6 kid’s bedroom ideas straight out of a story book that uncover the whimsy of pastel colours

MAY 11, 2023 | By Dyumni Pandit
Geometrically patterned shelves lined by the bed to accommodate the children’s belongings. The wall is decorated with framed drawings of the sibling duo; Photography by Ricken Desai
A slide attaches to the bunk bed as stairs with in-built storage lead up to it. A small couch with plush, funky pillows and soft toys sits under it, as if in a small shed. The open floor plan of the room allows plenty of space to play catch in it while also keeping it cosy; Photography by Umang Shah
A customised animal-themed wallpaper by Dolce Bambino stands as the backdrop for the crib. The nursery’s cream-coloured walls, light oak laminate floor and sheer cotton curtains with light pink stripes decorate the room. Instead of directly colouring the walls with pastels, Studio Gulab introduces them in atypical spaces like cornice mouldings, MDF skirting, furniture, doors, and hardware; Photography by Saumya Singh

Subtle and elegant, pastel tones haven’t always been the first colour choice for kid’s bedrooms. But we say, pastels are definitely not a palette to be overlooked. The scope of experimentation and calm these hues bring to a child’s room can surprisingly elevate the mood of the space. In fact, the secret to using pastel colours in kid’s rooms is the refreshing hit of whimsy it brings along. ELLE DECOR India curates the perfect edit of the most delightful kid’s bedroom ideas where pastel hues of pink, blue, yellow, and green take the centre stage. 

Spoiler alert- these rooms could be right out of a story book! 

Subtle and playful with AN Designs

Tiny, colourful knitted flowers lay sprinkled on the cosy comforter of this vintage-inspired, modern kid’s bedroom. With some pastel colours for subtlety, a bunk bed for jest and the childrens’ art on the walls as a common ground, AN Designs accommodates two distinct bedroom aspirations of a nine-year-old girl and 12-year-old-boy sibling duo. Although the room is cosy, it isn’t obstructive; it’s comfortable and warm. The study table and other furniture are placed neatly against each other to form an orderly symmetry and make the room feel more mature for the boy. While strings of lights, an encompassing pink, and a family of soft toys makes it more playful. 

The pastel colour palette is complemented with plush soft toys and hanging banners as accessories to add some decor to the minimal room. A shelf is incorporated within the bunk bed. Featuring Nivasa Homes, The White Teak, Asian Paints, FCML Surfaces; Photography by Ricken Desai

Timeless and functional with Frolik + Co 

Birch ply with a natural wood finish, White Pu, and Bamboo sofas. Natural elements come together in all forms in this unique and subtle kid’s bedroom by Rootu Kinarivala, Designer and Founder, Frolik + Co. Polished wood stands against the quirky green wallpaper that draws imagination to the beauty of a forest. The spacious room uses minimal furniture to make it breathable and uncluttered. It accommodates a small table with small wooden chairs, the perfect place for some playdate games. The high ceiling calls for a wooden bunk-bed that delightfully attaches to a slide. A couch sits under the bed with an array of knitted cushions and soft toys. 

The white counter top of the table is surrounded by small wooden chairs to make it the perfect play station for the children to get creative; Photography by Umang Shah


The tropical wallpaper by Wallpaperscissor with green palm trees and hummingbirds adds some whimsy to the room. The small window allows light to penetrate through white linen curtains as a small couch sits by it for the parents to watch their children during a playdate and involve in a quiet conversation; Photography by Umang Shah

Simple and artistic with Studio Gulab 

Green canopies nestle the wooden cot. Butterflies and hummingbirds fly above the crib as plush soft toys sit snugly in it. This kid’s bedroom by Akshita Ladhani, Interior Designer, Studio Gulab embraces a realistic animal-themed wallpaper to make it cosy, comfortable, and playful. The minimalist aesthetic is a great way to allow the children to move around in the room and make it look elegant simultaneously. Akshita adds some moulding and beading to the wardrobe to add some chicness and dresses the windows in sheer cotton curtains with a stripe pattern to complement the wallpaper. 

A pastel pink bespoke table sits on a circular mat against pink cotton curtains. Studio Gulab plays with shades of pink in this area, variating between them. The pastel green door adds a new shade to the room elegantly; Photography by Saumya Singh

Tropical and paradisiacal with Furbishy 

It’s every child’s dream to live in a treehouse amongst animals. Tejaswini. P, Founder, Furbishy, fulfils this reverie by designing this mellow but fun kid’s bedroom that’s a welcome to the (mighty) jungle. A wooden bed, resembling a tree house, sits against a whimsical backdrop of hand-painted cartoon animals that peek through creepers and walk on (astonishingly) strong branches. Tejaswini uses bamboo screens as windows and natural materials in rugs and storage bins to enhance the theme. The room adopts a soft colour scheme to imbibe some lightheartedness and also accommodates a small library. It uses various elements to enhance the children’s’ sensory experience subtly and playfully. 

Cartoon animals walk on a branch in the background as a tree-house shaped bed sits under it. The room embraces pastel colours to make it whimsical and fun; Photography by Nayan Soni


A small desk sits by the window as natural light enters through curtains of fine bamboo sticks. The room embraces natural elements like wood and jute to make it distinct. Even the rug is made with intricately weaved jute as wood makes up the other furniture; Photography by Nayan Soni

Vivid and quirky with Inari Atelier & Architecture Saga 

This Bengaluru home adopts a minimalistic style with a vivid, individualistic essence in every room. Keeping up with the theme is this fun kid’s bedroom designed by Deekshitha Sanjay and Ruthvik Prakash, Principal Architects, Inari Atelier & Architecture Saga. Pastel shades of blue and pink complement each other as vibrant-coloured doodles adorn the wallpaper. A tropical rug adorns the floor to add to the aesthetic. Simple and casual, the room leaves a lasting impression with its bright but subtle tones. 

Vibrantly pink Flamingos, green trees, and golden pineapples sprawl across the wallpaper in doodled forms as they tower over the pastel pink bed. The blue-white side table with an arched mirror stands on the side with a hanging light above it; Photography by Nayan Soni

Unique and curious with Smartsters 

Who says puzzles are the only way to activate your child’s inquisitive mind? Furniture and decor in a child’s room piques their curiosity before anything else. And so, Bikram Mittra, Design Head at Smartsters, consciously curates aesthetic, multifaceted furniture, furnishings and decor accessories to make learning fun and comfortable. Vibrant colours of the furniture contrast the pastel tones of the home’s interiors as the unique shapes add playfulness. 

This study table with geometric shapes and ergonomic shelves reveals multiple colours that lend an engaging mood to the room; Photograph by Smartsters


This bespoke bed by Smartsters elicits inquisitiveness with myriad shapes displayed on the headboard and bed sheet; Photography by Smartsters

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