Bhavya Parekh and Nirav Nirmal of Pan Design Studio mould this bijou home to exude a “mid-century Bombay” charm

FEB 19, 2021 | By Vedika Nair
The living room features artwork from The Great Eastern Home, a traditional fan from Fanz Art, bespoke sofa and Palette coffee table by Pan Design Studio; Photographs by Kuber Shah
A swing by POD (Pieces of Desire) adds character to the living room; Photographs by Kuber Shah
'The Playful Pachyderm' metallic elephant figurine by Arzan Khambatta welcomes us into the living space; Photographs by Kuber Shah
Vishwa Shroff's artwork, a custom brass chandelier from Hatsu and wooden jars by Pooranawalla are placed near the bespoke dining ensemble by Pan Design Studio; Photographs by Kuber Shah
Black granite and teak are used to create a farmhouse-styled sink in the kitchen; Photographs by Kuber Shah
A long teak structure with storage (on both sides) separates the living and dining spaces; Photographs by Kuber Shah
View of the teak bed in the master suite; Photographs by Kuber Shah

When Mumbai-based Bhavya Parekh and Nirav Nirmal of Pan Design Studio met with the well-travelled inhabitants of this 1,700 sq ft home, their discussions led to the renovation of Kamdar House—a cove that boasts pristine tones and a mid-century Bombay aesthetic.

The home is enchanting for its use of organically sourced materials, contemporary furniture, restrained palette and neutral hues with accents of black, marble and teakwood. “Experimentation was key. It easily enabled practical functionality, enhanced the lifestyle experience and, above all, helped us stay true to our aesthetic sensibility,” shares Nirmal.

The designer duo completely reshuffled the home’s layout, and transformed the formal and intimate areas to create space and a seamless blend of design.

A terrazzo sconce light by Jade Design illuminates the subtle lobby; Photographs by Kuber Shah

The home opens up from the unconventional, rectangular arch-shaped main door. It is finished in an open-grain oak veneer and painted in the shade of sage. Just inside, a black marble waterbody lies on the left and two similar arches in white marble are seen. While the left features wooden shutters and louvred panel treatment, the right archway leads into the house.

The lobby opens up to the kitchen on the left and a storage room on the right; Photographs by Kuber Shah

A walk into the residence reveals a C-shaped multipurpose storage unit, a kitchen with pantry and then, a storeroom. Parallel counters in an exquisite olive green granite, mined from southern India, are perfect for the farmhouse-style kitchen sink. Nearby is a prayer space and the dining area. The latter houses a bespoke ensemble—the table is crafted from a solid tree live edge wood and paired with customised black dining chairs for a wabi sabi effect.

A swing from POD (Pieces of Desire) bedecks the living room; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Inspired by the lobbies of old buildings, artist Vishwa Shroff’s Series of Illustrations of Staircases adds character to the dining space. A bench, attached to the wall nearest to the window, becomes  a cosy reading nook with a marble bookcase. And behind the shelf is a sliding door that conceals the television. This long, teak-finished media unit divides the dining from the living space.

Bespoke armchairs by Pan Design Studio use fabric from Atmosphere; Photographs by Kuber Shah

The Playful Pachyderm metallic elephant figurine by Arzan Khambatta grabs attention in the living space, which is furnished using bespoke olive green bucket chairs, a customised pink sofa and a 1930s-inspired centre table produced by Pan Design Studio. A POD (Pieces of Desire) swing by Nishita Kamdar and Veeram Shah is perfect to lounge in. 

Blue dominates the son’s industrial-styled bedroom; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Interestingly, a crockery unit separates the bedrooms belonging to the homeowners’ son and daughter. The son’s space is playful with an almost industrial style—his study desk is made out of cricket stumps and the wardrobe is made to look like a shipping container. Nirmal and Parekh have perfectly captured the young man’s love of golf with a circular grid on the wall that holds golf ball depressions and embossments. 

A grid of golf ball depressions and embossments is on the wall in the son’s room; Photographs by Kuber Shah

In contrast to the industrial vibe, the daughter’s room is rather chic and contemporary with a four-poster bed. One of the key highlights is the bedside wall that is entirely done up in fire bricks and painted white for a brick wall effect. “We designed the wardrobe with steel shutters, powder-coated in white, with finely ribbed glass, which was quite a challenge to pull off!” shares Parekh. A study desk is seen with a custom-made cane chair, inspired by Pierre Jeanneret.

View of the son’s bathroom, where black granite is paired with subway tiles; Photographs by Kuber Shah

While the son and daughter’s boudoirs are contrasting. Their ensuite bathrooms have one thing in common—tiles. The son’s uses subway tiles that are paired with black granite and a black powder-coated door, while the daughter’s uses Spanish handmade tiles, which is matched with a single colour mosaic on the floor.

Hatsu side tables and Jade House’s beaded wall lamp are seen in the daughter’s room; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Our favourite space is the elegant master bedroom that has a teak bed with a unique basket weave headboard. Opposite it is a matte black granite fireplace feature with charcoal-hued fire bricks, which is actually a TV unit. Aside from the diverse wardrobes for the couple, blue floral chandeliers by Arjun Rathi are also seen here. 

A recreation of Pierre Jeanneret’s armchair by Pan Design Studio is seen in the study nook with window dressing by Kanchi; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Tiles are seen in the homeowner’s ensuite facility too. These mimic a light grey concrete finish and offset the custom-made, mosaic-finished flooring in a Santorini blue hue. The bathroom partition is specially designed as a seamless checkered metal paint fluted glass structure and the shower is equipped with industrial-styled fittings in antique brass finish. 

A unique basketweave headboard is paired with the teak bed in the master suite; Photographs by Kuber Shah

“We enjoyed designing the whole home. It was a very cohesive and continuous implementation. Giving an individual identity to every room yet maintaining the design continuity was the challenge,” concludes the duo.

Brizo bath fittings and Hatsu vanity mirror lend an old-world charm in the master bathroom; Photographs by Kuber Shah