13 bedside table lamps that are a reason enough to snuggle up and bask in luminescence

Imagine this —  cosying up in your bed after a strenuous day, reading your favourite book accompanied by warm sips of hot chocolate, as the soft light gleams through your bedside table lamp. To elevate your space, that melds with your bedroom’s personality, ELLE DECOR India brings a curated library of bedside table lamps to capture the spirit of what your bedtime routine must look like!

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NOV 1, 2023 | By Hitakshi Nagda
Ettore Table Lamp

1. Ettore Table Lamp

AKFD Studio, ₹16,400

A reassuring balance among the combination of aluminium and opal glass emerges with the Ettore Table Lamp by AKFD Studio, reflecting on the motif of revolutionary design, showcasing the works of designer Ettore Sottsass who idealises the Post modern designs from the 1980s.

Shelter table lamp

2. Shelter table lamp

BoConcept, ₹ 48,950

This Shelter table lamp by BoConcept is a reflection of its name, exhibiting a sense of refuge with balancing hues of black and gold, completing your bedroom look to reflect a modern expression onto the symbolic designs, by Danish designer Benny Frandsen.

The Womb lamp

3. The Womb lamp

DBEL Studio, ₹ 37,170

Witness the metamorphosis of how life is created in a mother’s womb, thoughtfully designed and shaped in the form of The Womb by DBEL Studio, first of the 7 lamps from the Rahnumaa collection.

The Dogo Table lamp

4. The Dogo Table lamp

Eitri, ₹12,817

Dogs are the beings that fill up the home with playful mischief, along with the sheer naivety they bring. Taking inspiration , The Dogo Table lamp curated by Eitri instils the notion of unconditional love, carried along with a whiff of playfulness.

The Goldman lamp

5. The Goldman lamp

Flos, € 690,00

A crisp decor, complemented by a contrast of gold, seamlessly puts together the motif of finesse which flows through the decor, Goldman by Flos, delivers with a rather sharp appearance, completing the look of the home.

The cylindrical lampshade

6. The cylindrical lampshade

Fornasetti, $450

Evoking a vibrant palette in the home, enhanced with dashes of pleated floral prints.The cylindrical lampshade by Fornasetti embodies all the attributes to revamp your bed space with a zesty touch!

Kurage lamp

7. Kurage lamp


The amount of precision a craftsmanship takes, depicts the amount of care permeated into the work of art which is made by the Japanese craftsmen. Supporting the notion of lightness in light, is a lamp made with handmade washi paper, adapting the sustainable curve, which is  infused in the Kurage lamp by Foscarini.

Space table lamp

8. Space table lamp

Moooi, €1,782

Mirror your energy through the Space table lamp by Moooi, giving a futuristic touch to your place with some intriguing features like the Dim-To-Disco option, which transitions from warm light to a colourful affair, lending a sense of groove to the space!

The STELLA Table lamp

9. The STELLA Table lamp

Name Place Animal Thing, ₹11,500

Remodel your bedroom with the sculptural beauty blending in with organic minimalism, with this STELLA Table lamp by Name Place Animal Thing which exposes the connection of the roots of Indian quarries extracting the Indian Autumn rustic slate sheet, wrapped around the lamp, giving it a graceful flair.

The Enzo crushed table lamp

10. The Enzo crushed table lamp

Oorjaa, ₹9,300

A whirl of wind, emitting an illuminating light, holds the power of connecting nature to design, as every inspiration is extracted from nature. The Enzo crushed table lamp by Oorjaa is a fusion of crushed banana fibre paper with teak veneer stand, offering us the perfect example of the blend of nature and design.

Claude Table lamp

11. Claude Table lamp

Orange Tree, ₹7,299

Lines carry the power to create meaning in every shape, similarly the design of the Claude Table lamp by Orange Tree, creates a rhythmic symmetry of shapes, portraying the Art deco patterns in rich gold, shielding the frosted light.

 The Longpi Tara lamp

12. The Longpi Tara lamp

Ravi Vazirani Design Studio

Hand crafted by the artisans, the earthy clay is heated to the take the form of this Longpi Tara lamp by Ravi Vazirani Design Studio, advocating the beauty of black, giving a sense of mystique as the rounded curves of the stand balance the sharp creases of the lampshade, rendering quite the organic look for your home!

The Molecule Table Lamp

13. The Molecule Table Lamp

White Domus

Special occasions invite special additions to your home. Energise the glow of festivals with the The Molecule Table Lamp by White Domus, which introduces you to the play of textures of lustrous gold finishes adding to the illusion of water like reflection, all decorated together with the warm light emitting through the frosted glass.



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