15 stationery essentials to take you from desk to dawn

Add a touch of play to your work with some fun desk accessories. With a little imagination (and enough space!), the sky’s the limit. To help you get started, Elle Decor India has compiled a list of the must-have desk stationary essentials to elevate your work experience. 

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MAY 27, 2023 | By Rajlakshmi Dastidar
Rose Gold Ruler

1. Rose Gold Ruler

Artsy Design Co - ₹500/-

Artsy Design & Co.’s stationery items are anything but basic. The rose gold ruler guarantees sophistication and panache to the desk. 

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Brass Paper Clip

2. Brass Paper Clip

Fleck - ₹800/-

A timeless classic, the paper clip has been a simple and practical tool that has been given a makeover by Fleck. It’s substantially heavier, develops a beautiful patina over time and imparts a charming vintage aesthetic.

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Meeting White Coffee Mugs

3. Meeting White Coffee Mugs

Chumbak - ₹495/-

Coffee connoisseurs will love waking up to their cuppa joe (or take a break from their desk) with this mug by Chumbak by the side. These 300ml ceramic mugs are microwave safe and come with a glossy finish.

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Diminutive Scissors

4. Diminutive Scissors

Nappa Dori - ₹875/-

Tending to all your craft needs, the Diminutive Scissors by Nappa Dori are lovely pieces with a frame designed in brass and micro blades. A cut above the rest, literally and metaphorically.

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Yellow Trays

5. Yellow Trays

Made with Spin - ₹769/-

In this era of hybrid work arrangements, introduce a splash of yellow onto your desk. The yellow trays are crafted from sheet metal, featuring distinctively unfinished edges, lending them a cool, contemporary look.

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Mesa Monitor Stand

6. Mesa Monitor Stand

Daily Objects - ₹4,999/-

Consider investing in a monitor stand. Crafted from powder-coated aluminium and wax-polished natural ashwood, the Mesa Monitor Stand transforms into a durable matte surface that is resistant to scratches and built to last.

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Wooden Speaker

7. Wooden Speaker

Objectry - ₹3,250/-

With its sleek design and impressive features, the wooden acoustic speaker is a must-have for those who cannot function without their music.

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Lea Measure Tape Tan

8. Lea Measure Tape Tan

Okhai - ₹1,290/-

There exists a measuring tape that transcends the banality of its conventional counterparts. Enter the Lea Measure Tape Tan, a robust and resilient measuring apparatus ensconced in fine leather.

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IKEA - ₹199/-

Need a decent spot to hook your headset on your work desk? Cue Möjlighet. It is compact, lightweight and effortless to transfer from a desk to a bedside table once homework is completed.

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Cork Sleek Table Lamp

10. Cork Sleek Table Lamp

Oorjaa - ₹5,706/-

For all those all-nighters, there’s the lovely Cork Sleek Table Lamp to give you company. With its contemporary design, this sleek table lamp is crafted from dark cork with a metal rod fixture featuring a black powder coating, making it a perfect fit for the desk.

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Grained Leather Desk Mat Large - Tan

11. Grained Leather Desk Mat Large - Tan

Outback - ₹6,999/-

This handcrafted desk mat, made of high quality full-grain leather with a cotton twill bottom to prevent slipping and wrinkling, accommodates mugs, stationary, keyboards and anything that you want it to hold (or hoard).

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Play House

12. Play House

Rayden Design Studio at House of Things - ₹950/-

Cast from solid steel and aluminium, the Play House may be a paperweight in function but it brings a touch of elegance to both homes and offices while also keeping papers in place.

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Typewriter Calendar

13. Typewriter Calendar

Sky Goodies - ₹399/-

Calendars are more than just a tool for keeping track of dates. This DIY kit takes the concept of a calendar to a whole new level by creating a charming 3D paper desk calendar complete with 24-month cards and a detailed typewriter illustration. 

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Arch-in Arch Pen Stand

14. Arch-in Arch Pen Stand

Studio Indigene - ₹ 1,250/-

The Arch-in-arch pen stand is a stunning piece of art that serves as a stationery holder for pens, pencils, and other items and includes a small arch-shaped tray for erasers and pins. 

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Roll Up Pouch Primrose

15. Roll Up Pouch Primrose

Ink Bucket - ₹ 899/-

Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to convenience. This 100% cotton compact, foldable pouch can fit almost anywhere and has specific slots for pens, stationery, brushes, tools, and makeup.

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