweller got a wind of Paayal’s design practice through word of mouth. For their sprawling 2,200 square feet apartment located at Oberoi Esquire in Goregaon, the brief was quite straightforward — a rustic residence that’s sheathed in earthy elements and cosy vibes. It further outlined two key requests: a maintenance-free and a dog-friendly environment. 

Twila Design Studio
Flooded with natural light, the living room is made cosier with neutral hues and sinuous furniture and decor, that defies the prosaic flow of sharp edges, making the space more comfortable and inviting; Styled by Salonee Thakre from Krei Studio; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

The beauty of a rustic theme in a modern setup is that it can be effortlessly minimal and simultaneously ooze with warmth. Think mellow palettes, natural details (wood, clay, slate and stone) and hassle-free furniture that’s soothing to the eyes. By employing this overarching aesthetic, the designer further elevates the space with colour pops that come about as a delightful surprise during the apartment tour. 

A gleaming brass inlay beautifully highlights the arched doorway that leads to the common passage of the home, containing artwork by Anshuma Khandelwal and decor from Altrove and Gramin Arts Mumbai; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi
Twila Design Studio
The entrance’s earthy elements set the tone for the rest of the apartment with planters from Plant People and Greenlands Plants; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

Rustic yet neoteric 

The home’s entrance welcomes visitors with a stone-cladded wall and an exposed beam ceiling. As one moves into the foyer, grey matter tiles alongside brass strip inlays come into view. Illuminated with natural light, the unified living and dining blueprint is ideal for entertaining guests as well as for savouring the unobstructed vistas of the city. 

Several structural alterations were made to convert a portion of the kitchen and the household staff room into a temple. “I particularly enjoyed designing the Mandir as it transformed an underutilised space into a serene and spiritual haven,” recalls the principal designer.

Twila Design Studio
A part of the open floor plan, the dining area’s beige landscape is balanced with a stunning rust red sideboard; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

Like other communal areas, the remodelled kitchen strays away from a walled configuration to fit into the open layout arrangement. Glass partitions compensate for the absence of concrete kitchen walls while the island introduces extra counter space. “Additionally, we created a dedicated laundry and multipurpose storage area, which was a specific request from the client,” reveals Paayal.

Besides the master bedroom, this capacious home has two separate bedrooms for the owner’s daughters and a guest chamber. 

Twila Design Studio
A colonial blue cabinet by Twila Design Studio rests somberly in the corner of the kitchen while the island sits in the middle with a pendant light above; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

Warm neutrals meet vibrant accents 

The predominantly soft-hued backgrounds enable the accents to shine that are dotted throughout the house. For instance, the sandy colour scheme of the living and dining area is complemented by a dash of verdure; brass, wooden, and clay details; and a rust-red sideboard. “The colonial blue cabinet adds another layer to the kitchen’s well-crafted framework,” explains Paayal. 

Twila Design Studio
The daughter’s bedroom perspicuously emanates feminine energy with a princess bed. The bedside table is from Twila Design Studio and bedding from Rearrange Home; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi


Twila Design Studio
By harnessing a colour scheme of muted pinks and greens, this bedroom stirs up a serene vibe, compelling one to slow down after a long day. Furniture by Twila Design Studio, bedding by Rearrange Home, and lights by Terra; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

Similarly, each bedroom flaunts brief but striking splashes of colour. Whether it’s a contrasting armchair by the window or a mint green bookshelf, the designer has ensured all bedrooms harbour elements that reflect the personalities of its inhabitants. “To break the monotony in the passage to the master bedroom, we introduced oriental-style tiles that evoke the feeling of a laid-out carpet,” elaborates the designer.

Twila Design Studio
Exemplifying the simplicity of warm tones, this bedroom houses furniture from Twila Design Studio, bedding from Rearrange Home, lights from Terra and planters from Plant People and Greenlands Plants; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

Another signature style in Paayal’s design concept is the metal detailing that stays remarkably sublime without undermining the muted tones of the home. Brass elements appear in varied sections of the house including flooring inlays, the temple enclave’s mesh and the master bedroom’s television unit. 

Twila Design Studio
Rest comes easy in this natural-toned bedroom. When slumber is not on the agenda, this accent chair can be turned into reading nook or a place to simply lounge while taking in the outdoors; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi


Twila Design Studio
With a conspicuous mustard headboard, this canopy bed conjures up images of a tranquil beachside home. Furniture from Twila Design Studio, bedding from Rearrange Home, and lights from Terra; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

Natural and locally sourced materials are outfitted wherever feasible, thereby spotlighting a sustainable lifestyle. “Additionally, the design includes energy-efficient lighting and appliances to minimise the carbon footprint,” avers the designer.

Twila Design Studio
This study corner with a sage-green desk and gingham chair by Maple Furnitures impeccably encapsulates the moody hues of the rustic design narrative; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

By cohesively piecing together all things natural, neutral and neoteric with a smidgen of vividness, Twila Design Studio has created a beloved family home that’s a masterclass in subtlety and sophistication. 

Twila Design Studio
The oriental-style flooring in the passage leading to the master bedroom adds a global twist to the home’s rustic flow with finishes by Palette Interior Studio; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi


Twila Design Studio
The entrance is adorned by varying rustic ingredients including a stone-pelted wall, wooden ceiling beams and brass inlays on the floor without interrupting the home’s immaculate palette and shipshape character; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi


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