A plate so empty yet a plate so full—The Plated Project unleashes the Past.Present.Future collection of tea-time products for a noble cause

JAN 2, 2023 | By Tanvee Abhyankar
From the collection ‘Hide and Seek’, The Plated Project undertakes the line art as a medium of expression; Photography courtesy The Plated Project
The Plated Project’s ‘Hide and Seek’ collection plays with lines and embraces the beauty in blacks and whites; Photography courtesy The Plated Project
The Light & Dark quarter plates are a part of the Raabta dinnerware collection - a cosmic journey of an inexplicable connection between the sun and the moon, designed by Nakul Talgeri; Photography courtesy The Plated Project

There are very few common languages people across the world understand, and the most widely spoken is the language of art and food. The leading luxury lifestyle label The Plated Project has released their limited edition series ‘Past.Present.Future’ that aims to preserve traditional art by making it relevant to contemporary lifestyles through innovative designs.

Suroor by Maanvi Kapur; Photography courtesy The Plated Project

Starting out as an engineer Chitresh Sinha spent the last decade heading brand strategy and innovation at chlorophyll brand consultancy which is India’s first and one of the only independent brand consulting firms that exist today.

Chai time by Malavika Sivaraju; Photography courtesy The Plated Project

Hunger and The Plated Project

Home and away by Taarika John; Photography courtesy The Plated Project

“Hunger is a symptom of bigger inequalities in our society. We need the larger population to move from empathy and actually engage with the cause. Hence, the idea of ‘Buy a Plate, Fill a Plate’ came up,” says Chitresh Sinha as he explains the motive behind the brand. 

Homeland by Tanya Timble; Photography courtesy The Plated Project

The brand addresses the problem of hunger in a way that it reaches everyone by the means of a food plate—its decorative plates and their new hand-painted series titled Past.Present.Future puts a spotlight on the rapidly disappearing art forms of India. The new collection features plates that celebrate the Gond art, DIY art canvases, Madhubani-art-inspired tea-time products, Kalighat – inspired décor plates, bright quirky functional coasters and much more. The outlook is to present the rich cultural heritage of India that you can either buy for yourself or for some you care—because in the end the collection is about addressing and caring about the issue of hunger.

Living window by Aashti Miller; Photography courtesy The Plated Project

The answer is art

Moments of love by Hana Augustine; Photography courtesy The Plated Project

Designed with a touch of personalization to every object, the brand emphasises on using art as a medium of outreach. It offers a wide range of home accessories and offers bespoke interior styling solutions via a fusion of traditional crafts, contemporary aesthetics and modern functionality. While the ideologies and motives are noble, the quality and craftsmanship is paramount—all of their products are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and narrates the story of a practice passed down over generations. The brand works closely with artists and comes up with a strong creative idea and a theme each time.

Sarees by the sea by Eesha Iyer; Photography courtesy The Plated Project

The last bite

Subrapratham by Gokul Prasad; Photography courtesy The Plated Project

A brand with a mission; to raise awareness on social issues in a way that excites people through exclusive decor plates where the art has a message. Each of which will tell unique stories and spark conversations that change mindsets and help end hunger. It is amazing to see a simple idea turn into a mission that is making a real impact around the world. On top of that, it is guilt-free eating but in a different sense. In fact, eat all you want because each product’s sale sponsors 10 meals for the hungry.

A day in the hills by Annada Menon and He-carries-life-on-wheels by Soumyaraj Vishwakarma; Photography courtesy The Plated Project
Colour of chillies and Lotus by Roshan Gawand; Photography courtesy The Plated Project
A-vibrant-memory-of-the-future by Insane51 and Where the streets have no names by Reshidev RK; Photography courtesy The Plated Project

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