a+t associates weave a timeless Vadodara home submerged in earthy tones

SEP 22, 2023 | By Pratishtha Rana and Esha Shah

To be acquainted with a residence named ‘16 Screens House’ is an exciting play of imagination as well as all that the space encompasses within. In a gated society in Vadodara, Gujarat, stands tall, a 5,750 sq ft edifice embellished with sixteen screens that form a linear box-like frame juxtaposed with the rest of the earthy-hued facade. Beyond the screens, exists a world of sprawling volumes, beguiling scales and profuse sparkles of sun!

Architected and arranged as a timeless, conventional space by interior designers Archis Patel and Tanvi Rajpurohit of a+t associates, the home cradles lifestyles of a family of five, scaling to two floors.

Formal Living space that spectates the expansive volume, greens and artworks inside the home; Photographs by Tejas Shah Photography

“Our client is a doctor couple who are fond of nature and greens. Keeping that in mind, we designed the house in a way that most spaces are connected with the landscape around,” divulge Archis and Tanvi.

Formal Living with customised wall art ; Photography by Tejas Shah Photography


Photographs by Tejas Shah Photography

They go on to add, “Being true to materiality was the concept to articulate every space. To achieve a modern, raw look, we painted the wall surfaces with grey lime paints. In some areas, we also used locally crafted cane to achieve the rawness.”

A visual journey through nature

At the forefront of the abode, sixteen encircling windows beckon sunlight, while the entrance porch, adorned with a pivoting main door, invites you into the space. “Through the door, we first see foyer with Pooja area. The Pooja room is created by box cubic. We have installed a metal artwork on the outer surface of the box which serves as decor to the entry,” reveal the duo.

Family seating enveloped with a sleek staircase; Photography by Tejas Shah Photography

As you continue strolling, you’ll encounter a designated area for family seating. This space is demarcated by a metallic partition adorned with graphic artwork, serving to separate the foyer from the family seating section.

Dining room; Photography by Tejas Shah Photography


Photography by Tejas Shah Photography

“We have designed the living space with free forms. The monotonous space stands out bold and at the same time gives utmost comfort. Greys and browns give the space a rustic look. Fluid forms were the tools to emphasise the language of the area in the form of sofa seating, walnut wood centre table pieces and customised wall art which also capture the spirit of the space. The whole décor represents the wabi-sabi aesthetics,” sum up the duo.The combined space features a dining area that accommodates ten people, alongside a staircase incorporating three floor cut-outs that interconnect all levels of the building. Two single-flight staircases are accompanied by triple-height walls, against which a pair of wall murals are arranged on each level, symbolising the relationship between individuals and the spaces they inhabit.








Elder son’s room; Photography by Tejas Shah Photography

Directly above the family living area, a passage space is accessible from three sides, doubling up as quick stop-over-like gallery, perfect to appreciate the massive mural. The ground floor has two bedrooms — a master bedroom and a guest room. The first floor hosts three bedrooms, a home theatre and a semi open terrace with a bar. Both the sons’ bedrooms have a subtle play of colours and illustrations. 

“We enjoyed designing family seating and dinning space which is largely connected to outside landscape area and has artistically designed metal fabricated staircase along with 3 story wall. We got to play with composition as wall serves huge plain backdrop like blank canvas. At the same time, it was challenging to detail out staircase as an element which has delicacy along with strength. So much had happened in the process but with the final result, we got so much of learning,” they sum up 

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