Everything about ATRA Form Studio is state-of-the-art modern with a traditional heart

JUN 22, 2022 | By Sneha Gandhi
The living room is characterised by Beluga Curvo sofa, Teardrop coffee table, Vincent black wooden chair and floor lamp built in-house by ATRA Form. The art piece is by Andreas and Alexander Diaz Andesson. The bowl is by Atelier Courbet and curtains from Spiffy Spools; Photographs by Joe Kramm
The dining area houses Femur dining chairs, Montauk dining table and Teardrop sconce lights custom made in-house by ATRA Form. Pendant light from MORGHEN Studio, art light from Juniper, artwork by Gerardo Ruiz Musi and vase by Atelier Courbet adorn the space; Photographs by Joe Kramm

‘Funny how sometimes you just find things’ would best describe Alexander Diaz Andersson’s conception of the Tribeca Loft in New York. Founder and Creative Director of ATRA Form Studio, Alexander loves to craft unique furniture solutions specifically catered to context in his workshop.

When Alexander sought to expand his curated collection, a chance encounter with a dynamic duo at Design Miami paved the way. Enamoured by his presentation at the event, the young couple approached him to design a simple yet impactful furniture piece.

One thing led to another and before they realised it, the scope of the work expanded to the entirety of their 4,000 sq ft Manhattan home.

“We are a furniture-centric design firm. Our pieces are often limited editions or unique as they pair well with our clients’ art collections. Everything I made for the Tribeca Loft were shapes and designs I really wanted to experiment with for my own ATRA collection. It was a perfect fit and understanding,” reveals Alexander.

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Built in-house Teardrop coffee table with an Atelier Courbet bowl is centrally placed in the living room surrounded by the Beluga Curvo sofa and Teardrop sconce lights from ATRA Form; Photographs by Joe Kramm

A fine marriage of function and craft, every element plays a defined part in the larger canvas of the home. Their placement is deliberate, framing compositions. 

Posing as sculptures, the wooden furniture pieces augment the earthy colour palette, while brass, marble, walnut, alpaca and mohair upholstery govern the visual language.

Curved accents and design in the furniture mould a subtle theme throughout the home; Photographs by Joe Kramm

Although individually dramatic in its appearance, the furniture exhibits a unified rhythm overall—an intriguing paradox. Amidst its modern flair, traditional craftsmanship forms the heart of the home, speaking volumes about the family’s minimal yet graceful tastes. 

Spiffy Spools curtains and Atelier Courbet vase supplement the Iki chair, Cinta table, Tribeca sideboard and Teardrop sconce from ATRA Form; Photographs by Joe Kramm

To begin with, the designer intervened with several millwork and architectural additions to the recently renovated home establishing a fluid base. The bedrooms are a cocoon of muted neutral colours while the dynamic geometric-patterned bathrooms lure one in. 

Pendant light from MORGHEN Studio and vase by Atelier Courbet complement the Femur dining chairs, Montauk dining table, Redo bar stools and Teardrop sconce lights custom made in-house by ATRA Form. Art light from Juniper illuminates the artwork by Gerardo Ruiz Musi; Photographs by Joe Kramm

Its free-flowing layout encompasses a living room, a dining area attached to a large kitchen and balcony, a family room, a powder room along with the parents’ en-suite bedroom and two children’s bedrooms.

Fluent in curves and grit, the decor is honest and playfully elegant. Sofas, tables, wall lamps and planters arch and curl as they casually challenge the straight-edged furniture. Black accents bind the curated art and artefact assemblage whereas sleek brass fittings radiate warmth.

Redo bar stools and chairs and Tribeca table are tailored in-house to round off the kitchen seating area. The vase behind is from Atelier Courbet; Photographs by Joe Kramm
The home flaunts clean-edged furniture with a raw and rustic feel accentuated by green plants and strategic lighting; Photographs by Joe Kramm

Like the furniture, the fabrics and upholstery is also custom made by the architect’s friend Sandra Jordan. 

Her textile brand, Sandra Jordan Fabric employs a sustainable and low impact approach to fabric making techniques. The process also generates job opportunities for the herdsmen and textile workers living in remote areas of Peru.

The children’s bedroom is decorated with wallpaper from Flat Vernacular accentuated by a montessori bed from Pottery Barn, CB2 armchair, Spiffy Spools curtains and West Elm rug; Photographs by Joe Kramm
Exhibiting a stark contrast from the muted light coloured interiors, the bathroom dons a dynamic wallpaper from Kelly Wearstler; Photographs by Joe Kramm

Channelling an old world charm, Tribeca Loft by ATRA Form Studio is a welcoming and intimate nest with purposeful, minimal interventions. 

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