Artisanal food meets artisanal interiors at White Garden in Bengaluru designed by Tesor Designs

MAY 25, 2023 | By Alexa De Souza
Fluted panels in PU finish and wood textures bring together the cash counter, with a dull gold metal signage welcoming guests. A custom made cane and veneer light fixture hangs above the cash counter to complete a sedate corner that is largely functional in purpose. Custom made metal pendants from Lumi and Archi Concrete texture from Asian Paints; Photographed by Nayan Soni
The semi-circular booth seating on the ground floor is swathed in a rich blue fabric, ushering in a pop of colour against the austere white walls. Large windows, hints of terracotta bricks and custom-made paper lights. Handcrafted tables made of light-bleached wood with a fluted circular base and colonial-inspired chairs; Photographed by Nayan Soni
The other side of the red arch has the landing space with a sash of brick texture laid across the wall, almost as an aide-memoire, while a hand-painted mural paints a verdant landscape, creating a riveting visual element anchored by the brick; Photographed by Nayan Soni

Setting a new standard for vegetarian dining experiences, on the bustling streets of Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, White Garden stands as a serene escape from the chaos of everyday life. This artisanal vegetarian restaurant welcomes guests with its all-white facade and playful blend of textures.

Imagined by Supriya Suriyanarayanan, Co-Founder of Tesor Designs and designer Josefa Jacob, along with the team of Rajesh Kudlu, Vinya Shetty, and Raghavendra KJ, White Garden emerges as a medley of architectural elements, natural materials and earthy tones.

Whether in visuals or in concept, this inventive eatery stands as a culinary haven to unwind and enjoy a meal in the company of palatable vegetarian fare and pacifying surroundings.

The restaurant is visually separated by veneered archways, and in the cohesive way the furniture, wall design and colours are perpetuated across the space. Custom metal pendants from Lumi and Archi Concrete texture from Asian Paints; Photographed by Nayan Soni


Heavy teak doors open the space, live plants mingle with jaali pattern and geometric fabric to separate this zone from the rest of the ground floor. Brick highlights in white and natural colours bring the design together. Another pop of green is added with banana fibre acoustic fabric pendant light from Lumi; Photographed by Nayan Soni

Stop by for tranquility 

The birth of White Garden is no less than a design-led transformational journey — an old bungalow converted into a modern oasis for leisure. The objective was clear from the beginning, to cultivate an ambience that exudes subtlety, calmness, and richness while paying homage to the European architectural influences present in the building. The ultimate goal was to establish a distinctive design template for vegetarian dining, catering to those seeking sophisticated, culinary excellence.

Brick stencils bring the intended tone, texture and materiality without overwhelming the space. Ceiling is painted with dark grey shade to conceal exposed pipes; Photographed by Nayan Soni

The restaurant’s interior canvas eschews grandiosity and embraces understated elements and a muted palette. This approach provides the ideal backdrop for guests to unwind and savour the curated selection of artisanal vegetarian delights. 

The existing Mangalore tiled ceiling and arches on the balcony are retained. The periphery is dotted with young plants. Custom fabric lights from Lumi; Photographed by Nayan Soni

Harmony with nature

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, the visual story remains cohesive throughout the restaurant, while each room possesses a distinct character, offering multiple captivating corners for exploration.

A life sized tree branch encompasses the entire wall around the window, in a natural, undulating, irregular pattern to bridge the indoor outdoor. The “branch” was crafted from veneer-clad ply & enhanced with lights that come alive at night; Photographed by Nayan Soni


A bright door holds the promise of a gateway to another dimension. Classic black & white tiles are added to the balcony to blend with the pre-existing Mangaluru tiles, and the arched doorway is accompanied by antique wall lights on either side; Photographed by Nayan Soni

The open floor plan of White Garden enhances the perception of space and unity. Veneered arches visually separate different areas, while furniture, wall designs, and colours contribute to defining each space. The first floor brings out a sense of playfulness, with the terrazzo table tops, candied pink chairs, and a striking tree-branch light installation that adds a fanciful touch. The alfresco dining area, marked by a vibrant red door, acts as a portal to an alternate dimension.

“Vintage-inspired black and white tiles, ikat cushions, pendant lights, and lush greenery, all serve to celebrate the main character of this space that is abundant natural light,” shares Supriya.

For an entryway with a multitude of elements – from brick arches, european columns, veneer rafters, vintage mosaic flooring and concrete light cubes – the outdoor area is an amalgamation of all things White Garden. A distinct, understated, welcoming palette of contrasting elements that find harmony in their subtlety; Photographed by Nayan Soni


The hand-painted mural, a beautiful ode to the “garden” in “White Garden”, with carefully put together elements that delight & surprise; Photographed by Nayan Soni

White Garden is a remarkable artisanal vegetarian restaurant in Bengaluru. Through its alluring decor, the restaurant creates a getaway indoors, where guests can escape the flurry of city life. The harmonious blend of natural elements, subtle textures, and sober colours foster an atmosphere of relaxation and togetherness.

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