Blues and views—Chelsea Residence by Aamir Khandwala fuses eastern elements with contemporary decor

SEP 24, 2021 | By Twinkle Tolani
The chandelier from Ochre overlooks a sofa from Poltrona Frau and a rug from Crosby Street Studios in the living area of the Chelsea Residence. Enveloping the column is a geometric wallpaper by Area Environments that highlights the grey in the sofa-pillows from Angela Brown Ltd & LF Upholstery. The timber desk is designed by Aamir Khandwala Interior Design and produced by Uhuru; Photographs by Jacob Snavely

One step into the Chelsea Residence by Aamir Khandwala Interior Design, and a picturesque culmination of eastern and western design grace your sight.  The 2, 500 sq ft apartment, located in a luxury condominium building in Manhattan, is far from minimalistic yet wonderfully straight-forward. 

A namesake of the principalAamir Khandwala, the firm delivered to the clients their coveted modern home with eastern touches. Having stayed in Istanbul for a few years prior to living in Manhattan, they wanted a home that evinced elements of Istanbul and New York equally.

The apartment is spacious and packs four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. Owing to opulent details like fine finishes, an integrated lighting system, motorised window shades, oodles of natural light, and stunning city views, structural alterations were kept at bay, and the decor was the sole focus.

A blue wallpaper from Wallpaper projects, mounted by Griffin Studios greets the visitors in the entry foyer, and a mirror from Gubi embellishes the corner leading to the passageways; Photographs by Jacob Snavely

The entrance is marked by a wall finished in custom-textured, deep-blue shiny plaster. Following the entry foyer is the passageway that has a black and silver, monochromatic painting of the blue mosque in Istanbul on one wall, and minimal, black console on the other.

Light blue rugs with an atoll blue border from Crosby Street Studios line the passageways of the Chelsea Residence; Photographs by Jacob Snavely

At the end of the passageway lies the light-flooded living and dining area. The living area has two seating areasone more intimate and the other more accommodating. A custom-built, timber work desk for adults and children runs parallel to the seating areas. 

A faint blue rug from Crosby Street Studios sports a sofa from Avenue Road and lounge chairs from Poltrona Frau in the second seating of the living room. The drink table from MoMa design store, pouffes from Carlyle Collective and floor lamps from Circa lighting accentuate the informal vibe of the seating; Photographs by Jacob Snavely


The living room has two independent seating arrangements. One facing the hard-to-miss, slanted glass facade, and another having a more formal placement; Photographs by Jacob Snavely

The building structure employs round columns that mark an undeniable appearance in the space. Covering the columns in a modern geometric Moroccan wallpaper turned blasphemy into opportunity, tying the space tighter together.

The artwork by Artist Bastienne Schmidt sets the mood for the dining corner. The built-in banquette, the nidus of the space, employs LF Upholstery with leather from Moore & Giles through Angela Brown Ltd.; Photographs by Jacob Snavely

The dining area, in a nook in the adjutant living space, offers a splendid view of the World Trade Centre. An iconic blue, leather banquette and an expandable dining table for ten renders the corner cosy. 

A vase from George Jensen sits atop the dining table set from Dennis Miller in the dining nook; Photographs by Jacob Snavely

The kitchen conveniently lies next to the dining area. On one end of the leading passageway is the serene primary suite brought to life by a vintage Turkish rug and an accent wall covered in lilac coloured silk wallpaper. 

The daughter’s bedroom is dominated by rose-coloured shades. The wallpaper from Krane Home and the rug from Pottery Barn represents pink shades, while the lounge chair from Poltrona Frau has the hue of a deep, red rose. The chandelier from Restoration Hardware and side table from Kartell set a cultural mood, while the daybed from Restoration Hardware and bedding from Garnet Hill marks the presence of a contemporary approach; Photographs by Jacob Snavely

Next in line are the kids’ bedroomsfor a son and a daughter. The daughter’s room is wrapped in pink and red, while the son’s is lined with blues and teals. At the far end, the guest room palette is flushed with grey tones paired with hints of gold.

The coffee table from Vintage from L’Art De Vivre and lounge chair from Poliform bring in modernness to the design of the living area; Photographs by Jacob Snavely

The overall colour palette of the home is blue, black, grey, with hints of purple. Quite a few elements such as the furniture in the dining nook are tailor-made. The custom furniture is produced locally so as to reduce shipping emissions and to support local carpenters. For instance, the Blue Mosque artwork has been produced and mounted in New York. 

The house is tangible proof of Khandwala’s fluidity in design. Changing styles, adopting new materials, and adhering to a client’s requirements is at the core of the designer’s modus-operandiit’s secret to his relevance.

The dining nook of the Chelsea Residence is privy to a breath-taking view of the World Trade Centre; Photographs by Jacob Snavely

“I think of the entire home at once, as each space relates to another. I feel that I cannot limit myself to designing one room without the other. An omnipresent challenging part of our work is bringing all the various elements together in perfect harmony. I believe we have accomplished this aspect here”, concludes Khandwala.

Scroll down to catch a few more glimpses of this stunning residence!

The bed from Poltrona Frau dawning sheets from ABC carpet & home centres the main bedroom, while table lamps from Home Nature atop custom-made nightstands impart a simplistic look. The mirror from Bower Studios against the wall finish from Angela Brown Ltd. hints at a rustic aesthetic; Photographs by Jacob Snavely


One of two seating arrangements in the living room has a long sofa that will generously accommodate a good-sized gathering; Photographs by Jacob Snavely


The black and silver artwork of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul is interjected by a wall sconce from Cedar & Moss in the passageway; Photographs by Jacob Snavely


A lavender chandelier from Suite NY alongside a vintage Turkish brings in eastern vibes in the primary suite. Floor lamps from Restoration Hardware remind the design of its nonchalant location; Photographs by Jacob Snavely

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