30 Diwali home decor must-haves for a fabulous festive fix

Celebration, a feeling of joy and an act of indulgence, is one we anticipate every festive season! While there are a multitude of ways to pamper yourself and the loved ones around you, shopping for home decor stays right on top of the list. This Diwali, ELLE DECOR India brings to you 30 reasons to revel in the dazzle of festivities with decor that elevates spaces and mood.

Browse through our handpicked edit of 30 Diwali home decor must haves below. Happy shopping!

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OCT 26, 2023 | By Pratishtha Rana and Krupakshi Mehta
Dhokra lamp

1. Dhokra lamp

Atelier Ashiesh Shah

A shifting play of lights and shadows, is the Dhokra lamp from Atelier Ashiesh Shah. Calculated in form and finish, this lamp, with its walnut wood base, emits a warm golden glow that is perfect for making your home festive ready. Fashioned in Dhokra using the lost wax casting technique in bronze and copper based alloys, it unveils the hand moulded artistry of Dhokra artisans from Odisha.


Heavy Collection

2. Heavy Collection

Atelier Bobby Aggarwal - ₹124,000

A perfect ice breaker for a wobbly conversation, tables from the HEAVY collection by Atelier Bobby Aggarwal stands as an ideal addition to those festive gatherings. Combining craftsmanship with a touch of bohemian flair, these tables feature a metal top resting atop three leathered legs. With HEAVY as your centrepiece, there is no need to search for topics, it provides the perfect muse for a strong discussion.


The Brass Top side table

3. The Brass Top side table

Beyond Designs

Witness the liberation of art from its traditional confines with the brass top side table by Beyond Designs commanding attention. Layered with a beaten base, it becomes an ideal platform for displaying your treasured vases, curios and more. This Diwali, let this statement side table transcend functionality to metamorphose into a work of art in your living space!

Pokhran Lamp

4. Pokhran Lamp

Anantaya Decor - ₹11,500

Sculpted by traditional potters from the renowned soil of Pokhran, the capsule-shaped Pokhran Lamp in pink terracotta by Anantaya Decor balances the fusion of wood and brass. It can take different forms — tabletop, ceiling and wall-mounted lamps. It is the perfect choice to illuminate that dim corner as you sit with your family, watching the night sky ablaze with fireworks.

Serendib Sorbet Cups

5. Serendib Sorbet Cups

Good Earth

A cherished tradition that transports one to those balmy evenings where families would gather on the patio, savouring the delectable fruity sweetness of sorbet served in Serendib Sorbet Cups by Good Earth. These cups, crafted with fine bone china and a touch of 24-carat gold, are adorned with imagery reminiscent of the bygone era. This festive season, let laughter and flavours flow freely as you enjoy a perfect dessert time with your loved ones.

 Ikat Table Mat

6. Ikat Table Mat

Abraham & Thakore - ₹3,300

Turn your festive spread into a work of art as stripes conquer your tablescapes. Inspired by the Ikat technique of tie-dye, the Ikat Table Mat by Abraham & Thakore translates the cheerful spirits of the season onto the fabric. Allow the flavourful dishes to take center stage, accentuated by the subtle interplay of black and white.

Blooming Jaipur

7. Blooming Jaipur

Kaksh Studio - ₹7,290

Let marbles gracefully ascend onto your tables as your home transforms into a festive haven. Blooming Jaipur, a marble inlay tumbler with a red floral motif from Kaksh Studio, paying homage to Jaipur’s enduring charm through Sanganeri-inspired designs, is the perfect vase for the season.

The Twin Table

8. The Twin Table


Like two peas in a pod, each with its own unique flair, the Twin Table by K2India boasts a design that seamlessly branches off into two. From posing as a chic cocktail stand to getting crowned with fresh blooms, this table crafted in solid cast brass with a regal, antique finish is here to get your home all ready for those celebratory bells.

 Sengu Table

9. Sengu Table

Cassina, EtreLuxe

Indulge in vibrant flavours of the festive season as you gather around the Sengu Table by Cassina available at EtreLuxe, a portal to the nostalgic warmth of family dinners from times gone by. Drawing inspiration from the reconstruction of Japanese shrines, this table’s cylindrical columns, crafted in a variety of marble and colourful ceramics, foster an interplay of materials, igniting conversations that will last the eve.

 Satori Table Lamp

10. Satori Table Lamp

Bay Window - ₹6,990

As the night sky dazzles with fireworks and hearts brim with joy, your home deserves its own share of radiance as well. This festive season, illuminate your space with the comforting glow of the sleek Satori Table Lamp from Bay Window for that soft and soothing ambiance.


Celeste Table Runner

11. Celeste Table Runner

Ware Innovations - ₹4,500

It’s that time of the year again, a time for family gatherings and festive Indulgences. Give those mouthwatering mithais the spotlight they deserve with the Celeste Table Runner by Ware Innovations that mimics the beauty of many phases of the moon.

 Banzara cushion series

12. Banzara cushion series

Sarita Handa - ₹4,050

Feast your eyes on the canvas of colours that Sarita Handa’s Banzara cushion series brings with it, mirroring the mesmerising diversity of India. Embroidered with a kaleidoscope of abstract and graphic patterns, the cushion covers are just the definite reason to be experimental but local this Diwali.

Salad Bowl

13. Salad Bowl

Nappa Dori - ₹3,600

Why settle for calories when you can ‘leaf’ it behind with salad bowls that double up as art? Crafted from mango wood with a glossy enamel finish and food-grade coating, Nappa Dori’s Salad Bowl is a toss that will make your table shine. This Diwali let’s feast in style and keep the love pouring!

Iris Votive

14. Iris Votive

Glass Forest - ₹1,200

A festive masterpiece, if you will, this intricately handcrafted and hand blown Iris Votive from Glass Forest, radiates light and subtle twinkle into your space. Made in India, each piece tells a story through its slight variations in colours and textures that are an exemplary sign of the creator’s craftsmanship.

Streets of India collection

15. Streets of India collection


A crafted object that drapes the vibrant spirit of the Indian streets and its heritage? WITHIN’s Streets of India collection by Sonal Tuli and Bobbi Tuli in premium Italian stone, white ash veneer and matt lacquer does just that! Each piece is a living testament to our nation’s culture, lovingly crafted to light up your home. These aren’t just furnishings, they are portals to a world of wonder.

Cork Lights

16. Cork Lights


A statement-making decor made out of cork is on our festive cards this season! A gleaming spectacle of creativity and craftsmanship, Cork Lights by Oorjaa add the perfect splash of sustainability and bring a renewed mood of light to the home.

Saaya vase

17. Saaya vase

Tula - ₹11,000

Unconventional may have become the new convention this year. Saaya vase by Tula takes the tale of typical out and beyond the box to bring a stunning blend of black serpentine rock, clay and its distinctive shape, setting the pace for a perfect Diwali eve.

Floral Cushion Tales

18. Floral Cushion Tales

Gulmohar Lane - ₹1590

This may be your cue to be teleported to a valley of blossoms and nostalgia. Gulmohar Lane’s floral cushion ensemble with intricate, hand painted details brings a playful flair and festive cheer to your living space. Snuggle with the cushions as you gather with your family, reminiscing moments of past and present.

The Diwali Diya Collection

19. The Diwali Diya Collection

Eeshaan Kashyap

Lending the glimmering spirit of Diwali to its canvas are the sculpturesque Diyas from the studio of Eeshaan Kashyap’s Tablescape by Eeshaan. From silver plates with rose quartz to white quartz, each piece stands out for its material and artistic extraordinaire. Just that perfect diya to make a festive statement? We say yes!

Paarijat Aagaman

20. Paarijat Aagaman

Studio Smitamoksh

In the silent language of colours and strokes, art has the power to express what words often cannot. Paarijat Aagaman by Studio Smitamoksh, a masterpiece that envisions the gentle descent of flowers, akin to a rain of grace evokes feelings of courage, awe and romance. This Diwali, let your home be the canvas where emotions reign supreme.

Demi Coffee Table

21. Demi Coffee Table

DeMuro Das

A discovery of rarity. A celebration of artistry. Adding a delicate layer of unique material exploration is this Demi Coffee Table by DeMuro Das, exhibiting the interspersing of exquisite stone marquetry, from claret and dolomite to vesuvianite and howlite. But what’s intriguing is, how the diverse stones morph as a singular canvas of table, sitting as the perfect statement piece in the living room!

Seasons Collection

22. Seasons Collection

Lladro - ₹2,089,000

A drama of colours with a touch of art deco is what this mesmerising chandelier by Lladro comes alive as. From the ‘Seasons’ collection, this glimmering glass and porcelain object of art conveys our thoughts of bejewelling that Diwali home mood board with an unmistakable element of light.

Floral and Fruity tea cups

23. Floral and Fruity tea cups

Khanoom Jaipur

Have you ever seen a cup of tea break cultural barriers? Meet Khanoom’s Floral and Fruity tea cups that unite the British love for a cuppa with the Indian passion for chai! We are already imagining a sumptuous spread of afternoon tea over a joyous gathering with these hand painted cups in focus!

Bitossi Ceramiche

24. Bitossi Ceramiche

Opulin - Sources Unlimited

The encompassing beauty of black and white is a statement on its own and Bitossi Ceramiche by Opulin exemplifies this, right in time for that pre-festive excitement to refresh the decor vocabulary of our living spaces. These collectibles draped in black, white and pops of deep blue immortalise memories of the designers’ travels in India and the United States and emerges as a collaborative effort between Bitossi and architect-designer Ettore Sottsass, available at Sources Unlimited.

Pitah Side Table

25. Pitah Side Table

This and That - ₹53,808

What if geometry, your childhood bane, confidently claims its spot in your home this Diwali? Pitah Side Table by This and That, a masterful fusion of craft, function and art, showcases Gujarat’s lacquerware heritage in a perfect blend. Elevate your festive ambiance with angles that are sure to spark intriguing discussions.

White onions Lamp

26. White onions Lamp

Olie Living Lighting

Feast your eyes on White Onions, Olie Lighting’s masterpiece – an exquisite clustered lamp, artfully inspired by the shapes and contours of the famous white onions of Alibaug. This intricate, puzzle-like lighting will add plenteous touches of cool and cosy to your space, illuminating it with the gentle glow of a light bulb.

FAT Collection Seating

27. FAT Collection Seating

Bombay Design Lab

A living room that becomes the unmissable address for calm and bumble of festivities, we’ve found the next design-forward perch for you with Bombay Design Lab’s FAT collection of seating that drapes playful curves, soft textures, softer shades and suede upholstery, sprinkling just the right kind of vividity to your home.

Pisa Side Table

28. Pisa Side Table

Nama Home - ₹30,000

Life is more fun when it is a little ’tilted’, right? Add a unique poise and play to your Diwali with Nama Home’s Pisa Side Table inspired by the leaning tower of Pisa! A curious piece of imagination by Fareed Ahmed, the table in Trophy Gold tone adds the quintessential quirk to a living space while portraying its perfect balancing act at all times.

Thomas Goode and Sabyasachi Sanctuary Coromandel

29. Thomas Goode and Sabyasachi Sanctuary Coromandel

Sabyasachi and Thomas Goode - £350

What’s a festive soirée without a touch of delicate regality? It’s time to bring to your table the iconic collaboration of Sabyasachi and Thomas Goode. A flamboyant assemblage of dinnerware layered with the nostalgic flora and fauna of Kolkata, dubbed Sanctuary Coromandel. Just the right touch of local and luxury for gatherings with culinary interests, the illustrations on each plate are hand rendered by over forty artists from the Sabyasachi Art Foundation.

Rahi Stool

30. Rahi Stool

Project 810 - ₹47,200

This is your quintessential Diwali perch — meet the Rahi chair by Project 810. Its curvy, cosy and charismatic, exactly what one needs to elevate the festive fervour at home. Stylishly fusing the magic of wicker with edgy woodwork, this chair is all about its fluent craftsmanship!



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