Who said numbers are boring? Watch these 11 wall clocks play the game of punctuality

Let’s start with a riddle! Be it shapes, be it numbers or be it materials. An apt combination of design and punctuality is found in this objet d’art. Any ideas what we would be tocking about? 

ELLE DECOR India unwraps a selection of 11 wall clocks that suggest it is time for you to embellish your walls with some colours and character.

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FEB 21, 2024 | By Hitakshi Nagda
Wall Clock Black

1. Wall Clock Black

 bFRIENDS, ₹16,376.32

A clock with all possibilities! Wall Clock Black by bFRIENDS shows time in a way that depends on the arrangement of different design variations! The numbers 5, 9 and 12 represent the times of a conventional working day. Designed by the renowned London design studio Pearson Lloyd, this clock is crafted from 100 percent biodegradable rPLA from local waste streams. So you see, a clock with many possibilities

Clock Tema e Variazioni n. 218

2. Clock Tema e Variazioni n. 218

Fornasetti, ₹37,352.92

When Fornasetti says that each piece is different on its own, they mean theirClock Tema e Variazioni n. 218, a glass marvel by Lina Cavalieri that is a surprise on its own. The canvas is screen-printed by hand, making each piece a unique artisan’s work or should we say a wall clock that is to be cherished for years to come!


3. Taggad 

Ikea, ₹1,490

A Gustav Carlberg creation is a rather silent one, where the clock does not make any noise, not even its own tick-tock. A surprise, right? This Ikea tick-tock clock is designed in such a way that the silent mechanism helps you have a mellow sleep at night.

Wall Clock Big Drop Gold 

4. Wall Clock Big Drop Gold 


Does time flow or does it simply exist? Like a drop of gold that stays static in a (time)less void, this Wall Clock Big Drop Gold by KARE might stir up interesting conversations about time or stand as an ode to Dali’s melting clocks. Like a flowing curve and design, the wall is accented with a touch of gold, an exquisite addition to the home! 

Snakes clock

5. Snakes clock

Lladró, ₹67,000

An ironic piece that is wrapped in the beauty of its symbolism. Snakes, symbolising life cycles, wisdom, spirituality, power and protection arouse a sense of imagination, fear and curiosity in one’s mind. Snakes clock by Lladró, designed by Robert Schnyder and sculpted by Raul Rubio, showcases a detailed sculpt of two snakes wrapped to form an apt frame for this wall clock!

Number Five Railway

6. Number Five Railway


“Choo Choo!” like the train whooshes, this Number Five Railway wall clock by Newgate World will take you back to the buzzing train stations, with its classic square shape while adding a gush of blue to invite a twist of quirky. A modern design with a touch of retro makes the perfect balance for any space.


7. Cuckoo

MUJI, ₹8,990

Getting the classic traditional cuckoo clock in fashion, with its minimal make, Muji will make you reminisce the sounds of chirpy mornings with a touch of timeless design!

Grid Square

8. Grid Square

 Objectry, ₹3,700

Why have a separate wall art and clock when you can find both in one? Grid Square by Objectry made in MFD and crafted with a silent mechanism, is a piece of illusion, which looks like wall art but also works well as a clock! 

World Map

9. World Map

 Seiko, ₹13500

Who says we can go one place at a time? With the World Map by Seiko, you can travel to all the places in the world with this vintage wall clock! With leather-like textures on the edges, you might feel like you have travelled back in time.


CUT 'N PASTE Grandpa Clock

10. CUT 'N PASTE Grandpa Clock


Bringing two generations together, Seletti welcomes a playful twist with this CUT ‘N PASTE Grandpa Clock, designed by  Annebet Philips. Made from recycled cardboard with epoxy layers, cut and paste in the shape of the iconic clock from the time of our grandpa’s generation!  A rather out of the box approach for clocking in innovation. 


Eye Clock

11. Eye Clock


Did you ever perceive a wall clock to be without numbers? While readingtime, our eyes fall upon the position of the hands, more than the numbers. Analysing this in 1947, American designer George Nelson curated and designed the Eye Clock by Vitra, made with wood and metal, a pick from the collection of 14 timepieces that exude wall clocks as a design element and keep a common feature in every clock, the absence of numbers! 

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