8 Storage Jars your coffee table needs this Diwali

What’s beautiful inside and out? It is these little boxes that will add just the right finishing touch to your festive table! A good jar is anything you wish it to be—built from various organic materials and adorned with elegant objects, it will contain everything! (even when you can’t contain your happiness). 

Organising never felt this good! Scroll down and check out 8 storage containers you absolutely NEED this festive season!

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OCT 22, 2022 | By Kashish Kaushal
Sienna Terracotta Jar

1. Sienna Terracotta Jar


Here’s why we love terracotta so much (and why you will too)—it allows excess moisture to escape quickly. Not to mention the traditional fervour it adds on to the surroundings. This jar comes with a wooden lid and is perfect for storing cookies or whatever you want.

Ceramic Decorative Canister

2. Ceramic Decorative Canister

HOME CENTRE - ₹1,599

With great materials comes great responsibilities! The Andrey White Polka Dot Printed ceramic canister didn’t make it to this list just because of its utility, but because of its lustrous trim that will give a finishing touch to your display shelf or end table.

Tyur Brass Jar

3. Tyur Brass Jar

IKAI ASAI - ₹1,800

Form meets function in this brass jar, ideal for storing sweeteners or your favourite tea leaves. Part of Ikai Asai’s Deva collection, the inspiration stems from Uttarakhand’s pristine forests, high mountains, and ethereal landscapes. Special mention—the lid adds to the rustic yet royal aesthetic.

The Bhogamandap Jar

4. The Bhogamandap Jar

KARU - ₹7,500

Indian temples are not just places you visit to worship and pray, they also serve some major design inspirations! The jar is an ode to the timeless architecture of India—crafted from luminous white teak wood, it is used to store delectable edibles and other precious knick-knacks. 


Crane in a Garden, Water Jar

5. Crane in a Garden, Water Jar


In all things of nature, there is something marvellous. This lidded ivory jar is embossed with a beautiful painting of a crane surrounded by cherry blossoms. Store water in style or gift it to your minimalist friend, the choice is yours!

Facet Canister

6. Facet Canister


Available at The House of Things, this canister captures your attention from the get-go! It is carved in white marble with brass lid on the top through spinning technique and flawlessly merges design with crafts. Buy this for your kitchen or use it just as a tabletop decor accent. 


Ridge Glass Jar

7. Ridge Glass Jar

THE JUNE SHOP - ₹3,199

What’s that on top? The moment you lay eyes on this glass jar, this question will pop up in your mind. A cork ball lid made of bamboo wood sits pretty on the jar along with the all-around silicone sealing loop. However, the best part is that it’s airtight and moisture-proof. Hurry, buy now!


Allira Glass Organizer

8. Allira Glass Organizer

UMBRA - ₹2,495

Have double the fun with this beautiful and versatile container. Choose to store your items in Allira’s bottom compartment or put them on display in the open-top vessel with a built-in removable lid.

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