This villa in Bengaluru by Bodhi Design Studio proves elegance can be snuggly

JUN 8, 2022 | By Twinkle Tolani
The living room of the Prestige Silveroak Villa imbues subtle drama with a pop of green and balances with a sea of neutral tones; Photographs by Justin Sebastian
The botanical mural behind the bed is the showstopper in the primary bedroom; Photographs by Justin Sebastian
The kids’ bedroom fuses playfulness with pastel shades that characterize the room as fun and sophisticated; Photographs by Justin Sebastian
The dining room in the home is adjacent to a pretty-in-pink breakfast nook that also acts as a buffer to the main kitchen area; Photographs by Justin Sebastian
The guest bedroom is flooded with light and its best friend, greens; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

Located in the Whitefield area of Bengaluru, the Prestige Silveroak Villa by Amirah Ahamed, Principal Architect at Bodhi Design Studio is an example of what happens when colours meet neutrality. The 2,350 sq ft premise is a home for a family of foura couple and their two boys and is designed to reflect the family members’ personalities. 

While each space in the home is treated with a splash of colour, what really brings the home together is the spaciousness and supreme spatial quality of the space.

According to Amirah, “The splash of colour is added through loose furniture, soft furnishing, and décor. It’s mostly the credenzas, or rugs or curtains or the sofa or a painting that makes a space vibrant. By adding a dynamic character, the client is gifted with certain flexibility. They can easily move furniture, making the design aesthetics of a space ‘easy to maintain.’”

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Bodhi Design Studio
The foyer sports a bright yellow cabinet with wooden accents and a small potted plant atop it; Styling by Fymin Naif, Photographs by Justin Sebastian

On entering, a foyer defined by a white ducco-painted partition with an embedded reed glass inlay starts setting the home’s character. On one side is a custom-made, bright yellow cabinet with a mirror cut to fit its corner.

This mirror reflects the painting on the other side of the foyer. Below the painting, a quaint bench balances the drama in the space.

A painting and neutral shaded bench pair in the foyer to balance the pop of colour; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

Beyond the foyer is a chic living and dining area, where a false ceiling creates the aura of a cosy and homely space. The living room boasts an army green sofa set and a white chair, alluding to an informal and stylish setting. 

Elements such as square wall panelling, artwork made of wood and a combination of sheer and luxe drapery imbue elegance. Potted plants, a gold-finished centre table and ceiling light and a colourful carpet weave the narrative together. 

Across the living space, the dining area sports wooden battens on the ceiling and a yellow console. A marble top dining table with a gold base paired with black chairs and abstract paintings on the wall speak of the home’s contemporary feel. 

Bodhi Design Studio
Specks of gold and white in the living room give a hint of luxury in the living room; Photographs by Justin Sebastian


The dining area is modest in size but balances it by being of vibrancy and luxury; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

Following the understated luxury of the living and dining area is a semi-open pantry kitchen with a breakfast nook, which was formerly a maid’s room. In adherence to the family’s functional needs, it was imperative to turn the open kitchen into a closed one. A wall was built between the living and dining area, and the maid’s room wall was brought down, to make this possible. 

Pristine white cabinetry paired with blush pink backsplash and monochrome patterned tiles makes for a swanky yet sophisticated kitchen and pantry.

“We had the most fun designing the kitchen as that involved a change of layout and flooring. Trying out multiple options while keeping in mind the functional requirements of the client was challenging and fun at the same time,” comments Amirah.

The kitchen of the home employs a shade of pink and black-and-white tiling to add flair; Photographs by Justin Sebastian


The breakfast nook that comes between the dining room and kitchen creates a buffer that privatises the kitchen; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

The only bedroom on the ground floor is the resident’s mother’s bedroom, wrapped in her favourite shade of green. A pooja space and TV meet her needs to relax and pray. Leading from the first floor’s small landing are three bedrooms and one sizeable balcony. 

The primary bedroom has a serene but fun feel. Lemon yellow embroidered curtains with a botanical mural on the wall showcase the playful personalities of the users. A rubberwood sliding door leading to the walk-in wardrobe and the lush appeal of the custom-made bed stir opulence in the room.

The mother’s bedroom is enveloped by a soft shade of green and is simple and systematic as per the user’s liking; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

The kids’ bedroom is an even more joyous space. With polka dot curtains and light-stained wood dominating the room, it’s hard not to awe at the subtly mischievous theme. 

The guest bedroom attracts with its maturity brought about by a printed, neutral shade wallpaper and wooden blinds. A cane pendant light and green drapes contribute to its snuggly vibes. The second floor of the home hosts an entertainment room with a lounge area on one side and a bar on the other. 

Bodhi Design Studio
A pendant light is suspended from the ceiling in the primary bedroom that builds upon the ongoing wilderness theme; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

The bar area is an instant crowd-puller with a bar cabinet done in bone inlay finish and a pull out countertop. The patterns of this piece, the colours of the surrounding seating and the geometric carpet add a distinct character.

What is most notable about the home is not just the emphasis on ‘green’ in the colour scheme but also its approach. Solar power meets all the energy requirements of the house, and a food crusher is employed for better waste management. The crushed waste is converted to manure and used in the back garden.

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