Witness an epicurean ballet of design and function in this Bengaluru home by Houseof9Design

JAN 25, 2024 | By Virender Singh
The beautifully polished coffee table by Wooden Bazar co-exists in mutual harmony with other custom made furniture, warm oak accents peeping through the visual grammar; Photography by Parth Swaminath for PHX India
The living room is the central heart of the home, drawing inspiration from a pared down material palette and neutral tones; Photography by Parth Swaminath for PHX India

In this East Side Residence in Bengaluru’s Koramangala, an orchestra of sustainable materiality, utilitarianism and muted, earthy hues that reminisce upon Nordic highlands hits all the right notes.  

Designed by Houseof9Design’s founder and creative designer Nain Belliappa, a fundamental tenet in her visual language is to re-establish the connection with one’s surroundings, underscored by the prioritisation of durable materials. Through this house, she goes cherry picking through majestic fjords and untamed tundra icefields of the northern latitudes, to resurrect a hygge mindfulness for the homeowners — a young, corporate couple who just want “their home to truly reflect them and be a tranquil sanctuary when they return.” 

In the entryway, we encounter an arched bone inlay console from Etsy (Jodhpur) accentuated with a fluted panel detail and a mirror, won on a bargain hunt in Bali; Photography by Parth Swaminath for PHX India

Maintaining the original structure and executed by Tattva Lifespaces, all 1300 sq ft of this well-demarcated, light-filled space “exists in a constant state of dialogue laden with accents of hues and textures,” she says.

The art of subtlety

An infallible way of incorporating Scandi design principles is to enliven your walls with subtle shades of beige, cream or white. Belliappa goes a step further with her fluted panels below the dado, a playful riff of texture that also adds depth, which makes the neutral chic foyer exude an almost twinkle-eyed contentment. It is no wonder that the arched bone inlay console, breathtaking in cerulean, stands out with an ostensible panache. A one-seater bench beckons you to sit down and untie your laces, next to the impeccably appointed shoe cabinets, making sure that most of the space is “filled with practical storage solutions for a compact home.”

The study in colonial blue is a fun space meant to be a half bedroom in the apartment. The designer added a day bed so it can be used as a spare bedroom when they have guests over. The chair is from IKEA while the rest of the hardware was sourced from Studio Made; Photography by Parth Swaminath for PHX India

Striking a balance

A vintage room divider with ribbed glass panels blocking the entryway reluctantly submits to the seamlessness of an open floor plan, small yet impactful sections unfolding contiguously as you explore the house further. Tactile diversity is introduced into the living space with an intricate hand-knotted rug from Jaipur Rugs, impressionistic plaster-on-canvas wall art from Calcuttan gallery and bespoke Amber Stitch cushion covers that make the sofa look more inviting than ever. A menagerie of house plants, rippled coffee tables and custom-made oak armchairs tie the scene together with an irrefutable vitality, but nowhere does it feel over layered — a Swedish word lagom comes to mind, which roughly translates into, “just the right amount.”

A thoughtfully curated rug from Jaipur Rugs, a melange of artwork from Calcuttan Gallery and the Amber Stitch cushions stacked upon the custom made sofa bring in textural diversity; Photography by Parth Swaminath for PHX India

Embracing quality craftsmanship

“The dining room would be the studio’s favourite and we love how it came together,” gushes Belliappa. A French country themed chandelier from Whispering Homes unspools a lambent glow that makes every meal a splendidly intimate affair, while the sturdy dining table with built-in storage seating and chairs, emphasises functionalism without sacrificing beauty. Scandinavian interior design recognises the value of soundly assembled pieces, made to last for a long time, in an ode to footprint-conscious handiwork. After all, one’s home must reflect the inhabitants’ core values, an extension of how they want to live.

No dining is complete without a statement light piece, and this French country chic chandelier from Whispering Homes ties the whole tableau together with élan. The designer added a custom wood solid dining table coupled with a built-in storage seating. The IKEA frame showcases a vintage print from the client’s travels; Photography by Parth Swaminath for PHX India

A soothing, bleached grey washes over the kitchen cabinetry, offset by nostalgic pop-in patterned flooring. Each drawer, cinnamon coloured shelf and utility compartment is dedicated to specific storage needs, getting the most possible out of the given space. 

The kitchen follows a minimal aesthetic and a cool grey tone washes over the cabinetry reaching all the way to the ceiling, embracing verticality of room scale and volume. Brushed brass hardware by Studio Made is used to accessorise the millwork; Photography by Parth Swaminath for PHX India

A measure of joy

The master bedroom is a heartwarming soliloquy of dusty rose curtains, layered panels on the wainscoting and an influx of wood parquetry underfoot. Pendant spherical lamps cast an otherworldly pallor upon the sturdily crafted oak and rattan bed, while artisanal jute wall decor and the L-shaped wardrobe neatly tucked in a corner, impart a nonchalant bohemianism that trickles into the narrative. The study, a vibrant half-bedroom, doubles up as a home office in colonial blue and peppered with artefacts from journeys around the globe. 

The master bedroom has been pieced together with a custom oak wood and cane bed with side tables from Home Stories (Bengaluru). A simple panel detail adds depth and dimension to the room and is finished with
two hanging lights from Whispering Homes. A bespoke rug from Jaipur Rugs and cushions from Amber Stitch introduce the softening touch of handmade textiles; Photography by Parth Swaminath for PHX India

The guest bedroom is bedecked in a smouldering grey, its wooden-framed bed with a blue fabric headboard and sensibly linear wardrobe comprising a tableau of cultivated elegance.

The guest bedroom is austerely pragmatic, awash in a dark grey for the bed wall, a bed framed in wood and a blue fabric headboard complementing the wardrobes finished in a light toned grey; Photography by Parth Swaminath for PHX India

Houseof9Design amalgamates a decluttering of physical space with epicurean domesticity, touting the value of quality essentials that make life worth living, unencumbered by the juggernaut of post-industrial era gluttony.

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