14 office furniture finds to outshine your Monday blues

How does a 9 to 5 shopping spree sound? With our selection of 14 furniture picks, this is your cue to bedeck your workspace like it was a match made in heaven (or at ELLE DECOR India, so to say!)  Each furniture here brings a fresh whiff of quirky statement into transform those boring cubicles to fun and functional work stations and those traditional wooden tables into chic, modern tables.

Browse through these 14 furniture pieces to step up your ergonomic-game!

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NOV 30, 2023 | By Hitakshi Nagda and Ashmita Jethwani
Nuez barstools

1. Nuez barstools

 Andreu World

By changing the algorithm of traditional work spaces, Nuez barstools by Andreu World introduce a sense of modern feel. These bar stools, designed by Patricia Urquiola complement your office with a neutral palette, which is inspired by sand. They are made by using an Eco thermo-polymer shell, crafted deliberately with a steel sled base finished in polished chrome.


2. Ixa


A light so minimal that it almost feels like it’s barely there. Composed of a combination of adjustable spherical heads, rods and counterweights precisely gauged to balance the weight. Ixa creates a timeless appeal with malleability, efficiency and vigour of light with soft lines and simplistic impression. 

Liquid tables

3. Liquid tables


With a glossy touch of texture, and we mean literally. Sheathed with Myrtille resin, is this handcrafted, sleek Liquid table by Baxter, that gives us the true definition of liquidity mixed with playfulness. 

Luxor Table

4. Luxor Table


Luxor table by Cappellini is the best office chatelle that you can install in your workspace. This table is made with medium density lacquered wood fibre finished with a shiny matte detail. Grace your office meals with adding a hint of colour and fun that this table brings in!

Ettorino F

5. Ettorino F

Catellani & Smith

Recollect the stick figures that occupied every last page of our notebooks with Ettorino lamp by Catellani & Smith. The party of primary colours recollects a sense of fun on your office desk.

Crossing table

6. Crossing table

Glas Italia 

A special three-dimensional polychromatic decoration presents a magical pattern of weaving and overlapping lines and colours. Crossing table by Glas Italia are high and low tables laminated in transparent extralight glass. Contributing to the urbanness of the workspace, these tables bring a hypnotising illusion to life!

Loop Bench - Rainbow

7. Loop Bench - Rainbow

Hatsu, Rs.35,000

Minimalism is the new trend and Loop Bench – Rainbow by Hatsu fits proves it! Giving your office a sense of playfulness, this bench is made out of a fabricated steel frame looped together, with soft cushy seating and mutable finishes.

Asari Chair

8. Asari Chair

Herman Miller

Asari Chair by Herman Miller is the perfect choice when it comes to pairing colours with muted tones. Considering the modern trends of aesthetics, a pop of colour instilled in your workspace, will adapt to your choice of interiors and style!



Ikea, Rs.12,590

The Bingsta chair by Ikea can sink you in comfort, giving your day a much needed relaxation. The unique back panel adds a chic touch along with delivering a dual- tone to fit in any workspace. The cover combines Vissle and Kabusa fabrics in polyester which offers this piece a two-toned effect with a smooth fabric finish.




Swipe left on the Monday blues with Thierry tables by Kartell! Designed by Piero Lissoni, these tables are inspired by jewel-like designs which are then merged with vibrant colours to arrange in myriad ways that make your office look a lot more groovy. 

Cole Extenso Study Table

11. Cole Extenso Study Table

Made with spin, Rs.19,229

Replace your boxy study table with the new millennial range Cole Extenso Study Table by Made with spin. Giving a clean look and an airy feel to your office, this laser-cut chattel is emphasised with its welding-free woodwork using bare screws, nuts and bolts, perfectly crafted to give more space and personality to match yours!

Routes work board

12. Routes work board

Teknion Corporation

A mobile work board can be used as a writing board, space divider or any out-of -the-box ways you desire. Routes work board by Teknion Corporation is all you need to bring ease in your workspace. The light, agile and mobile characters of this work board makes you wonder about the range of tasks it offers. 

The Metal Project

13. The Metal Project

Wrap Metal Console Table, Rs.28,000

Surround yourselves with things that inspire you, they say. Just like this Wrap metal console table by The Metal Project inspires you to be your own self, distinct and unique. Exactly how the name suggests, wrapped with metal, with a beige hued powder coating, this mesh design infuses a character in the space.

Alcove Plus Paravent

14. Alcove Plus Paravent

Vitra, 6 778,00 PLN

Days when you don’t want to talk with anyone without your boost of that morning coffee, is the day this Alcove Plus Paravent by Vitra comes to your rescue! With portable partition screens that can be attached to any side table, a Alcove plus sofa and desk, provides you with all the flexibility for privacy at any time of the day.

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