9 incense stick holders that must make it to your Diwali shopping list

They say that it is the little details that make big things happen. And who would have thought that something as minuscule as incense stick holders can add so much character and charisma to your little nooks. ELLE DECOR India brings you 9 incense stick holders that may be small on size but are big on might!

Produced by Juhi Agarwal
OCT 21, 2022 | By Tanvee Abhyankar
Brass Incense Stick Holder with 30 Jasmine Incense Sticks

1. Brass Incense Stick Holder with 30 Jasmine Incense Sticks

INTIKI - ₹700

With 30 Jasmine incense sticks always in your stockhome, you will never feel left out. Intiki has packed a gift for you, handmade with pleasure and brass in a pre-made box. Happiness is 3 times in this brass incense stick holder as it holds 3 sticks at once.

Moon Incense Stick Holders Set of 2

2. Moon Incense Stick Holders Set of 2


The House of Ekam sources a 100% brass, hand carved incense stick holder from Uttar Pradesh. It comes in a set of two and holds upto 5 incense sticks at once.

Hex & Dish Incense Holder

3. Hex & Dish Incense Holder


The Hex & Dish incense stick holder believes in adding to the simple pleasures of being surrounded by soft and uplifting fragrances. Made of ceramic and dipped in terra and charcoal colours, this handcrafted piece of work makes itself comfortable in every corner of your house.

Heirloom Brass Incense Holder

4. Heirloom Brass Incense Holder

FLECK - ₹1400

The Heirloom brass incense holder comes in with a tray at the base and gives out a comforting sandalwood scent that permeates adequately in the space.

Seher Bakhoor Burner / Centrepiece

5. Seher Bakhoor Burner / Centrepiece

IRA UDAIPUR - ₹55,000

Stylised like a Mewari painting, this Seher Bakhoor Centrepiece forms a curtain of incense-filled air. Exquisitely cast and extensively detailed to the core, the Soapstone carved centrepiece will instil the five senses with wonder and the air with a sweet fragrance.

Sol Incense Holder

6. Sol Incense Holder

SUITE NO. 8 - ₹799

Suite no. 8’s rising sun incense holder signifies beauty and being in the present. It encourages you to feel a sacred, quiet and sacred surrounding. The holder is handcrafted with fine etching on brass.

Hamza Marble Incense Stick Holder

7. Hamza Marble Incense Stick Holder


Carry your incense sticks on a palm, made possible by Hamza’s Marble incense stick holder, crafted by Kaksh Studio. The design aligns to the characteristic of the material, and radiates a calm presence in your room.


8. Aguru


Studio Indigene evokes the artist in you with their hand carved Aguru incense stick holder, made up of reclaimed teakwood. Bringing grace to the design, the holder holds the incense sticks gracefully with a small casing that stores your agarbatti stock.

Lotus Ceramic Incense Burner

9. Lotus Ceramic Incense Burner

MORA TARAA - ₹2450

Fashioned to look like a freshly painted jewellery box from the mediaeval times, this compact Lotus ceramic incense burner by Moraa Taara is designed to complement your devotional practices. It comes with a lid and a black foil-lined fire mat to make fragrance diffusing safer for you.

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