A nod to the earthy hues — Calicut home by The Living Square is a timeless tale in design

APR 18, 2023 | By Krupakshi Mehta
A minimal soft toned living room that emphasises on shapes and sizes has a small reading nook. The living room is separated from the dining area as per the homeowner’s requirements with an oval shaped partition in tile finish and black mild steel frame; Photographs by Turtle Arts Photography

Designed for a Dubai based family, this abode in Calicut, Kerala is a home away from home. “We always prefer decluttered spaces,” say architects AnnMary and Nufaila. A neutral canvas jewelled with intrinsic details, the holiday home by The Living Square brings about an alluring calm of the natural world. 

The artwork and furniture has been sourced locally. The groove multi wood panel was the main design feature of the accent wall. A neutral shade for the accent wall blends in with the rest of the interiors; Photographs by Turtle Arts Photography


An arched mirror with a black mild steel frame was added to make this dining room look visually spacious; Photographs by Turtle Arts Photography

The curious brief

“The core design idea revolved around words like minimal, modern, functional, crisp and clutter-free. Once that was established, other things fell smoothly into place,” reveal the architect duo AnnMary and Nufalia.

After endless days of work, what one looks for is a place where one can be at peace. This house is just that. With clean lines and neutral shades this 2,000 sq ft apartment is a sign that simple can be beautiful. Each room has an attributed colour that despite being from the same family stands out. Clean textures breathe life into this warm and cosy three bedroom apartment. 

The balcony space had dead corners which were converted to open shelves in veneer finish. A two side swing adds life to the room; Photographs by Turtle Arts Photography


The designer designated a zone for reading in the living area. Artwork sourced locally adds character to this meticulously designed space; Photographs by Turtle Arts Photography

Tour the Calicut home

On entering, the first to greet you is the 33 sq ft foyer. A full heighted shoe rack with a minimally designed console table, not to mention the statement wall light that leads you to the living space. 

Done in greys, the sage green sofa adds a soft tone to the room. The accent wall with textured pillows adds life to this vacation escapade.  To prevent dust, the family had asked to bring the balcony indoors, making space for a cosy reading nook. A two sided swing further adorns the area. 

Separated with a semi partition, an arched mirror brings life to the otherwise neutral dining space.

The wall is treated in textured paint finish. The bed and bedside table is designed in a contrasting colour palette; Photographs by Turtle Arts Photography


The kitchen is designed in a simple canvas with upper cabinets in veneer finish and lower cabinets in sage green. The counter top is in shades of grey; Photographs by Turtle Arts Photography


Bathed in greens, the guest bedroom brings a slice of nature to the home. The wall light adds cosiness to the guest room; Photographs by Turtle Arts Photography

Differentiating the primary bedroom from the rest of the rooms are curved walls. “Other bedrooms are worked differently but the style was retained for all,” say the architects. Striped headboards with earthy neutrals remain constant across the three bedrooms. This minimal, not so hyperactive Calicut Home is à mode in modern architecture. 

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