A weekend home by Aamir and Hameeda Sharma is witness to a delightful love affair between art and spatiality in a quiet gated community of Hyderabad

NOV 17, 2022 | By Pratishtha Rana
Star attraction of the formal living area is the M.F. Husain painting alongside a custom blue sofa with cushions from Good Earth and a coffee table from SCASA, atop a Jaipur Rug carpet. On the left side of the blue sofa is a floor lamp from Thea Light Works and towards the right side are angel artefacts by a local artist and bench from Nakashima Woodworkers; Photography by Ricken and Sonal Desai
The courtyard right outside the dining room features a rocking seat by Magis alongside the centre table, side bench, wooden log bench and rug by Onedot6; Photography by Ricken and Sonal Desai

Art is longing. You never arrive, but you keep going in the hope that you will. Written by the German painter and sculptor Anselm Kiefer, I read and repeat this quote over ten times, before every word absorbs into my intellect.

The magic about the word ‘longing’ is wherever you see it, you’ll most likely think of two things — home or your loved ones. Encompassing all three—art, an inviting home and a family, a stately weekend abode in Hyderabad by the uber-cool Aamir and Hameeda Sharma sketches a beautiful liaison between art and (the feeling of) home. Function takes a back seat and the homeowner’s assemblage of Indian artworks becomes a pronounced protagonist here.

Framed by antique carved pillars that are sourced by the homeowners, the formal living area on the ground floor is a sight to behold. The Bungalow chairs are from Riva 1920 while the side table with a pop of red and turquoise seaters are crafted by Onedot6; Photography by Ricken and Sonal Desai

“Primary homes are more utilitarian. Your movement, spaces, storage takes priority. But here, it is about ambience and display. Less practical and more visual treat,” aver Aamir and Hameeda.

The 10,000 sq ft home inside a gated community is sequestered as the second home for the family consisting of a couple and three daughters. Their brief was simple. The space had to be contemporary but in the most Indian way possible. Thereupon, commenced discussions and unfurling of intentions to create an experience out of a home.

A Poltrona Frau sofa and table from Onedot6 with an antique wooden frame from the homeowners’ private collection add a striking demeanour to the master bedroom. The black custom made console hosts a red deer sculpture by Onedot6, alongside a wall artwork by Sachin Jaltare; Photography by Ricken and Sonal Desai

“The client is a friend who knows our sensibilities and love for art and that’s how the first project with them started. We studied all the art and it was the guiding point, that then shaped the narrative,” disclose Aamir and Hameeda.

Welcoming natural light, the weekend home embarks on a journey punctuated with art. The walls treated with micro topping are decorated with artefacts sourced locally; Photography by Ricken and Sonal Desai

The home poses as a paradox, in ways that the outdoors and indoors flow into each other uninterrupted, thanks to the big windows and sliding doors framing up concrete greys inside and bounteous pockets of greens outside.

The indoor dining room with tables and chairs from Lema Mobili extends into a garden accompanied by a dainty white light from Thea Light Works. Coordinates Suspension lights by Flos, sourced from Thea Light Works and an artwork by artist Thota Vaikuntam are conversation starters; Photography by Ricken and Sonal Desai

Sprawling on a specific layout, reconfiguring the space was not an option. What Aamir and Hameeda instead focussed on was elevating the interiors, customising furniture alongside some existing ones and slight architectural changes like cutting open a double-height bar area, altering walls and digging out courtyards to build visually focal points. Elaborating, they say, “We did the interiors from scratch. The client wanted light tones but we convinced them to use dark tones of concrete.”

The worship area on the first floor displays a detailed artwork composed of multiple deities designed by M Rama Suresh. Atop a rug from Jaipur Rugs is a Kathakali coffee table with a wooden trelis top, a console and chair by Onedot6; Photography by Ricken and Sonal Desai

On the first floor, an elaborate puja room designed by Chennai-based artist M Rama Suresh keeps the cultural traces running through the house.

Flamingo pendant lights from Vibia illuminate the bar in brass designed by Aamir Sharma and bar stools by Onedot6. It is set against the backdrop of a wall panelling by Nuance Studio. Behind the bar is a console made for the homeowner by SCASA that hosts locally sourced artworks, a Noctambule floor lamp by Flos available at Thea Light Works and a tap from Jaquar; Photography by Ricken and Sonal Desai

The dining area swathed in grey, brown and black, squarely looks out to a lush outdoor porch, too, completed with outdoor furniture. A glamorous spin to ‘traditional’, the bar, Aamir’s favourite, is customised in brass with a double height wall layered in nuance panelling.

In the master bedroom on the first floor, a teal Paola Lenti bed in linens from Onedot6 poses with a floor lamp by Thea Light Works. Artwork above the bed is by Sachin Jaltare; Photography by Ricken and Sonal Desai

Vaulting two floors and spaced across four bedrooms, the house opens up with courtyards full of temple trees, leading to a foyer and a narrow passage. It finally reveals two courtyards that gaze at the grand living room, also Hameeda’s choicest area embellished with majestic, old-worldly pillars from Chennai, accompanied with a vivid artwork by M F Husain on the centre wall and a yellow bull by artist Shrikant Kadam. Repeating visual mentions of local artists is not just it, “Lots of local products are used to retain authenticity and bring a perfect blend between modern and traditional.” This friendly tussle between art, antiques, concrete hues and pops of colour sizzles up a totally different portrayal of a secluded, contemporary, whimsically warm but traditional at heart home.

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