15 ways to table-play! Browse through playful and vibrant table napkins to dress your festive table

It’s always the little things that matter. This Diwali, let’s focus on elevating the core element of our dining area, table napkins. Explore the fusion of shades, patterns and graphics to attire your dining table, setting a memorable evening of conversations over food. 

Grace your table in 15 different ways and browse through ELLE DECOR India’s selection of fifteen vibrant table napkins.

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NOV 8, 2023 | By Hitakshi Nagda
Nature's Nest Napkins

1. Nature's Nest Napkins

Amber Stitch, ₹1,430.00

Extracted from elements of nature, a story, crafted on the Nature’s Nest Napkins by Amber Stitch, hand embroidered on the finest quality cloth, a set of four, is a culmination of durability, style, and aesthetic. Imagine having your surroundings of birds chirping and sun rays gleaming, right at your table while you enjoy your breakfast!

Monkeys & Koëls Napkins

2. Monkeys & Koëls Napkins

Art-Chives, ₹2,900.00

Far away, in the vicinity of pastoral lands with lush valleys, sheltered by hues of the setting sun, are singing Koëls and clusters of mischievous monkeys. Inspired by this are the Monkeys & Koëls Napkins by Art-Chives, in sets of four, which will certainly awaken your inner joy.

The City Block Napkins

3. The City Block Napkins

Borderline PLAY, ₹1,699.00

What if cities were a two dimensional concept? The City Block Napkins by Borderline PLAY are a trip to this city from above. Constructed with geometric lines and patterns, an urban design inspired piece, adds sophistication and chic while dressing your table!

Majestic Leopard Napkins

4. Majestic Leopard Napkins

Cotton & Satins, ₹4,950.00

Amidst the dense wilderness of the forest, are wild beings, which inspired the design of Majestic Leopard Napkins by Cotton & Satins. The piece is imprinted with deep blue leopard spots, rendering as a backdrop further complemented with a print of the majestic leopard and edged with tinges of gold.

The Shalimar Napkins

5. The Shalimar Napkins

Good earth, ₹3,200.00

With its origins embedded in a small town in Madhya Pradesh, is a fabric called Chanderi. The Shalimar Napkins by Good Earth hold the glory of extracting simple yet elegant elements of this fabric, elevating the royal look of the napkin with a sliver of embroidery on the sides.

Sateen napkins

6. Sateen napkins

H&M Home, ₹999.00

Glitter for breakfast will make you shine all day! Add bling to your tables, dressing them up with these Sateen napkins by H&M Home. With added graphics and tones of green, this set adorns your table turning it into chic fling!

Haldi Dinner Napkin Set

7. Haldi Dinner Napkin Set


Get your hands on the Haldi Dinner Napkin Set by Ikkis, and we mean literally! This humorous series of table napkins is an ode to the Indian cuisine. Inspired by the great meals, which end with the embarrassing Haldi fingerprint stains we get on the napkins!

Linen Clara Napkin Set

8. Linen Clara Napkin Set

Live Linen, ₹750.00

Dress your tables the old fashioned way, the European linen is handcrafted with subtle blue gingham check prints. The Linen Clara Napkin by Live Linen, has acquired a classic print which never goes out of style!

The Moon Napkins

9. The Moon Napkins

Minimal Indian, ₹1,290.00

The Moon Napkins by Minimal Indian, a mustard polka dot print that will remind you of serene European summers, with hues of yellow in the surroundings. From the soft glow of the sun rays to the lemons clinging to the trees, the calm serene prints can dress your tables, giving it a minimalist touch it needs.

The Pasta Napkins

10. The Pasta Napkins

Plate & Peonie, ₹3,477.00

Mamma Mia! The Pasta Napkins by Plate & Peonie have come to your rescue! Bringing in a touch of Italy, these pasta printed pieces add a fun touch, garnishing your next Italian meal.

The Green Golf Course Napkins

11. The Green Golf Course Napkins

Safomasi, ₹650.00

The Green Golf Course Napkins by Safomasi will remind you to eat your greens everyday while adding a design aesthetic to your table. Hand screen printed on cotton linen, with a pop of colour, this napkin set will definitely elevate the space.

 Cascade Blush Table Napkin

12.  Cascade Blush Table Napkin

Sanctuary Living, ₹950.00

The flowing watercolours used by artist Ramita, construct a neutral hue on this Cascade Blush Table Napkin by Sanctuary Living. This set of linen with embroidered hem-stitch detail, captures the beauty of botanical wonders, which is expressed through the moving pigment of watercolours.

Poppy Fields Napkin

13. Poppy Fields Napkin

The Ink Bucket, ₹499.00

Let your love for florals take a step towards eco-friendly living. With this Poppy Fields Napkins by The Ink Bucket, dress your table with the vibrant drizzle of hand-painted floral prints, to give a captivating feel to your dining!

 Celeste Repeat Napkin

14.  Celeste Repeat Napkin

Ware Innovations, ₹1,900.00

‘Celeste’, which means heavenly, is truly witnessed in this Celeste Repeat Napkin by Ware Innovations. The fusion of monochromatic tones transforming into illusive graphics, render a subtle touch to the space.

Boheme Cotton Napkin Set

15. Boheme Cotton Napkin Set

The Wishing Chair, ₹1,250.00

Let the free spirit of this Boheme Cotton Napkin by The Wishing Chair, complete your dining with a combination of vibrant tones. The tapestry of pastel hues dance onto the bohemian patterns, to create an enchanting dining experience.

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