All you’ll want for christmas are these 13 adorable Christmas tree trinkets

When you wake up, the first thing you see in the morning are the kids surrounding the Christmas tree eagerly waiting to open their presents. They’re in their cute christmas pyjamas and the tree is all decked up. The tree encompasses the Christmas spirit and houses your soul for the evening and we want you to have the best things for it!

DEC 23, 2022 | By Tanvee Abhyankar
Christmas Ornaments

1. Christmas Ornaments

price on request

Well hello, you little Vasco da Gama, we have something for you. Embrace the explorer’s spirit that sits inside your mind and let your Christmas tree feel it as well, in a deep blue and white ball of wind rose, World map, iconic Seville knot and flowers. 

Abstract Ornaments

2. Abstract Ornaments

Fleck - ₹2,100

Snow is out but snow is in. With an additional fleck of matte golden ornaments, your tree will light up and so will your mood. Shaped as unique fragments of brass, they are bound to look like shimmery snow remnants hand-cut and shaped by artisans with multiple years of experience.

Christmas Decoration

3. Christmas Decoration

H&M Home - ₹399

Let your heart pump up Christmas as the temperature goes down. Just that we’re not talking about your actual heart, but H&M’s abstraction of it. Made in 100% glass, it is as pure as your heart and will bring in all the world’s warmth to your celebration.


4. Vinterflint

Ikea - ₹799 for a pack of 6

It is difficult for icicles to stay intact as you celebrate Jesus’s birthday with such warmth. But worry not! These Ikea glass will make it easy for you to get those glittering icicles inside. These decorations come in different colours, materials, shapes and sizes to bring out the child in you.

Ballerina Christmas Ornament (Golden Lustre)

5. Ballerina Christmas Ornament (Golden Lustre)

Lladro - ₹11,000

A fairy or Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann’s dancer, no matter what you lovingly assume her to be, she will grant you your wishes. In the spirit of Christmas, welcome this tree ornament home. Let the matte porcelain beautiful dancer join you as you dance your joys off!

Snarkitecture Stocking

6. Snarkitecture Stocking

Seletti - price on request

Throwback to the times when we used to hang a sock for Santa to come home and give us presents for being a good kid. You still are a good kid and Santa might just give you a gift today. Bring this white resin sock home and who knows, you might get one!

Holiday Cheers Gingerbread Candy Cane Ornament

7. Holiday Cheers Gingerbread Candy Cane Ornament

Swarovski - ₹6,450

It’s Christmas time, and as much as we all like to eat gingerbread and candy cane and indulge in the finest wines, Swarovski has these delights for your beloved Christmas tree too. Make the tree happy with these twisted gold-toned candy cane from the brand’s Holiday Cheers collection.

Gingerbread Reindeer Ornament

8. Gingerbread Reindeer Ornament

Swarovski - ₹5,450

It looks like gingerbread, my deer! Swarovski brings out the literal meanings of the phrase in this ornament, and that is your cue to dress your tree. Held by a white satin ribbon, this festive helper is fashioned from sparkling crystal with a lovable copper-coloured crystal nose and black eyes.

Leather Christmas Tree Ornaments

9. Leather Christmas Tree Ornaments

The Black Canvas - ₹1,000

Time to explore and bring forward the new material for your tree—upcycled black nubuck leather. Jazz up your Christmas tree this season with The Black Canvas’s beautiful, black and button-like curio and it’ll be delightful to introduce this cute as a button ornament to your juvenile Christmas tree.

Banana Fibre Baubles Christmas Ornament

10. Banana Fibre Baubles Christmas Ornament

The June Shop - ₹799 for a set of 2

All the way from the Scottish wardrobe are these baubles dressed in tartan. We are sure you want the best trinkets for your tree baby, but a bauble hurts no one, right? This one does not even hurt the environment—a goodwill gesture from you to the earth.

Santa Christmas Tree Ornaments

11. Santa Christmas Tree Ornaments

The Orby House - ₹450

There is no clause for Santa Claus, so he has come in a ceramic crescent moon’s shape, a treat to behold for both Santa and moon lovers! The Orby House brings to your house a tiny, unique decoration which will spruce up the tree with reds and whites.

Tree Hangers

12. Tree Hangers

Varnam Craft Collective - ₹350

As you celebrate the eve with your kids, bring the Christmas tree’s kids closer to it and celebrate it together. These mini trees made from sustainable beechwood are truly a parcel from nature. Now what you get to decide is which one is your favourite—orange or green, or both?

Bottlebrush Dapper Animal Ornaments

13. Bottlebrush Dapper Animal Ornaments

West Elm - ₹1,800

Lastly, add a few animal ornamentations to your tree and that is all it will take to decorate your tree to the fullest. This small guy from West Elm is made in Buri fibre and is excitedly dressed for Christmas, all he needs is a tree to stand by as it snows outside.



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