Brassa in Bengaluru—a casual eatery in the day and a swanky bar by night is designed by Shruti Jaipuria of MAIA Design Studio

AUG 4, 2022 | By Shriti Das
Walls clad with white terracotta tiles designed by MAIA made in collaboration with Ikai Asai and handcrafted by Kutch potters from the community of Kumbhars add an artistic appeal; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Dressed in a delectable palette of natural light and monochromes, Brassa pays homage to its city of Bengaluru in multiple ways. Envisaged by Shruti Jaipuria of MAIA Design Studio, the 2,500 sq ft restobar metaphors and binds together three entities that make the metropolitan an enviable locale for urban living—the city’s amicable weather, parks and a buzzing nightlife.

An airy and ephemeral cafe during the day and a swanky night spot at dusk, it sports a massive vaulted ceiling flanked by large mirrors to amplify the daylight. An ode to the garden city is its lush indoor landscape which is nestled abundantly throughout the layout.

MAIA Design Studio
Drenched in abundant natural light and bringing in spectacular views of the city is an arched window covered in white sheers from Drapes Avenue. In-built planters with brass table lamps from Fab India offer a companion to the hand-stitched cushions from Sanskruti Homes. Abstract branched chandeliers are outlined by MAIA Design Studio and executed by Purple Turtles; Photography by Ishita Sitwala


P Large monstera plants Rose Farm & Nursery serve as breathers in the lounge section with custom-made black and white striped couches along with comfy chairs with piping on the edge detail by Smith Interiors and floor lamps from Purple Turtles; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

This resto bar serving global cuisine was once a restaurant with a mezzanine floor that was demolished to reveal the splendid ceiling space that it now dons.

Its vertical expanse brings in opulence without resorting to overt embellishments. Bespoke details like custom terracotta tiles made by the Kumbhar artisans from Kutch in collaboration with Ikai Asai are cladded on the walls, rendering a hint of understated splendour.

MAIA Design Studio
Patterns govern the design language of the restro bar with tall windows and custom-made striped furniture by Smith Interiors; Photography by Ishita Sitwala


Monochromatic furniture, customised tall mirrors and fiddle leafed plants from Rose Farm & Nursery hark of the tropics; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Refraining from the use of colours and jarring visual elements, the play of light and shadow become imperative, as do textures and indoor plants to bring about contrast and intrigue. Fostering that familiarity, a youthful edginess and the pub culture, Brassa revels in its finer details as well as in the grandeur of architecture in all magnanimity.

MAIA Design Studio
Matte black bar stools from Smith Interiors complement the flooring from Nexion; Photography by Ishita Sitwala


MAIA Design Studio
Fabric origami light installation on the ceiling in collaboration with Adigami exudes a warm glow while the custom birch ply joinery details of the bar counter enhance texture and drama. Wall lights by Harshita Jhamtani Design illuminate the bar display with brass finishes. Rectangular mirror grids offer a stunning backdrop to upholstered black and white bar stools from Smith Interiors and flooring from Nexion; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

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