Pattern paradox: Aakriti Saraf Design charts an intriguing story in a tri-generational Bengaluru home

MAR 18, 2024 | By Krupakshi Mehta
The living room with its textured walls houses Wriver Diviso Lounge chairs, a rug from Carpet Kingdom and antiques sourced from Aara Design; Photography by Jubin Johnson
An all-white living room where the decor is from Escape by Creatomy, planters from Palassa and curtains from Drapes Avenue; Photography by Jubin Johnson

Tucked away from the clutter of the outside world, this home is a rejuvenation retreat for its dwellers. Once a blank canvas on the twenty-third floor of a skyscraper in Bengaluru, the 3,000 sq ft abode crafted by Aakriti Saraf Design takes one through the life stories of a multi-generational family — awash in white and neutrals and pops of patterns. 

A pattern perfect living room…

Walking out of the private lift block, the home begins its journey through a spacious living area. The parallel lines running across the space here play a hypnotising effect. The more you gaze, the more you uncover — the pentagons on the mattress, the flower motifs on the brass artefact and the textured shell of the dry apricots. A collection of antiques from the family’s ancestral residence finds a place too, complemented by contemporary touches of dual-toned curtains and brass-finished furniture details.

A corner in the living room featuring a chair from Escape by Creatomy, a rug from Carpet Kingdom and antiques sourced from Aara Design; Photography by Jubin Johnson

Every splash is an art here…

As sunlight streams in through the dining room windows, casting a warm glow upon the marble-topped table, it seems more akin to an artist’s canvas than a piece of furniture. Positioned with purpose against one wall, the table reveals its dual purpose as a focal point and a cleverly concealed storage solution.

The blue colour dominates the design language in the dining space offering a refreshing perspective on the design pattern followed in this abode; Photography by Jubin Johnson

“Most challenging was providing enough storage to maximise space. We have concealed a lot of storage with grooves as handles match the designs on the walls.” says Aakriti Saraf of her namesake practice Aakriti Saraf Design. Delicate metal accents trace intricate patterns along its surface, reflecting light and casting shadows. The chairs introduce a touch of blue, adding visual intrigue to the predominantly neutral theme.

The dining room in this abode has concealed hidden storage units and furniture made in-house. The fabric on the dining chairs is by Sabyasachi and the artefacts are from Aara Designs; Photography by Jubin Johnson

But the design mastery doesn’t end here. It spills and crawls out of the dining area to the remotest corners of the home. Throughout the house, concealed door frames transition from one space to the next, ensuring a sense of continuity and flow. Each wooden door, coated in a uniform washable paint, contributed to the overall design of the home, where every detail is thoughtfully considered.

Mastering prints…

As the morning sun gently filters in through the sheer curtains, the master bedroom comes alive with a soft, golden glow. At one end of the room, a spacious walk-in closet stands ready to house the occupants’ belongings, neatly organised behind sleek doors. Meanwhile, carefully chosen carpets and throws add splashes of colour to the otherwise understated decor. Italian marble in the bathroom is accentuated by detailed grooves, while a back-lit mirror enhances the sense of space.

The sunlight streaming in through the window brightens up the primary bedroom featuring a table from West Elm, a planter from Palassa and a lamp from Beraru. The bedsheets are by AA Living and curtains by Drapes Avenue; Photography by Jubin Johnson


The walk-in-closet in the primary bedroom has a table from Sunday and a planter from Palassa, Bengaluru; Photography by Jubin Johnson

In the guest bedroom, textured walls set the backdrop for botanical-themed hand-drawn line art, catering to the resident’s affinity for nature-inspired elements. Floral motif fabric adorns the rounded seating, with a layered fabric headboard prioritising comfort.

A coffee table by Sunday sits next to an armchair with the backdrop of a hand painted and textured wall by anist in the parents bedroom; Photography by Jubin Johnson

The daughter’s bedroom exudes simplicity through a palette of light shades and varied textures. And just like other rooms in the abode, the bedroom offers a breath of fresh air.

The daughter’s bedroom has a chair from Sunday and a side table from West Elm. The bedsheets are from Ajay Anand and Zara Home. Flooring is by Squarefoot; Photography by Jubin Johnson

Against one wall, sits a bed adorned with leather accents on the headboard, perfect for snuggling in and drifting off to sleep. But it is the geometric panelling behind the bed that truly steals the show, bringing whimsy to the room. The wallpaper on the wardrobes brings out the playfulness. 

The furniture in the parents bedroom is made in-house. The bed covers and pillows are by AA Living and Anthropology; Photography by Jubin Johnson

Aakriti Saraf utilises eco-friendly paints, energy-efficient appliances and solar panels as their step towards a greener future. This home with textures, patterns and colours particular to these four walls and a roof is where memories are made, dreams take flight and love knows no bounds. As each day dawns and dusk descends it keeps reminding the residents that home is where the heart truly is.

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