A minimalistic home of memories is this Bengaluru cove by Tall Storeys Collaborative, designed twice!

NOV 2, 2023 | By Aparna Kher
The original Z-shaped layout was tweaked to accommodate additional rooms while also allowing the verandah to wrap around the common areas seamlessly; Photographs by Parth Swaminath, PXH India
The common areas are submerged in a soft, diffused glow creating a pleasant ambience; Photographs by Parth Swaminath, PXH India
The interior design evolves around the heirloom furniture pieces inherited by the family. The carpet is from Carpet Kingdom; Photographs by Parth Swaminath, PXH India
This bedroom pulses with the nostalgic value of collected and refurbished furniture elements, each with its own story to tell; Photographs by Parth Swaminath, PXH India

“A house so nice, we designed it twice,” reveals the Tall Storeys Collaborative team, indicating the crafting of Verandah House. Initially designed in 2010 as a weekend home on the outskirts of Bengaluru, Apoorva and Kiran Nayak were invited to reimagine this house over a decade later and turn it into a permanent abode.

The common areas spill out into the verandah at several junctions; Styled by Apoorva Nayak; Photographs by Parth Swaminath, PXH India


A customised herringbone pattern distinguishes the different areas within a congruous space. The carpet is from Carpet Kingdom; Photographs by Parth Swaminath, PXH India

The process involved restructuring and renovating the home while keeping its original essence intact. The team focused on the evolution of the house while preserving its soul. A skylit kitchen and a couple of ensuite bedrooms were added to the layout, turning it into a 6000-square-foot home. Designed for a retired couple, the main idea was to imagine a single-storey house, establishing the longevity and accessibility of the design. The design also takes into account various hobby spaces for brewing homemade beer, sewing, studying and yoga.

During the redesign, the kitchen was shifted to a new location with the introduction of a skylight for improved light and experience. The countertop is from Primastone; Photographs by Parth Swaminath, PXH India


Tall ceilings and passageways narrate age-old lores around the house; Photographs by Parth Swaminath, PXH India


Old teakwood furniture and traditional rugs breathe life into the simplistic shell of this house; Photographs by Parth Swaminath, PXH India

Perched atop a hill, the house slowly comes into view as one approaches it. Equivalent to a handshake, a wall extends into the landscaped front yard and leads into the main house. An extensive verandah, the key element of this residence, wraps around the southern and western facades of the house. Inside, the living room congruously flows into the dining area. The extended verandah renders this space a soft, diffused glow, adding warmth and life to it. The cosy living space interacts with the outdoors through multiple openings into the verandah that merges with the garden beyond. Acting as the transitory element, the verandah plays a crucial role in the conversations that take place between the house and its surroundings. It also serves as a climate-responsive element, keeping the harsh sun and downpours at bay. 

A minimalistic architecture style gives way to a rich and succinct interior design brought out by fabric choices, furniture and artwork. The carpet is from Carpet Kingdom; Photographs by Parth Swaminath, PXH India


The wardrobe laminates complement the old teakwood bed in this room. The carpet is from Carpet Kingdom and the Symphony armchair and coffee table are from East Lifestyle; Photographs by Parth Swaminath, PXH India

The spartan architecture of this house focuses on creating a canvas for everyday routines and moments one can experience. The interiors showcase numerous heirloom furniture pieces that the clients collected over several decades. The larger-than-life openings, minimalist details and open spaces shed the spotlight on the spatial and experiential qualities of this space, turning this house into a haven. The private areas are separated from the capacious, contiguous living area. An immense skylight illuminates the entry to the private rooms. All three bedrooms point in different directions, ensuring privacy and taking in distinct magnificent views of the outdoors. 

The verandah extends into a deck, ultimately flowing out ino the garden to create sociable spaces of varying degrees; Photographs by Parth Swaminath, PXH India.

The Verandah House eschews the idea of a luxury home for a better-suited identity of timeless elegance. It’s where minimalism meets nature through heritage-focused interiors that create the foreground for memory and reflection. The Verandah House emphasises the connection between the indoors and outdoors and thoughtfully interweaves the two.  

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