13 poster beds for a perfect storybook escape

DEC 27, 2023 | By Krupakshi Mehta and Khushi Gala

In the carefully orchestrated ensemble called bedroom, none commands the stage quite like the bed frame. It stands as the centrepiece, setting the tone for the entire space. And when it comes to bed frames, none can rival the grandeur and drama of a poster bed. Like a page torn from the tales of Rapunzel, a poster bed transports you to a space where everything seems possible. Its commanding presence in the room is a gateway to your own storybook escape, where dreams are woven into the very fabric of your surroundings. ELLE DECOR India takes you through a curated list of poster beds and unveils inspirations that can frame your perfect bedroom sanctuary. 

Rooms with a four poster flair

Interiors by Mili

A window to the past, where glory meets the galore and bold prints imbue striking colours. This four poster bed in wood fashions the room for the grandeur it deserves. With a headboard reminding one of the doors in countryside homes and complementing furnishing in pastels, this bed stands as the highlight for seconds amidst the abundant sunlight that streams in and bounces back from the mirror.

Designed by Interiors by Mili; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal; Styling by Nidhi Tiwari

Essentia Environment

In the heart of this residence lies a four-poster bed, a contemporary ode to tradition. Crafted for a 22-year-old who shuttles between India and abroad, the bedroom serves as an ultimate retreat. The bed, standing tall with unadorned straight lines integrates modern flair. It’s dark, neutral tones create a striking contrast against the room’s muted white canvas. The towering posts, ascending to the ceiling offering the perfect space for unwinding after a frantic week. 

Designed by Essentia Environment; Photograph courtesy- Essentia Environment

Olive Roof

Imagine waking up in the morning, the soft rays of the sun filtering through the plain white roller blinds, as you lay in the plush embrace of the oak wood poster bed. It’s a picture-perfect scene, where you can savour a relaxing bed tea while gazing out at the majestic mountains beyond. A whiff of mid-century modern blows around the poster bed. With its classic design and rich oak wood, it stands out as the crowning jewel of this bedroom. Whether you are starting your day with a bed tea or unwinding with a good read, this bed makes every moment truly special.

Olive Roof
Designed by Olive Roof; Photography by Vineet Velandy, Roobaroo

Design Pendulum 

In this villa designed by Sukhmani and Siddharth Singh of Design Pendulum, where every element coexists with the porosity of its architectural style, the poster bed by Lakkadhara in wood emerges as a centrepiece in an otherwise understated room. Simple and restrained material palette, high slanted white ceilings, adorned with windows and doors, bathe the room in a pleasant influx of natural light, adding to the serene atmosphere. In this carefully curated space, the poster bed, with its subtle presence, takes on the role of providing a focal point.

Casa De Zorro
Designed by Design Pendulum; Photography by Bharath Ramamrutham, Graf Media

Studio Patternmaker

Just when you think you have seen it all, a new idea or concept can jump out and surprise you. The design revolving around elegant and timeless European aesthetics with a dash of modernity, this master bedroom with Italian marble flooring, has poster bed made from wood  with brass detailing, giving it a vintage touch.

Designed by Studio Patternmaker; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Studio Taan

This space by Studio Taan rejoices in soothing tones and an overall easy going appearance. In the sea of thoughtfully picked materials like granite, marble and wood, the appeal of neutral shades like grey, white and beige is ever lasting. This poster bed against the white wall, with black posters and a white headboard tempts one to lounge and relax.

Designed by Studio Taan; Photography by Jubin Johnson

ADHWA – architecture.interiors

Upon entering this master bedroom, one notices a sense of unvarying minimalism. As we glance around, furnishings glistened with plush blue, mingle with the light waltzing in the room through the sheer curtains, bathing it with a soft glow. The wooden four poster bed acts as a centrepiece in the master bedroom, decorated further by a whiff of cobalt furnishings to add a sense of gravity.

Designed by ADHWA – architecture.interiors; Photography by Noaidwin Sttudio


In this Surat home, concrete gracefully ascends the walls, while a sleek wooden poster bed sits in the centre. Crisp white linens cascade from the pinnacle of the bed’s posters, enveloping it in a cosy embrace, creating an ideal retreat for a restful night’s sleep. The bedding goes along with the overall colour palette of the entire home that evokes a sense of being tucked in nature.

Designed by Neogenesis+Studio0261, Surat; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Stylemykona by Babita Pandey

Beneath dazzling drop lights, a handcrafted poster bed beckons, casting a spell to stops time. The wooden posters with soft white curtains, tuck you for a  sweet nights embrace. The bed infuses traditions into the contemporary. A hand-painted lime wash textured wall stretches from floor to ceiling, creating a sublime earthiness that embraces colonial charm and bohemian allure.

Designed by Stylemykona; Photography by Mahesh of Soul and Fuel

Inhabit Design Studio

With beige curtains framing it like the wings of slumbering birds, this bed, set against the backdrop of cherished emerald green and vibrant floral wallpaper, becomes the focal point of the bedroom imagined by Neeta Kumar of Inhabit Design Studio. It exudes both trendiness and the designer’s personal passion, infusing the space with life and energy. The room embraces a maximalist concept, with layers of design elements converging around the bed. 

Designed by Inhabit Design Studio; Photography by David Dawson

Anjali Mangalgiri of Grounded

If the chirping of birds, lush verdant views and plenty of rest are all you crave for throughout this winter, take cues from this woody bedroom. These facades not only integrate surrounding verandahs into your bedroom plan, but these also give you the option of privacy while making for a lovely play of light and shade. A rustic wooden four poster bed with matching table lamps will make for an ideal slumberland.

Designed by Grounded; Photography by Bharath Ramamrutham

Poster picks for a picture perfect sleep


The Moorish Bed isn’t just a piece of furniture, it’s your gateway to a boho-chic wonderland. This bed beckons you into a land of serenity, where every detail has been meticulously crafted to create a unique and tranquil atmosphere. The slender posters with intricate brass works, with their precise attention to detail, not only exude a rustic charm but also offer a sturdy and solid foundation for your restful retreat. As you sink into the comfort of The Moorish Bed, you can’t help but feel like you’ve been whisked away to a place where free-spirited creativity and carefree charm rules. It’s a call to your very own boho paradise.

Designed by Nivasa; Photograph courtesy- Nivasa

Sage Living

Drawing inspiration from the boundless beauty of the sea, Udra Bed is a modern masterpiece. The ocean, a symbol of vastness and power, has left an indelible mark on human history, culture and spirituality. It teaches us the value of adaptability, as it perpetually transforms. Udra Bed by Sage Living, our EDIDA 2023 winner in the Bedroom category, reimagines the classic 2-poster bed with a contemporary twist. The headboard and footboard replicate the gentle undulation of ocean waves, mirroring the sea’s serene and majestic nature. Geometric wood turned details and an organic silhouette infuse the piece with a modern flair. It’s a tribute to the ever-changing sea, inviting you to sleep and dream amidst the fluidity and beauty of the Samudra.

Sage Living
Designed by Sage Living; Photography by Deepak Aggarwal

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