Wood Works: Make timber the hero in your workspace

SEP 1, 2015 | By Tasneem Merchant
Wood Works Make timber the hero in your workspace

A cosy and warm working environment can be achieved by employing an all-wood theme in the office. Make your atelier an inspiration filled room with these tips and tricks.Wooden partitions divide the space in architect Saket Sethi’s studio. Eclectic accents dot the place while a dome armchair stands tall above the table. The fabric covered walls lend colour to the otherwise brown interiors.  An interesting ceiling adds drama. Add some lumber love to the work pace by putting up wooden slats on the walls and covering them in multihued textured fabrics. You can always replace the fabric whenever you want, thereby creating different looks in a cost effective manner. Carve out cavities in the wood to hold important items or travel souvenirs.