10 designer mugs that will make you and your cuppa joe and hot chocolates very happy

The nights are frosty and Christmas is just around the corner—it’s that time of the year. Winter is here! And it might not be a long one, but it sure will be cosy and comforting. As you see the world moving a little slowly and chilly winds gushing in the city, you know it’s time for a steaming cup of hot chocolate to celebrate the season. It shouldn’t be any other ordinary cup right? It should be your own cup with your own recipe for hot chocolate in it. ELLE DECOR India wants you to have that one mug of beverages that will instantly become your favourite. We’ve made out mind, it’s time for you to make yours.

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DEC 12, 2022 | By Tanvee Abhyankar
Winter Mug

1. Winter Mug

BeatRoot Co. - ₹699

Made from the most authentic pottery technique, the mug has a wheel-thrown ceramic body with a slight grey glaze. The cup keeps your beverage warm just the way the Earth keeps us warm. It has an oversized ring holder—a little hugger to comfort your hands in chilly winters.


2. Raahlu+Ombak

Clayventures - ₹1,400

Just like we embrace the asymmetries in our bodies, the mug takes pride in just those irregularities and celebrates them as simple joys of everyday life. It resembles anything and everything an ocean feels like; natural, layered and comforting, and is the snuggliest cup to sip hot chocolate from.

Robusta (Set of 2)

3. Robusta (Set of 2)

Dori Living - ₹1450

Nappa Dori has ventured out of their usual leather and into hand-cast ceramics, but the brown colour has made its presence seen in this absolutely smooth textured cup. Just as it takes care of you in the times of cold winds, it also takes care of Earth by promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Stoneware Mug

4. Stoneware Mug

H&M Home - ₹1,299

And just two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the stoneware mug with an oversized round handle will fit right in your fingers. These stoneware mugs look like a colourful batch of jigsaw pieces and are super comfortable to hold. Sip any hot or cold beverage from it, the cup is open to both.

Dewdrop Teacups

5. Dewdrop Teacups

Minimal Indian - ₹2,190

An evidently uncomplicated ivory cup is just what you need on a tough day. With its innocent motifs of black flowers and imperfect black brush stroke borders, you will unconsciously revisit your childhood and ponder on the golden days of your life while sipping a steaming hot chocolate.

Boob Mug

6. Boob Mug

Slow Pottery - price on request

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”. Bring to your home the craftful expression of liberating social stigmas and promoting acceptance in the form of art and craft. A cup made with clay and love honours the female body and takes a bold turn in understanding it.

Hot Air Balloon Matte Ceramic Mug

7. Hot Air Balloon Matte Ceramic Mug

The June Shop - ₹1,299

Who does not like the sight of a hot air balloon? A delight for the collectors of colourful and handcrafted mugs, the supercool ceramic cups are made to resemble hot air balloons. A hammered texture, matte-finish hot air balloon mug will immediately draw attention, and in an extremely joyous way.

Modernist - Checkered | D

8. Modernist - Checkered | D

The Strange Co. - ₹1,000

For the lovers of clean geometries and conventional form, we bring to you the indigo and white mug that challenges and follows design rules in one single go. The mug is all about hands—it is hand-crafted, hand-painted and the smooth lead-free ceramic that allure your hands into holding it tight.

Chaapa Mug

9. Chaapa Mug

Tula - ₹1,500

Just your mundane-looking regular coffee mug? No way! Hailing from the ceramics capital of India, Khurja, the playful mug plans on bringing uniqueness in uniformity with an element of surprise. Patterned with splatter-style glaze, it has a little gold vermeil dot that surprises you as you randomly spot it.

Cups (Set of 2)

10. Cups (Set of 2)

Veena - ₹1,550

Reminiscent of the clay cups we used to make in our childhood, textured like layers of colourful sand put in a bottle, these mugs are simple, functional and rooted to the Earth. Your childhood is safely tucked in crafts like these and these crafted mugs are safe in microwaves and dishwashers.



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