Your dog will love this art exhibition

AUG 30, 2016 | By Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
Cruising Canines was an open car window installation with a giant fan that gives the dog the feeling of riding in a car. Catch by Nick White showcases a frisbee bouncing around a screen. Pet parents spent an entire day with their fluffy children, allowing them to interact and play with the exhibits. Paintings by artists Claire Mallison, Joanne Hummel-Newell, Robert Nicol and Michelle Thompson were made in grey, yellow and blue – colours that most dogs can see, with concepts that excite them like a letter box or chicken drumsticks in a park.
You’d think a dog’s entire day is spent in gluttony, long siestas and playing catch. But British artist Dominic Wicox knew better. He believed that in every dog is an art connoisseur masquerading in the guise of a humble, tail wagging noob. This is why he recently organised the world’s first art exhibition for pooches in London that confirms that these fluffy, doe eyed creatures are wiser and have quite a taste in aesthetics.
The show titled Play More was a part of a campaign to encourage people to spend more quality time with their pets. Artworks were made in consultancy with veterinary experts: Paintings in canine-friendly colours placed close to the floor, life size installations of dog bowls filled with balls, an open car window effect called “Cruising Canines”, art pieces that smelled like meat and shoes, and a screen that showed a frisbee whizzing around were among the many other exhibits on display at the venue. “While it’s certainly one of the more interesting challenges I’ve faced in my career, it feels great to have created such a truly unique collection of interactive artworks for a completely new audience,” shares the artist.
Commissioned by a UK insurance company called More Than, the entire theme of the event was to encourage people to take out 15 minutes a day to play with their pets…the perfect way to de-stress and to ensure a happy, healthy (and wise) dog!
Check out the art exhibition video here
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