You will wish Monday came sooner if you worked in this office

SEP 2, 2016 | By Bhupal Ramnathkar
Balls Worldwide is an ad film production house that encourages innovation. With an attitude that bounces from their name, this agency is known for its indifference towards conventional style of storytelling. The owner Kartik Ramnathkar wanted an office that reflected his gritty personality and is inviting enough for him and his team to spend long working hours.
The 1,300 sq ft space, imagined by Umbrella Design, promotes open communication. The cabins are pop yellow metal structures without panels and the flooring reflects an epoxy finish; the right pigment was a task to find, but once completed, the glossy effect of the wine tone was perfect. The nonconformist attitude of this brand is evident by the TV static inspired window shades that read “Balls to Views”. The area is well illuminated by natural light flooding in through the large windows on the upper floor and also by the stylish ceiling lamps. An LED strip panel runs all across with their cheeky motto: “If you are in advertising, you need Balls.”
Another wacky addition is the pantry that could easily be mistaken for a mini bar – its metallic cabinets complement the bar stools, making it a perfect spot to relax and unwind. Our firm believes good design needs to be inspiring, and because of that, Balls Worldwide recently won a Goafest Abby for this exceptionally well-planned space!