Bombay meets Mumbai— Shonan Purie Trehan revamps the Bombay Canteen located in Kamala Mills Mumbai

FEB 13, 2023 | By Tamanna Doctor
The bar has a selection of reimagined classic cocktails with firm Indian roots; Photography by Kuber Shah
The Bombay Canteen has introduced diners to regional, seasonal, and communal food;Photography by Kuber Shah

Rekindling an old flame, Bombay Canteen, an award-winning restaurant and bar, revamps its space after 7 years of providing an avant garde dining experience. Surrounded by glass clad offices of the Mumbai skyline, the restaurant is located amid the hustle bustle of the Kamala Mills compound. Housed within a recreated old Mumbai bungalow, the 4,000 sq ft space is redesigned by none other than Shonan Purie Trehan, Founder and Principal Architect at Labwerk. 

The bar, a great place to hang out at The Bombay Canteen; Photography by Kuber Shah

Reminiscent of the old with a purpose for the future, the space amalgamates earthy aesthetics, warm wood, alluring terrazzo tabletops, glinting stained glass, traditional patterned tiles, low stone walls and high-ceilings with tasteful art, graphic design, contemporary illustrations and a massive commissioned artwork called ‘Bombay On A Plate’ by Sameer Kulavoor, a Mumbai based contemporary artist and founder of Bombay Duck Designs.

Art Gallection section at The Bombay Canteen; Photography by Kuber Shah

Upon entering the space, one is greeted by the foyer, where one can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, engage in meetings or just use it as a waiting area before being seated. Doused in blue jewel tones with wooden accents along traditional patterned tiles, the main dining space is adorned with Art Deco lamps that remind one of a quaint dining room in an old-Bombay bungalow. Following this space, the gallery section houses all sorts of contemporary art.

The cocktail lounge at The Bombay Canteen; Photography by Kuber Shah

As you walk further, one is greeted by the lounge-like section that has a covered balcony to maintain privacy as it hosts larger groups.The cosy and intimate bar booth aims to encourage its occupants to connect, converse and unwind.

The dining area with a view of the Art gallery section; Photography by Kuber Shah

​​Taking inspiration from cultural cues and eating habits, the menu curated by the restaurant heroes the sheer diversity of India’s culinary repertoire. The bar, the food, the furniture all scream Bombay to their full extent! 

‘Bombay On A Plate’ by Sameer Kulavoor; Photography by Kuber Shah


Cocktail Lounge Corner; Photography by Kuber Shah


The foyer at The Bombay Canteen; Photography by Kuber Shah


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