Made in India, with love: 8 unique decoratives sourced from Indian stores and labels

Step up your space with our handpicked decor delights. From elegant study desks that double up as style statements to wooden screens that become canvases for T. Venkanna’s provocative art. It’s not just decor, each piece is a conversation starter for the design aficionado in you.

Produced by Juhi Agarwal

JUN 19, 2024 | By Disha Kalyankar
 Maha 3 sculpture

1. Maha 3 sculpture

Art Attaichi, Price on Request

Contemporary artistry and minimalist design come together to freeze conversations in stone, the Maha 3 sculpture by Art Attaichi demands your attention and sparks conversation in any space it adorns.

 Vertical Thaali Stack sculpture

2. Vertical Thaali Stack sculpture

Gunjan Gupta, Price on request

In her distinct oeuvre, Gunjan Gupta draws inspiration from the clutter of traditional Indian kitchens, with a tadka of artistry and functionality, crafting the Vertical Thaali Stack sculpture. The collected chaos of our day-to-day is transformed into a sculptural spectacle.

 Stello Study Desk

3. Stello Study Desk

Wriver, Price on request

What are you doing at the table? Wriver brings elegance, with a wine red lacquer “Stello” study desk. Adorned with golden accents and curved edges, whether you’re penning poetry or diving into research, the Stello embraces you with understated elegance.



4. Lupina

Beyond Dreams, Price on Request

The Lupina Curved 4-seater sofa by Beyond Dreams seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with rustic charm. Its deep green hues evoke tranquillity, inviting you to sink into its plush embrace. As you rest, the traditional motifs interspersed throughout the design add a touch of cultural richness. But this sofa isn’t just about form—it’s a functional masterpiece. Whether you’re lounging with a book or hosting friends, the Lupina ensures comfort takes centre stage.


Garden of Eden Peg table

5. Garden of Eden Peg table

Within, Price on request

Finished in semi-precious stones, marble, quartz, shell and stained glass, all elegantly framed in an aged brass finish. The Garden of Eden coffee table by Within unfolds a poetry of materiality that invites one to step beyond the mundane, as you rest a cup on its lush green surface juxtaposed into a jigsaw puzzle, you are drawn into the mystical realm of Eden.

Flying F*** Screen

6. Flying F*** Screen

Rooshad Shroff, Price on Request

The Flying F*** Screen by Rooshad Shroff defies categorisation, seamlessly merging art, design and craftsmanship. A mesmerising tale etched into marble inlay by Agra’s master craftsmen is brought to life by expert carpenters from Alibaug, meticulously crafting Theegulla Venkanna’s imagery onto a recycled Burma teak wood screen. These symbolic vignettes evoke notions of belonging, control, access, censorship, shame, and privacy—themes drawn from Theegulla Venkanna’s art.

Tide Bookends

7. Tide Bookends

One O One Studios, ₹6,030

After a long day, there’s solace in curling up with a good book, enveloped in the cosy embrace of home. Books, like silent companions, impart wisdom and stories to our lives. Enter the Tide Bookends by One O One Studios—a delightful fusion of artistry and utility. Crafted with care, these bookends don’t just hold your newest reads; they elevate them. A bold pop of rufous red graces your bookshelves. It’s more than mere functionality—it’s a conversation starter, a touch of sophistication, and a nod to the beauty of craftsmanship.

 Andaman Katchall Shelving Unit

8. Andaman Katchall Shelving Unit

Orange Tree Home, ₹92,999

Accentuated by the natural elegance of rattan and wood, the Andaman Rattan Bookshelf, meticulously crafted by Orange Tree Home, epitomises contemporary sophistication. Constructed from acacia wood, mild steel, and natural rattan cane, this shelving unit stands as a testament to impeccable craftsmanship. Its sleek black powder-coated steel frame seamlessly integrates distinctive arched tops, resulting in a modern design with a playful zig-zag shelving arrangement. The clean lines and use of natural materials create a neutral backdrop that harmonises effortlessly with diverse decorative styles, imbuing the room with an understated yet refined ambiance.



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