17 pieces for your forever 17 heart

“We accept the love we think we deserve”, turns out that whether or not you are a wallflower, you surely deserve all of the hearts! It’s 2023 and we are now moving out of the trend of just loving another human—we are loving ourselves first and it’s a wide new world there. Whether you love your food, nature, chocolates, or even your style, we have curated a list of 18 products which will satisfy all types of your love and make your heart full.

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FEB 13, 2023 | By Tanvee Abhyankar
Sister in Love Clara

1. Sister in Love Clara

Bosa - price on request

It is said that women wear their hearts on their sleeves! It isn’t true, is it now? With Bosa’s Sister in Love Clara, women now wear it on their head. Ideated by Pepa Reverter is this elegant and tender collection that honours women of all cultures and at all times. Available at Sources Unlimited.

La Majorelle Deep Dish Plate

2. La Majorelle Deep Dish Plate

Cottons & Satins - ₹3,950

It’s Valentine’s day and this one is for the biophilic inside you. Your love for palms, herons and all things nature, has taken shape in unadulterated porcelain today! With vivid colours and subtle accents the heart-shaped plate will adapt easily with your golden cutlery and sassy linens. 

Heart-shaped Vase

3. Heart-shaped Vase

Eeshaan Kashyap & Co. - ₹7,000

Love comes in all sizes and shapes, and so do these vases from the collection, Tablescapes by Eeshaan, which come as an abstraction in red and blue. Eeshaan Kashyap pours his sensibilities from his F&B experience in these fine and bold artful pieces to put forth the raw hearts. Available at Le Mill.

Heart-shaped cushion

4. Heart-shaped cushion

H&M HOME - ₹1,399

Love is in the bed, literally! Twill has entered the Valentine’s day league with a twirl. H&M Home, with their soft faux fur expertise has made its way to your bed in the form of delicious candy-like heart-shaped cushions. The cushion wants nothing but comfort for you.


5. Vinterfint

Ikea - ₹399

We’re sure Christmas is still on your mind, but so is Valentine’s day now! Ikea brings to you the best of both worlds in their Vinterfint hand towels. Gentle and beautiful, these pure cotton additions to your bathroom will spread the love, one hand at a time.

Heart marble candle

6. Heart marble candle

Kaksh Studio - ₹2,990

Spruce up your ‘candlelight dinner’ game with Kaksh Studio’s heart-shaped candles made up of the purest of marble. Designed by Ridhi Jain Tijaria, the candles lend in the aesthetics while being smartly re-usable. Let it never be empty—fill it with new wax or use it as a bowl.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 2-Quart Heart Casserole, Red

7. Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 2-Quart Heart Casserole, Red

Le Creuset - price on request

Just like your love for food keeps you happy and warm on regular days, Le Creuset designs the same luxury for your food, with a royal gold knob on the top. The robust cast iron, heart-shaped casserole, radiates the colour of love but makes sure that no vapour goes out of it. Available on Amazon.

Happy Heart Coffee Mug, Pink

8. Happy Heart Coffee Mug, Pink

Minimal Indian- ₹1,290

Designed with ivory and pink in it, the Minimal Indian Happy Heart Coffee mug is as uncomplicated as your love for the simple joys in life is. Subtle, handmade and hand printed on stoneware, the cup does a heart-to-heart conversation with the romantic inside you.

Heart Bath Towel Collection

9. Heart Bath Towel Collection

Pottery Barn - ₹2,000

How we all wish that love never leaves us our life, well then take it everywhere, even for a shower. With Pottery Barn’s Heart Bath Towel Collection, take it on a beach, in a rain show, or in your bathroom, these hearts aren’t leaving your back, or your front for that matter!

 Mouse Lamp Step Love USB

10. Mouse Lamp Step Love USB

Seletti - price on request

Seletti and Marcantonio bring to you a resin mouse that likes to stay by your side with the light bulb he just stole in the spare time he spends away from his love, cheese. The Mouse Lamp is back, this time with more love and brain, it now has a USB socket to accommodate love from each and every one.

 Melted Heart Red

11. Melted Heart Red

Seletti - price on request

A photo so good that even the heart-shaped frame starts melting. Seletti and Marcantoni’s porcelain and glass frame which also resembles a melting chocolate, this deliciously tempting photo frame is the perfect gift for Valentine’s day! You can start getting ready to break some hearts on your way, or melt them.


12. Trisinlove

Sicis - price on request

Reminiscent of what we used to love as children, heart-shaped chocolates! Sicis brings to you a chair in the shape of your favourite chocolate’s shape. As the sturdy timber and plywood frames make way for your stability, the polyurethane foam padded seat and back makes it softer for you. Available at Tessera.

Un Amore Piccolo Così

13. Un Amore Piccolo Così

Sicis - price on request

Everyone deserves to feel like a queen (or a king) when you are in love. A throne of hard bones and soft velvets is ready for you. Realised in a lacquered base with decorative inset mosaic, this chair is for the real romantic in you who sees love as a universal form of life. Available at Tessera.

 Heart Shape Cocktail Glass

14. Heart Shape Cocktail Glass

Smokey Cocktail - ₹1,699

Let cocktails pave the way for your love, Smokey Cocktail is in the mood to set your love life on a rollercoaster! By designing the heart-shaped glasses for your cocktails, you can fill the sturdy glass with the same level as you are filled with love and feel the mutual feeling that there is.

Heart Cone Chair

15. Heart Cone Chair

Vitra - price on request

Sit in love for a while! We can’t be sure about where your heart resides, but one thing is for sure—you can be Vitra’s heart cone chair and you’ll like it there. The glass fibre reinforced plastic laminate comes together to give you a seat in their heart. 

Heart Beat Table Setting Pink

16. Heart Beat Table Setting Pink

Ware Innovations - ₹3,500

Is it a question mark or is it just a fragment of the heart, it’s actually both here! Fashion it in a way that suits you and your idea of love with Ware Innovations’ Heart Beat Table Setting in pink, and the stoneware dining set will fit right in.

Heart Mug & All Heart Dessert Plate

17. Heart Mug & All Heart Dessert Plate

Weaving Homes - ₹619

Weaving Homes is now weaving love! Like they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Insider tip: same goes for your lady love even if she hasn’t mentioned it. Serve your love with tiny, red hearts painted on ceramic plates and you’ll never fall out of love again.



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