Artful montages adorn this biophilic Bengaluru home crafted by Multitude of Sins

JUL 30, 2021 | By Sharayu Shinde
Tactful utilitarian details peppered on a dynamic, opulent design earmark the open plan living room and kitchen. An articulate blend of different aesthetics demarcates zones while the seamless grey walls and ceilings bind them together; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
Tailor made sofa by East Lifestyle is a playground of zestful mustard and intricate florals and foliage, and is complimented by the neutral white and taupe rug by The Rug Republic; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
The heart of all family activities, the kitchen and the living room effortlessly blend into each other. Suede, velvets, wood and concrete enrich the diverse material palette; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
Adding a warm wooden touch to the modern designs, the unique Josmo Studio Pai coffee table and Magari half-moon accent table are both artful and utilitarian; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
A colossal Vietnamese inspired wall mural defines the kitchen and dining area. Customised mural by Be Vintage printed over white-washed wood panels lead into the Bondi blue bar cabinets; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
An interesting mix of varied materials and textures including micro-concrete, warm veneers and African oak wood sprinkle opulence on the dynamic zones; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
Spiritual and vital, the colour lavender is the leitmotif of the main bedroom. The platform bed by East Lifestyle, rests underneath an artwork by Sachin Samson and is framed by brass pendant lights and brass inlay on either ends; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
Black and white tiles paired with pastel pink walls lend stunning visual identity to the daughter’s room; Photographs by Shamanth Patil

Biophilic and bold, this Bengaluru home by Multitude of Sins (MOS) is a 5,000 sq ft lush haven. Seamless, capacious spaces lead the design in this expansive abode. It embodies the family’s minimalist lifestyle but doesn’t shy away from zestful statement makers. 

Principal designer Smita Thomas took up the challenge to strike a balance between the couple’s dissimilar sensibilities. The corporate professional turned yoga instructor wife’s spiritual, natural lifestyle led to the incorporation of stated opulence and modern elements in her space. The rustic and rooted biophilic plan is symbolic of the entrepreneurial husband’s enthusiasm for all things viridescent. 

Thriving in a splendid and vibrant escapism, the house christened Lush, renders a new meaning to the traditional indoor-outdoor plans. Thomas highlights that the abundant flora dominated the design decisions, “While the concept of ‘greenery in homes’ has been around for the longest time, at Lush we had to devise a plan of action that revelled in the ‘Jungalow’ bliss while staying real! Plants do not assume an ornamental or aesthetic landscaping role here. They are living, breathing and tangible parts of the design scheme.”

Sachin Samson freezes a fleeting moment on the lime plastered walls. The mural uses charcoal, doses of maroon, deep green, and gold leafing to create a mesmerising statement wall; Photographs by Shamanth Patil

Shedding its traditional pragmatic  purpose, the whimsical blue foyer hosts art that peaks into the aesthetic of the home. A dry landscape patch creates a rugged microcosm under the wood and micro-concrete bench. The brass and glass industrial door leads into the main foyer of the house.

Cane and fabric pendant lights from Mother Gone Mad light up the vestibule leading up to the expansive living room. A subtle brass inlay by Be Vintage features all over the housing, unifying the designs; Photographs by Shamanth Patil

Green vines spill abundantly along the passage nooks. The grey distressed mirror visually amplifies the space, reflecting warm sunlight into the hallway. The stunning Varsha speckled terrazzo bench by Kunal Merchant, one of its kind and named after the client, is a practical addition to the space.

Quirky and hip, the white monkey focal light lights up the mood of the remarkable circular columns. An automated system with minimal maintenance waters these indoor flora, potted in FRP planters held in place by micro concrete peripheral casings; Photographs by Shamanth Patil

Micro-concrete grey floors blend into the lime plaster walls and ceilings creating a seamless canvas. Two distinct design styles demarcate the formal and informal living areas. While the former is a confluence of vivid colours and organic forms, the informal space is defined by a rich mix of textures and materials.

Organic shapes and forms, paired with natural textures enhance the jungle experience in the house; Photographs by Shamanth Patil

A far cry from the traditional boxy form, the television console has been reimagined as an organic entity that hosts multiple succulents. Two colossal circular columns flank the width of the living room. The remarkable structural elements have been converted into green pillars, potted with money plant vine that would eventually cloak them.

Contrasting details in line with the family’s varied interests, like the the confluence of cool and warm tones make the spacious lounge a sensorial experience; Photographs by Shamanth Patil

With a spectrum of  design elements, the open plan spaces are peppered with playful colours and quirky details. Principal designer Thomas affirms that the choices are intentional, adding “Humour even in design is a desirable element; the white monkey focal light looms over the formal seating space having its own Cirque du Soleil moment against the cascading Pothos vines. The living area anchors soft yet punchy colours, a deliberate contrast of woods and bric-a-brac that narrates a unique visual story.”

The silver-grey veneer for the upper cabinetry and the light-terracotta veneer for the bottom tier, make an unconventional pair; Photographs by Shamanth Patil

A larger-than-life Vietnamese-themed printed mural graces the kitchen wall. The solid African walnut top dinner table, with cast iron legs is juxtaposed with candy-pastel suede chairs. The stark absence of hardware lends the kitchen delicate splendour and highlights the crisp linearity. 

Centered around the study of spirituality, inclusions like the customised grooved marble wall sconces by Celes’tile enhance the theme of the main bedroom; Photographs by Shamanth Patil

The family’s spiritual beliefs and practices inspired the designers to use the colour lavender —associated with healing and vitality, as the primary colour in the main suite.  White washed wooden beams line the ceilings. A monolithic micro concrete bench transforms into a study on one end and opens into the balcony on the other. White French doors lead into the walk-in closet drenched in French-Victorian influences. 

Christened the ‘Black-Pink Room’, the daughters bedroom is swathed in blush pink, contrasted by eye catching black details; Photographs by Shamanth Patil

Honouring the daughters wishes, pink and black rule the colour palette.  Brass beadings along the edges bring opulence to the stacked, cantilevered micro-concrete ledges that double up as a comfortable study nook. A pink paintable wallpaper adorns the walls and the fluted textures add sensorial finesse. “Don’t miss the unassuming crow prop that perches languidly by the bedside!” adds Thomas.

Plush blue-toned velvets, brass detailing, and globe sconces frame the art deco inspired bed in the guest bedroom; Photographs by Shamanth Patil

Cool tones of blue and green characterise the guest bedroom. A wilderness inspired wallpaper in tints of green is juxtaposed opposite the houndstooth pattern wallpaper. Steel piped framework around the nook gently seeps an industrial theme into the room while a full length brass mirror opens up the space. 

Bespoke and artisanal, the rustic desk by East Lifestyle with a distressed leather top is the defining feature of the study; Photographs by Shamanth Patil

The grunge, industrial influence continues into the home office. A tastefully curated material palette with metallic nuances, solid black, wood, and distressed leather sprinkle flair onto the classic designs. While the space is primarily utility driven, the refined materials and artful additions ensure comfortable and luxurious inhabitation.  

Traditional tessellated Turkish blue tiles, a dainty chinoiserie-inspired wallpaper, and an aqua under-counter storage flank the powder room bathroom; Photographs by Shamanth Patil

Summarising the project Thomas shares, “This home harbours pandemonium you want to be a part of because in the jungle change is the only constant.” Lush breaks moulds of designing the perfect family dwelling with gay abandon, yet it manages to keep the client’s lifestyle highest on the totem pole. The word lush is interpreted in a new light as it enters the arena of hue and texture while maintaining a sense of utmost rootedness. 

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The earthy backlit disks pop up against the antique blue textured customised wall mural, reminiscent of wild mushrooms sprouting in a forest. Wooden accents add rustic, natural touches to the blue wonderland; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
Minimal use of hardware creates sleek, linear counter tops; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
Breaking away from the minimalist walls of the rooms, a dusty pink botanical themed wallpaper with elaborate illustrations lines the dresser wall. A massive vanity closet allows the lady of the house to store and view her extensive collection of handbags; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
One end is wrapped in a classic wainscoting posing as a backdrop for the traditional wrought iron bed, while the opposite end is a minimalist study and seating nook; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
Brass inlay by Be Vintage runs along the concrete study. The French influence continues into this space which doubles as a guest room; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
Warm grey tiles stacked over a grid of pink square tiles bring the theme to the bathroom. The elliptic black mirror and brass beadings add hints of glamour to the space; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
A bevel-edged marble top desk, paired with a suave chair make the work from home corner, comfortable and chic; Photographs by Shamanth Patil
A matrix of green square tiles dominated the bathroom. Green foliage spills along the corners. Drawing warmth and light, the arch-shaped mirror is highlighted against the tiled walls; Photographs by Shamanth Patil

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