Beetle Design Studio ‘turns the corners’ in this Mumbai home with idiosyncratic shapes and peppy colours

MAY 30, 2023 | By Dyumni Pandit
Beetle Design Studio customised all the bespoke furniture in the living room. An organic-shaped rug graces the floor as the table lamp by Harshita Jhamtani lights the room. The suspended lights are from Kumar Lamps while the artefacts in the room are by Ellementry. The cosy throws on the couch are by H&M Home; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

The homeowners presented Rukhsar Shaikh and Saiqa Shaikh, Founders and Principal Designers, Beetle Design Studio, with a blank canvas. Excited, the duo saw this as an opportunity to explore their creative freedom and transform this bare den on the 58th floor of The World Towers, South Mumbai, into a successful design experiment. 

Every element has a role to play in the home. Shades of white blend into the background like introverts in the 1,800 sq ft home. Idiosyncratic shapes morph into bespoke furniture. And distinct textures and peppy colours sync as if in a slow dance. Hues of gold make an unexpected appearance to sprinkle understated elegance. As the setting sun peeks through the contouring tall glass windows, the home collapses into a comfortable silence, expressing its muted eccentricity. 

The living and dining room seamlessly blend into each other, each housing unique elements to make their mark. Beetle Design Studio lends its design prowess to craft the bespoke furniture in the living and dining room. While Harshita Jhamtani and Kumar Lamps light the living room, white lights hover above the dining table as if floating lamps. The top and legs of the eccentrically-shaped dining table have been imported. Artefacts by Ellementry decorate the living room as throws by H&M home take lounge on the cosy couches; Photography by Talib Chitalwala


A vibrant red couch from the living room peeps from behind the wall in this view of the dining room corner. Beetle Design Studio’s Mumbai factory manufactured most of the personalised furniture in the dining space. The tops and legs of the dining table have been imported; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

A design experiment 

“The owners wanted to merge functionality with creativity, seeking to infuse their home with understated elegance. The space was a bare shell, and so, we created all of the necessary walls, fixtures, and fittings from scratch. This presented a unique set of challenges but also opportunities that allowed us to experiment with a variety of floor plans,” say Rukhsar and Saiqa. 

Without any preceding establishments, the duo freely crafted the bespoke interiors and furniture to build a unique curation of architectural and grand design expressions. Raw, unfiltered shapes inspired by nature combine with a mid-century urban design to make this home’s core. 

The living room’s furniture is made by Beetle Design Studio in Mumbai. An organic rug sits in the centre and has been personalised for the room by the studio. Table lamps by Harshita Jhamtani designs sit on the side. The suspended, unique lights are by Kumar Lamps while the artefacts are from Ellementry. The knits on the couch are by H&M Home; Photography by Talib Chitalwala


A bespoke red couch sits against a colourful abstract painting. A wooden table shaped like an hourglass sits next to it with flowers. The studio has created a suspended bar unit as a sculptural accessory in the room that stands in the backdrop; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

A confluence of colours and textures

Extensive glass windows run along the living room and dining room, as if enclosing them in a shell. The cream curtains open to peek at the blue Arabian. 

A classy red couch, pastel blue sofa, and a custom ochre seating space unite in a conflux of colours. A distinct centre table made out of a metal cast to mirror natural stone formations sits in the centre of the room. The distinct shapes of the sofa, table, and lights add whimsy to the aesthetic, urban home. 

The bespoke dining table and chairs are created by Beetle Design Studio. An imported exterior grade white cement-like texture is used for the furniture. It is coated with a waterproof layer. The dining light has also been personalised to fit the room’s decor by the studio to resemble the similar white concrete texture in a complex form; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

The dining room is in a quaint corner dominated by hues of aesthetic white. Immaculate white cement-like texture with waterproof coating forms the uniquely-shaped dining table and chairs, designed specially for the home. A cluster of beautiful lights suspend over the dining table as if they were floating lanterns in the sky. 

The dining area flows through sliding glass fluted folded partition doors into the kitchen and utility area. Folding glass doors not only allow a flexible, breathable structure but also add a sense of seamless connectivity between rooms. A suspended bar unit stands in a corner, dramatising the room with its sculptural decor.

A long passageway branches into the daughter’s bedroom, children’s bedroom, parents’ bedroom, and finally, the affluent master bedroom. 

The master bedroom has a cohesive colour scheme paired with a mix of textures and fabrics. The TV wall has fluted panels to conceal a storage space. The headboard is embellished with a stainless steel band; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Distinct identities 

Artistic wallpapers make the essence of the children’s bedrooms. While one uses linen and rattan materials to pair with wooden furniture against a hand-illustrated backdrop of the ruins of a European city, the other uses distinct capsule shapes as building blocks. 

The daughter’s bedroom has a wooden bed that is lined with linen and rattan materials. The wall is decorated with a subtle wallpaper that shows ruins in a European city to give it an illusion of a hand-drawn painting. A Kappa lamp from Orange Tree stands by the bed; Photography by Talib Chitalwala


The children’s bedroom has a subtle, neutral colour palette, showing hints of creativity. The headboard is made of a mix of capsule shapes. The wardrobes have customised handles and fluted-effect shutters; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

The sky’s blues seep into the parent’s room as it gazes at the Mumbai skyline. This room is almost like an art studio with its moveable easel stand that curiously resembles a canvas stand and glimmers of rose gold rivets that peel through the blue. 

Distinct textures and fabrics mingle against fluted panels in the master bedroom. Subtle ochre and matte gold hues encompass the room’s design, disguising it into something that almost exudes royalty. 

The daughter’s bathroom also acts as a guest bathroom. The customised vanity mirror has a matte PU finish that has a backlit mirror and cove lighting in the ceiling. The walls accommodate tiles with a tropical theme. All the sanitary fittings are by Kohler; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

A collage of shapes

“A unique curvilinear shape presented us with a great opportunity to create something out of the ordinary, but also came with the challenge of optimising every curved corner,” say Rukhsar and Saiqa. The duo plays with artistic, bespoke furniture for the home to complement the building’s curvilinear architecture. Organic, geometric shapes fit into the home, complementing and contrasting each other as if in a collage. 

The parents’ bedroom has a tall, winged headboard. Rose gold rivets peek through it as the leatherette tables sit by the bed, showing off smaller, rose gold metal rivets. The wall has an Artimist lamp with a backlit white stone for a pleasant effect. The studio designed an Easel TV stand on wheel with stainless steel matte rose gold finish. It enables movement for the TV to other areas as well. The architects personalise the space with a customised rug; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

As vibrant colours sneak into the home’s sober colour palette to bring some playfulness, rich rose gold peeks through elegant furnishings and decor accessories. Natural fibres like linen and organic cotton intersperse within metal and stainless steel. Beetle Design Studio builds on local influences, working closely with traditional artisans of the region to effectively create elements with authentic designs. 

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