Dive into cool shades of coffee in this sublime villa in Coimbatore designed by &t Studio

MAY 18, 2023 | By Alexa De Souza
Elis sofa by Bent Chair creates an inviting space to unwind while enjoying artisanal brews; Photography by Ekansh Goel
Hemp bench from Ek Design, Stanley chair and Noah bedside table from Bent Chair; Photography by Ekansh Goel

Designed with a touch of opulence, this home nestled on the fringes of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu deemed a ‘Classic Case of Coffee’, combines traditional elements with beautiful contemporary style, creating an inviting space that captivates the senses.

The symmetrical living room ensemble comprises the Wegner armchair, stripe side table, and Jojo coffee table which are from Ek Design. Brooklyn 3 seater sofa is from Bent Chair; Photography by Ekansh Goel


Rocky star’s ocean dining table by Bent Chair; urbane chair by Ek Design, vase and pompas from ChampsFleur; Photography by Ekansh Goel

A theme of sophistication

The design process began with the family’s preference for a neutral theme and noble materials such as marble and wood. &t Studio successfully created an aura of opulence by skillfully integrating various finishes and textures within the restrained colour palette. The result is a harmonious blend of elegance and subtlety.

This sprawling 4,200 sq ft villa is situated in a gated neighbourhood, boasting breathtaking views of the Nilgiris mountains. It was meticulously crafted by combining two 3-bedroom villas into one spacious 5-bedroom residence. With a bar lounge, terrace garden (1,060 sq ft) plus 4 car parks. Structural modifications included raising lintel heights, introducing French windows, adding a skylight to the stairwell, and removing walls to enhance the sense of grandeur, light, and ventilation.

The overall theme of the space is a contemporary take on classic elegance, striking a harmonious balance between the two. Contemporary furniture and décor lights adorn the symmetrical layout, while a meticulous mix of glossy and rough textures maintains the 70-30 ratio of light and dark tones throughout.

The space employs the use of black and white tiles in combination with wooden flooring to demarcate between the bar and seating area. The back-lit glass shelves in the black semi-circle case are the main protagonist. Elis sofa by Bent Chair creates an inviting space to unwind while enjoying artisanal brews; Photography by Ekansh Goel


The powder room of the bar lounge maintains the dark theme highlighted by metallic bronze details; Photograph by Ekansh Goel

A sip of inspiration 

As you enter this stunning villa through the doors, you’ll be greeted by a sense of elegance and luxury. The teak-lined doors, adorned with beechwood beading, create a captivating first impression. The foyer seamlessly connects to the living room through thin, tiled columns with fluted glass, allowing glimpses into the expansive space beyond.

Moving further into the home, you’ll be drawn to the flood of natural light pouring in from the skylight above the stairwell. The stairwell serves as the light core of the house, illuminating the surrounding areas and casting a soft glow on the milky white staircase during the night. At the first-floor landing, a cosy reading nook invites you to relax and unwind before continuing your journey.

Grandmother’s bedroom has an oak finish veneer panelled wall with mauve and grey headboard; Photography by Ekansh Goel

A corridor with bedrooms on either side leads you to a highlight of the home: the bar. The bar exudes a sense of chiaroscuro, with patterned black and white tiles distinguishing the seating area from the rest. Back-lit glass shelves in a black semi-circle case steal the spotlight, adding a touch of sophistication.

Throughout the house, the zoning of spaces is expertly achieved through carefully orchestrated flooring. Rose gold strips inlaid in the tiles demarcate the corridor from the foyer to the living and dining spaces. The same rose gold accents can be found on the feature wall embedded within the limestone veneer. Sliding the fluted glass door at the end of the room reveals the pooja niche, seamlessly integrating the prayer space with the living room.

The bedrooms in this villa are a showcase of patterns and textures, utilising a muted colour palette to offset the neutral tones that permeate the house. Veneer, charcoal panels, fabric, and stone veneer come together harmoniously, creating a serene and relaxing ambience.

The pink stone veneer with rose gold highlight with cool grey headboard in the background captures the essence of the home. Hemp bench from Ek Design blends well with the neutral tones of the bedroom; Photography by Ekansh Goel


Functional and minimalistic Noah bedside table is from Bent chair; Photography by Ekansh Goel

The bathrooms and walk-in areas embrace a luxurious layout reminiscent of high-end hotels. Sleek glass partitions separate the spaces, adding an element of sophistication and spaciousness.

This home embodies a contemporary theme with a classic twist, balancing modern furniture and decor with symmetrical planning. The design philosophy behind this space is one of minimalism, elegance, and simplicity. The absence of excessive ornamentation allows the diverse range of materials, from mirrors to limestone veneer, to take centre stage. 

The colour and material palette is characterised by muted beige tones, complemented by subtle warm hues of pink, maroon, and mauve. As one explores deeper into the house, the colours gradually darken, culminating in the black-dominated bar lounge. This intentional play with shades creates distinct moods and ambience, adapting to the day-night occupation of each space.

Ideas to bookmark 

A noteworthy architectural trend in this home is the skilful use of beige-neutral interiors. While not uncommon, this design breaks away from the ordinary by incorporating a diverse range of materials and finishes. From glossy to rough stone surfaces, each element adds visual and tactile interest, reflecting a commitment to minimalism and simplicity.

Hemp bench from Ek Design adds a pop of colour and chicness to the foyer along with the bronze tinted accents; Photography by Ekansh Goel

What the designer fell in love with…

The designer’s favourite part of this project was the bar lounge. The clever use of black and white tiles alongside wooden flooring, backlit glass shelves, and a semi-circular design exudes a sense of chiaroscuro elegance. The challenge lay in achieving a sense of luxury through minimalism, striking the right balance between opulence and simplicity.