A rare gem—Peninsular India gets a flavour of Rajasthani regalia in this jewellery store designed by Cochin Creative Collective

AUG 18, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
A mirror reflection of the central display unit in the lounge area compels the visitors to slow down and admire the exotic jewellery pieces from Rajasthan; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam
A cement finished display unit for earrings adorns the painted walls of the lounge area; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam
The staircase exits to a corridor with mirrors on one side, leading into the exhibit space; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam
Brass hangings in primary shapes concocts a dramatic impact in the lounge area; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam
Cement finish on the walls and brass finished display units reflect spatial density; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam

Breaking stereotypes of a quintessential jewellery store design, Cochin Creative Collective have crafted Pure Allure in a raw concrete finish, emanating a mystic vibe. Located in a residential area of Cochin, it is spread across a humble and quaint 650 sq ft area. 

Principal architects and founding partners Lijo John Mathew and Madhushitha Aravind along with the design team Kannan Cherthedath and Sidharthan Sally Paul have worked on a minimal theme, finding the right materials and strategically placing the jewellery for display. 

What’s exceptional about this store is the theme itself. Since most of the jewellery displayed at the store was made in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, the design team incorporated this fact as the key design generator. “The Idea of mono materiality as a backdrop and free flowing stepped spaces was developed as the heart of the project, giving loose references to the stepped well typologies of Rajasthan,” shares Mathew. Capturing the essence of the stepwells, they incorporated a similar geometry and the use of a single material—stone.

A brass sheet adorns the cement finished walls of Pure Allure; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam

Muted colours achieved with cement finished walls, floors and display cabinets impart a monolith character. In addition to stone, brass was also used in select areas of the store. “The material and colour palettes were chosen so as to create a mono material space where the jewellery would stand out when placed in the designed display stands,” further elaborates Aravind

An arrangement of tropical plants in large in-situ planter boxes, and a low pergola roof shapes a naturally lit transition space from the street to the front door; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam

Pure Allure is divided into three areas—the entrance, lounge and the exhibit space. In an attempt to not stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood, the entrance marks a neutral palette of white and grey exteriors.

A display scheme revealing primary shapes like cube, pyramid etc. is a meticulous play of spatial depth and density; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam

However, a whimsical contrast awaits the visitors in the lounge area. The combination of raw cement finish and brass hangings in primary shapes, under the sharp rays of spotlight beams, makes the space instantly mysterious.

The geometric arrangement of the steps in the lounge connects to the staircase; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam

The staircase leads up to an illusionary corridor space on the first floor with a continuous mirror plane inducing a deep character to the exhibit space. An elaborate arrangement of gridded display planes tilted according to the sightlines from the eye level of the standing user facilitates easy viewing. 

The main display shelf in the exhibit space adorns a neutral white and grey background, highlighting the elaborate jewellery pieces; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam

The products that are sold at Pure Allure are crafted by hand and involve intricate craftsmanship. This idea motivated the design team of Cochin Collective Creative to use raw cement plaster as the main architectural finish. A conventional jewellery store is usually ostentatious and has an amalgamation of expensive finishes. This store is exactly a counterpoint to those notions. 

Scroll down to catch a few more glimpses of this stunning jewellery store—

Central display in the lounge area is in stark contrast to the exterior; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam


Handcrafted Rajasthani jewellery pieces on display stands in the lounge; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam


The unique combination of raw cement finish and brass hangings in primary shapes imparts elegance in the lounge area; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam


The focus proliferates from display stands when they are filled with beautiful jewellery pieces; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam


The lounge area is a stepped arrangement at various levels; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam


Doing more with less is the recurring thought that prevails in this enchanted store; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam


Objects based out of pure geometry can be seen making a bold statement in the lounge area; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam


A designated area showcasing jewellery rests on a display stand in the lounge area; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam


Spotlights across the lounge area underscore the jewellery pieces and emanate a mysterious vibe; Photographs by Syam Sreesylam

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