Black is always beautiful—Baytul Sama by Faiz Hira makes a monochrome palette look desirable

DEC 24, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
Contemporary and ultra-modern kitchen modular elements shape the opulence of this kitchen space, alongside gradient flooring from Casa Mia UAE; Photographs courtesy Photographix India
Grey exotic marble from Classic Marble Company adorn this living space with flair and flamboyance; Photographs courtesy Photographix India
Overlooking greenery and cityscape, this balcony serves as a perfect space to unwind and relax after a long day; Photographs courtesy Photographix India
Decked up in subtle shades, this dressing and closet area look clutter-free and evokes peace; Photographs courtesy Photographix India
Roman blinds from Embellish Studio enhance the beauty of the massive glass windows in this son’s bedroom; Photographs courtesy Photographix India

Rich with details, surrounded by nature and cocooned in colour—Baytul Sama offers a unique perspective on cosy living. Fruit of the collaboration between Pathos Design Studio and Dezinologist, this 2,000 sq ft home located on the top floor of a plush complex in South Mumbai is awash with decor elements that would seem new and fresh even after years of usage. 

At the forefront of this project is Faiz Hira, founder of Pathos Design Studio. His love for the colour black is quite evident as he exclaims, “Black is the new Black!”. He painted a canvas of monochromatic tones with pops of colour that add life and drama to the space and refrained from using quirky elements. The client’s brief involved a home that is extremely classy and different from the mundane shades of brown and beige.

Dyed eucalyptus veneer from Deluxe Veneer and silver portoro marble from Aakash Italian Marble shape the monochromatic landscape of this foyer area; Photographs courtesy Photographix India

Elaborating further, Hira reiterates,” I personally LOVE black and wanted to use it everywhere as I feel it emanates a sense of class and grandeur to a space, so I made sure the usage was adequate and not overwhelming in any way.”

Splashes of exquisite textures and patterns bring forth a strong character to this living space; Photographs courtesy Photographix India

Translating into ‘The Sky House’ in Arabic, Baytul Sama is a sun-drenched apartment that offers unobstructed and stunning views of the city that act as the main element of the design canvas. Exhibiting striking textures and intense hues, this home is an exemplar in combining the bold and sensuous. Distinct geometric black and white patterns and subtle colours are offset with rich finishes, rendering the home with a minimalistic flavour. 

The 3D fabric wall panelling from Casa Walls adds flawless grandeur to this dining space, alongside this is the captivating table floral arrangement from The Little Gift Co.; Photographs courtesy Photographix India

The noteworthy facet of this home is that even with all the grandeur, it still feels soothing. A massive 30 ft grand entrance foyer with four windows houses the waiting area and is flanked by storage units. It leads to the living area which is divided into two sections comprising a formal seating area and dining area, both including balconies. 

This powder bathroom is decorated with a heavy veined Lilac marble from Aakash Italian marble, alongside cute tables from Mason Home; Photographs courtesy Photographix India

Moving further, a passage includes entryways to the daughter’s bedroom, kitchen and the powder bathroom. The living room then leads to the primary bedroom and the son’s bedroom. The wall between these two rooms is adorned with an Islamic scripture wall art imported all the way from Chicago. 

The mint green headboard adds an interesting pop of colour in this daughter’s bedroom, alongside this beautiful bedspread from Megha Sharma; Photographs courtesy Photographix India

Though the house runs high on the monochromatic theme, the daughter’s room attempts to break free. Pops of colour can be seen to accentuate each space and to break the monotony of the theme.  “The idea to design the house in shades of grey and black actually came from the Islamic wall art as that was literally the first element we decided when designing the space and it laid out the entire theme of the house, “ shares Pritesh Patel from Dezinologist. 

Stylish wall sconces from Arjun Rathi add to the aesthetic appeal of this bedroom; Photographs courtesy Photographix India

Baytul Sama encompasses several luxury design trends—from the exotic Brazilian marble used as a highlighter in the living room to the hand-blown glass installation at the entrance foyer, it strikes the right balance between living a tranquil life in a natural landscape and indulging in the comforts of the built environment!

Scroll down to catch a few more glimpses of the space—

Dainty decor pieces line up this space with grace and elegance; Photographs courtesy Photographix India


Chic Royale Impex bronze statuario flooring and bed-back panel and headboard from Casa Walls are featured in the son’s bedroom; Photographs courtesy Photographix India


Stunning wall art pieces like the marble circles paired with cross-link brass chains are part of the ‘Dangling’ collection and adds value to the daughter’s bedroom; Photographs courtesy Photographix India


The pink onyx tile from Iris Ceramica makes up for the show-stealer statement in this washroom, alongside other washroom tiles from Casa Mia UAE; Photographs courtesy Photographix India


Art from ZA Works is showcased on the wall of this dining space which is flanked by marble wall sconces that is part of Pathos Design Studio’s homegrown collection; Photographs courtesy Photographix India


Unique basin and basin mixer from Turquoise Bath Couture add charm to this washroom, alongside the Arabescato marble tiles that are from Casa Mia UAE; Photographs courtesy Photographix India

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