Zoya from the House of Tata reimagines impeccable craftsmanship with its new boutique in Gurugram

MAY 5, 2022 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
Zoya from the House of Tata unfurls an opulent design story at its new boutique at Ambience Mall, Gurugram; Photographs by Zoya

In the heart of India’s wealth capital, the House of Tata unveiled its first Zoya boutique at Ambience Mall, Gurugram. The launch was hosted by Zoya’s Business Head, Amanpreet Ahluwalia and attended by actress Aditi Rao Hydari. 

Redefining the way luxury jewellery is experienced in India, this exquisite boutique with its contemporary design and artisanal soul echoes the artisan’s unwavering commitment to impeccable craftsmanship. The tranquil interiors create a signature experience for women to pause and reconnect with their femininity. The atelier’s attention to detail is an ode to timeless luxury, expressed in its meaningful pieces of wearable art and its warm and personalised service. 

The inviting, contemporary facade, soft interiors in delicate shades of nude, white and blush, and rich panelled walls with gilded accents of Zoya Ambience Mall envelope you in its heady environ. 

Aditi Rao Hydari attends the launch of the new exquisite jewellery boutique, Zoya from the House of Tata, hosted by Zoya’s Business Head Amanpreet Ahluwalia; Photographs by Zoya

Like a call to reverie, the ethereal decor creates an intimate and soothing cocoon for patrons to find inspiration in the myriad fables narrated by Zoya through diamonds and precious stones. 

The store houses all of Zoya’s resplendent collections. Displays are generously spaced, with a refreshing interplay of minimal with intricate and effortless fine crafts. A signature chandelier, suspended in the air, gently meanders through the boutique. 

Each golden-hued drop quietly bathes the store in warmth while paying a subtle nod to the magnificent jewels below. One by one each niche reveals itself. Enquire about every facet of the jewellery and its incredible story, while admiring it at a leisurely pace in Zoya’s rose-gold rimmed mirrors. 

The signature golden drop chandelier overlooks the strategically placed section augmented with a soft colour palette; Photographs by Zoya

There’s a mesmerising movement from everyday wearables that include the brand’s signature collections with patented cuts to the more expressive collections that visually come to life leading to timeless classics.

This journey across the boutique is a lead-up to the epitome of indulgence—the private lounge. Swathed in rich, blush fabric and sheer curtains, this space ushers you into a warm, personalised customer experience. From freshly hand-brewed chai to the most sumptuous English Breakfast tea—every detail of your favourite cuppa and choice of hors d’oeuvres is thoughtfully taken care of, so one can focus on the love for jewellery and be rejuvenated by this coveted me-time. 

While the brand’s expression is global, its soul is Indian, and Zoya prides itself on designs that give a contemporary form to traditional craft by masterfully blending the artistry in traditional karigari with modern technology. 

On showcase at the Gurugram boutique are one-of-a-kind jewellery designs inspired crafted by master karigars

Make an appointment with the atelier’s master designers for Zoya’s signature bespoke services, the ultimate creative immersion and self-expression, and custom create one-of-a-kind jewellery. Zoya’s signature rose gold gilded full-length mirrors—stand as a reminder that the Zoya woman is, indeed, at the heart of this dramatic story. 

Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Head, Zoya, says, “Delhi is a very important city in the Zoya story and we are happy to open in Gurugram, which is our second store here. We are glad that Zoya has been so well received through our 4 stores and 6 galleries and are certain that Gurugram’s discerning clientele will fall in love with Zoya’s rare and meaningful jewellery.”

Aditi Rao Hydari comments, “I was delighted to attend the launch of Zoya’s new store in Gurugram. Zoya’s jewellery is exquisite and as an artist, I love seeing how myriad inspirations are brought alive to create very distinctive signature pieces. The store is a lovely extension of that same spirit.”

To walk through the doors of the Zoya boutique in Gurugram is to discover that this ultimate experience in luxury can indeed wear a warm and friendly smile. 

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